Queen Audio QM80
8 Balanced Armatures Earphones The Queen Audio QM80 has 8 balanced armatures with 4 way crossover tech and 3 sound tubes. It equips with 8 Balanced Armature Drivers, Including 2 Sonion Bass BA Driver, 2 Sonion Mid-Frequency BA Driver and...
$571.99 USD
Fearless Audio HyperS
The Fearless Audio HyperS uses 12 balanced armatures per channel. The general sound signature of the Fearless Audio HyperS is transparent and refreshing. The bass is well controlled and full of flexibility. It’s a more middle-upper earbuds. The Midrange features...
$899.00 USD
Fearless Audio Paladin Series - La hire / Roland / Lancelot - Blue
What We Have in Fearless Audio Paladin Series Family? -La Hire = Dual Electrostatic Driver + Dual Balanced Armature -Roland= Dual Electrostatic Driver + Dual Balanced Armature+ 1 Dynamic Driver -Lancelot= Dual Electrostatic Driver + 6 Balanced Armature Electrostatic Driver...
$609.00 USD
Fearless Audio Y2K
$4,399.00 USD
Fearless Audio Y2K
Over 61.9 billion of tuning programs Y2K offers up to 61.9 billion tuning options through the tuning box with 10 tuning knobs. Wide tuning range allows you to achieve almost all tuning ideas. Y2K tuning system By changing the position...
$4,399.00 USD
Fearless Audio S10Genie
10BA In-Ear Monitor Fearless Audio S10 Genie equips with high quality 10 BA drivers with 4 way crossover technology and 3 sound tubes. With this configuration, it achieves a good balance and performance in ultra-low frequency, medium-low frequency, medium-high frequency...
$724.00 USD
Fearless Audio ACME
8BA In-Ear Monitor Fearless Audio ACME adapted a nearly 23mm labyrinth tube makes the lower frequencies more resilient, deeper and more quality. Medium frequency female voice is sweet but not bored. High frequency ductility is also very good, through the...
$1,124.00 USD

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