7Hz x Crinacle: Salnotes Dioko

14.6mm Planar Diaphragm Driver In Ear Earphone

    Salnotes Dioko-14.6mm Planar Driver IEM
    7Hz x Crinacle Tuning
    N55 Magnet, Double-sided Array
    Fine Tuned CNC-Machined Aluminum Shell
    Tempered Glass & Sapphire Coating Surface
    Premium OCC Copper Cable & Storage Box
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The Pursuit of Better Sound

An affordable and powerful performer, the 7HZ Salnotes Dioko earphone features a newly developed 14.6mm dual-cavity planar diaphragm driver. This planar magnetic diaphragm has been modeled and engineered to utilize the most efficient magnetic circuit structure and ribbon distribution for a uniform sound. The speed of the planar magnetic diaphragm driver provides a true audiophile sound character and gives you outstanding clarity and detail in every note. The large 14.6mm diaphragm size further increases the surface area for reduced harmonic distortion, meaning you can have higher audio resolution across all volume levels.

7Hz x Crinacle Tuning

A great driver without proper tuning will never achieve an enjoyable sound. This is why 7Hz has partnered with the renown audio reviewer, Crinacle. Crinacle is a revolutionary figure in the world of Hi-Fi audio, and is the most experienced individual when it comes to tuning measurements in in-ear monitors. With collaboration with Crinacle, an integrative tuning strategy has been utilized to deliver tonal balance across the whole frequency range.

Through structural tuning mechanics, the bass of the Dioko is impactful, yet maintains a neutral midrange for a monitor-like accuracy. The treble of the Salnotes Dioko is natural, but fully shines the planar driver characteristics of pristine detail presentation and airyness. The tuning of the Salnotes Dioko is inspired by Crinacle’s own definition for a natural and balanced earphone, and is perfect for both professional and studio use. 

N55 Magnet, Double-sided Array

The SAlnotes Dioko driver adopts a N55 magnet with the highest performance in the double-sided array configuration.  This extremely strong magnet, coupled with our engineered magnetic circuit structure, maximizes the effective magnetic flux to more effectively drive the current. The Salnotes Dioko boasts of the highest sensitivity of planar magnetic drivers and brings a tight, natural, and transparent sound that is found in the most boutique planar magnetic headphones. 

Fine Tuned CNC-Machined Aluminum Shell

Boasting a intricately CNC-machined aviation-grade aluminum body, the earphone is durable and lightweight for every day to day activities. The solid metal casing provides noise isolation and allows you to focus on your music. Moreover, the shell surface has been given the highest level of hard oxidation treatment, making it durable and wear-resistant.

Tempered Glass & Sapphire Coating Surface

The Salnotes Dioko is fitted with the same tempered glass material as found on luxury watches while its surface is treated by sapphire coating and anti-fingerprint process. It is not only hard-wearing and drop-proof, but also has the beauty of exquisite jewelry.

Premium OCC Copper Cable & Storage Box

The 4-core Litz structure cable consists of a mix of copper and silver-plated copper wires, and is another highlight of the Salnotes Dioko. With a total of 216 individually coated strands to ensure high-quality sound transmission, the cable ensures a clean tone for the Salnotes Dioko. The choice of copper and silver-plated copper lends an enhanced dynamic sound that focuses the hit of bass and airyness of the treble. Plus a customized large-capacity storage box is included, for a practical and environmentally friendly case. 

Inside the Box

  • Salnotes Dioko Earphones
  • Replacement Eartips
  • Earphone Cable
  • Manual
  • Warranty

1 Year Warranty

The 7Hz x Crinacle: Salnotes Dioko Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

14.6mm planar
16 ohm
Frequency response:
OCC copper and silver-plated OCC copper
15.2cmx 11cmx5.5cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Diamond in the Rough

This is probably one of the most resolving, technical IEMs available at the ~100 dollar price bracket. That in itself is an accomplishment. But I also own a pair of Hexas.

The Diokos are better in all the traits mentioned earlier, and harbours better bass soundstage. Whereas on the Hexa, the bass is more closed-off, narrow, and so on. It's been interesting comparing the two, as I have similar expectations for products at similar prices, and they are similar in overall performance, but for very different reasons.

Thing is, the Diokos are just not very well-tuned. Or at least, it is, until you hear the horrific, shrill treble peaks at ~7 and ~12KHz. They ruined the sound and made this IEM pretty unbearable for me until I EQed them. Then, I felt as if I tamed a beast. These are really good with EQ and the comments below also mention that. I find the planar timbre unideal, but not bothersome. Vocals were a tad shaky and everything seemed to have a metallic sheen, with or without EQ, but again, the amount of detail these pair of IEMs can extract is impressive. So perhaps they're not for casual listeners, but for those who want their music meticulously dissected at a reasonable price, and are willing to dive into EQing.

Regarding the Hexas, even though they do have (so-called) BA Timbre, I find that to be less artificial than planar timbre. It's the difference between music sounding "plastic-y" and "metallic-y", the latter of which I notice a bit more. Dynamic drivers are still the golden standard. Otherwise, out of the box, they are better tuned, and owing to their multiple drivers, are better at distinguishing and making distinctive the separate sonic elements of a song in its soundstage. In comparison, the Diokos are wider and a bit more expansive. As a package, out of the box, I'd argue the Hexas are a better product. But I by no means, regret purchasing the Diokos. I've owned them for almost half a year at this point, and still occasionally use them. The fit can be a bit loose, though.

These have their place in the market. The unconventional design, myriad accessories and planar technology make these quite unique at this price. I think it's worth a consideration if you're a beginner audiophile, and want to take a gamble at your first purchase. I highly recommend these for musicians or audio engineers. If you're a bit more risk-averse, go for the Hexas. You can't go wrong with it. But these are way sexier.

Jonathan Ruhe
Absolutely Amazing

This IEM punches way above its price point. I has amazing clarity and a great soundstage. It is not too bass heavy or sibilant. Cannot recommend enough

Nate D.
Great for the price....with some EQ tweaking

I'm very impressed with these at half the cost of the Timeless AE. The highs are a bit sharp but with some EQ'ing, they have a good overall sound and really good low end for general use. I got them mainly for yard work paired with my phone. The Timeless AE are more technical and seem to have better stereo separation and more forward mids. I can't speak on soundstage as I'm still comparing. If you're looking for audiophile quality sound, go with the AE. If you just want really good all-around IEM's for music, these are a really great pick the the price. Techno/EDM/D&B/Dub all sound great. Jazz is good to go as well. Setting up an EQ app on my Android was easy & works across multiple media players so it adds extra bass in my car as well for Sirius XM and Spotify (Flat Equalizer - Bass Booster from jApp). My wife has the AE's for movies and I've played with them a little. I just got mine today so still tweaking the EQ settings on the phone & PC. I generally prefer over-ear on PC but currently creating profiles to switch between headphones when needed. I'm tired of Windows Bass-Boost screwing with my mids & highs so went with Equalizer APO.
Dioko's are well worth the money. Be sure to figure out which tips seal well.....it's pretty important for low end. I had to steal a set of my wife's (small) barrel-style tips from her Timeless AE and ordered a set of (small) DUNU S&S Eartips from Linsoul so I can give hers back. I'm using these DENU's on the Dioko and now my AE's now. Keeping the factory barrel-style tips in the AE cases as backup spares. (Small) cone-shaped tips just slowly loosened out of my ears.

Sin Soga

IEM's themselves are good if a bit quieter than timeless, but eartips are frustratingly horrible, none of the provided ones fit

Left unit defective, more quiet and most likely driver flex.

I got the Diokos on sale and it seemed like a bargain for such a highly praised (although contentious) IEM. However, when I recieved them two days ago it was immediately apparent that the left unit was much more quiet than the right one. I chalked it up to wrongly fitted tips or the source, which was my phone through a dongle dac at that moment. Since then I've tried multiple tips (silicone and foam, both of which seal up just fine) and different sizes, different cables, different devices, different dacs/amps/Interfaces, but to no avail. The left unit also has what I can only assume to be driver flex (Although I know flex on planars is rare, but I can't think of another reason) as whenever I move my head, jaw or barely touch the left iem (Essentially whenever there is a microscopic change in pressure) there is a distinct "clicking" or "popping" sound from within. This only occurs on the left unit. Because of these reasons I have made contact with Linsoul and hope to get a refund for what is a defective product. I have absolutely no idea how they "really" sound as I have not been able to use them as intended and will make no comment on that matter. The shape and fit suited me just fine.

I will update my review to a mid-high score given that Linsoul agrees to take it in return and refund the cost. Afterall, its not their fault and I have the utmost faith that they will do so and that this unit was simply defective. However the Diokos' quality control and potential longevity of its functionality left me disappointed to the point where I wish to spend my money on a different brands other than 7hz. Your mileage may vary and you may be tempted to give them another chance, but this is my personal opinion.

Kind Regards.

Hi Preben,
Thank you for the review. 
When you first contacted us via our website, you did not mention that the left unit was significantly quieter. You only mentioned that you think that there is a 'driver flex' when you wore the earphones. We also did not know that this is your first IEM experience. 
If there is a 'driver flex' issue, the severity of the issue can be reduced through for instance, changing the ear tips. That is, it is not considered a manufacturing issue of the earphones.
However, if there is an issue with the driver or the earbud, with an obvious 'popping' on the left unit, it may be a manufacturing issue. For that, please send an e-mail to Support@Linsoul.com with your order number, LINSOUL-XXXXXX.
In that e-mail, attach a video to demonstrate the issue faced. We will show it to the manufacturer and send you a new replacement earbud if proven valid.
Once you have sent us the e-mail, you should receive a ticketing number via e-mail again, indicating that the e-mail was successfully sent to us.
We will get back to you within 3 working days.

We hope that clarifies. Thank you.   

David Pestana
A very nice surprise

I got these in the 11.11 sale, i was weary of the reviews being mixed online. As soon as i got them i removed the stock ear tips and put some on from another pair of iems and boy does that make all the difference,
These are really good earphones and i think a lot of the issue based on reviews are based on stock tips.
In terms of sound these are fantastic, i have a pair of Goldplanar headphones and they actually match if not beat them.
Bass is good (with the right tips) there is a decent amount of sub bass it is controlled but i have found that with the Goldplanar headphones as well
Mids are only slightly recessed giving a nice tone to the bass without making the highs sound to piercing.
Highs are wonderful they are slightly forward but all the frequencies are balanced in these.
Resolution is excellent and the sound stage is so wide both horizontally and vertically. Each instrument sounds so life like and voices are spectacular.
Sting instruments shine in these iems.
I am of the mind that you shouldn't have to pay through the roof for planar drivers and these are a great step up from the 50USD range currently available, so don't worry if you are unsure just change the ear tips and you will love them. It does go without saying what you listen to them through helps but i would recommend the Fosi audio K5 pro (and for those that want something on the go the trn bt20xs sound great with these)

paul schwarz

After a couple days my phone just fell and I broke it but other than that I enjoyed it

Aleksandr Pirogov
Extremely quite

I've had generic Senheizer IEMs and wanted to improve the quality of music and game sounds. Even though Salnotes Dioko sound pretty decent, the sound volume is much lower, making it a bad choice for gaming. If you only plan to listen to some music, that might be an OK choice

Szivós László
A whole new level

This is my first IEM. I am used to having rather cheap but reliable earphones. However when it comes to speakers I become picky quickly. I wanted something that satisfies the need for quality without going broke.

For me this is "A whole new level". Just pure, not muddy, not shouty. Might be even a bit too sharp at some moments but it never fails to amaze me. I do not think it lacks much in the terms of bass. I am someone who loves their bass and that shows in my car as well. But this does not need much from me. Although slight EQ-ing is issued but nothing over the top. Most of the time it will be used with an iPhone, but when I arrive home I will put this thing on a Videoton RA 6386-S amplifier and just have a blast.

Either way, the resolution it provides is great and engaging. I can recommend it to anyone.

Darko Resnik
great out of the box

I'm barely a few hours into the break in period and I love the sound. Clean, clear and detailed is what I have to say even this early in. I don't have a problem with the amount of base as some reviewers do. Some even mention the over driven muddy base heavy headphones they are used to. These have a balance that makes you want to keep listening. With these you are hearing the music, not some marketing driven audio war. It's clean, simple beauty.

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