Shanling M3 Ultra

Dual ES9219C DAC Chips Android 10 Portable HiFi Player

    Dual ESS ES9219C Chips & Dual RT6863 Amp Chips
    Flagship Snapdragon 665 CPU & Android 10 Operating System
    Bluetooth 5.0 & Long Endurance for 20.5 Hours
    Powerful Output Ports & Single/Dual DAC Modes
    Exquisite Design with Floating Screen
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Dual ESS ES9219C Chips & Dual RT6863 Amp Chips

Adopting two pieces of ES9219C DAC chips from ESS, the M3U adds an extra dedicated headphone amplifier in form of the RT6863 op amp. Shanling M3 Ultra features a brand-new audio circuit, utilizing a polymer button capacitor from Panasonic, an advanced filament film capacitance from ELNA, special voltage regulator circuit, and the FPGA Plus double vibration.

Flagship Snapdragon 665 CPU & Android 10 Operating System

The M3 Ultra runs on Snapdragon 665 CPU featuring 3G RAM+32G ROM, same as our M6U and M7. Besides, its Android platform is upgraded to Android 10. Users can also spend quite a bit of time on its audio tuning, to adjust it more toward Shanling's house sound.

Bluetooth 5.0 & Long Endurance for 20.5 Hours

Featuring totipotency, Shanling M3 Ultra comes with a batter life up to 20.5 hours and Bluetooth 5.0 bilateral connection, which can provide a relaxed and convenient music experience. This device also adopts multiple technologies, including MIMO Wi-Fi technology, built-in HiFi cloud music library, and MQA 16X decoding function. It is worth mentioning that the M3U supports DLNA, Air Play, and NAS.

Powerful Output Ports & Single/Dual DAC Modes

Shanling M3 Ultra employs dual output interfaces, more convenient to use. These output interfaces consist of 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced, 140mw@322 single-ended, and 260mw@322 balanced output ports. Besides, the M3U adopts single/dual DAC modes so that users can choose one as their wishes.

Exquisite Design with Floating Screen

Characterizing an unibody integrated body design, the M3U adopts a 4.2-inch 720P LCD screen from Sharp, which is also called a floating display. Besides, the Shanling M3 Ultra is available in two colors, green and black.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Shanling M3 Ultra
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Shanling M3 Ultra Comes with a 1 year warranty on the Digital Audio Players only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

2*ES9219C DAC/2*RT6863 AMP
Sampling Rate:
DSD Support:
Output Power:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Allan J
Returned for Warranty repair within three weeks

Item received and after three weeks of use, device would not power up. No charge and multiple cables used. Returned to China which is currently in break for another week. Hopefully replacement is better

Coen Boutell
Mixed feelings about this DAP

My main goal when buying a DAP was for it to be able to provide enough juice for just about any pair of not-too-power-hungry headphones. I think Shanling’s entry level player did that just fine, and featured a smooth UI and overall good sound quality (using Spotify at “highest quality”). However (listening via Moondrop Blessing 2s), I found that vocals could get more sibilant than I was used to, and EQ seemed to have no impact on the tuning. But I think my biggest problem with this was durability, even with the case (sold separately), as after one small drop the top panel partially shattered but thankfully the internals were safe. Overall, I think this is a good product, though sometimes a bit difficult to listen to with vocal sibilance (from my singular perspective) and you’d have to try your best not to drop it.

Javier Prado
Really good

This is a very nice player, sound is amazing and android apps work very good. I use amazon music and works fine and fluid in ultra HD. There's also an option to deactivate android and use Shanling player but this player is very limited in options, like import playlists or browse by album artists.
Accessories include just a simple usb charging cable and some screen glass protectors. No case included, it needs one as the player is a bit thick and heavy.
Lisoul customer service was very helpful, thank you!

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