7HZ Salnotes Zero

HiFi 10mm Dynamic Driver In Ear Earphone

    10mm Dynamic Driver With Metal Composite Diaphragm
    Ergonomic Shape&Metal Housing
    Detachable High Purity OFC Cable
    N52 Magnet, Fine Tuning
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Revolutionary 10mm Dynamic Driver IEM  

The 7Hz Salnotes Zero is a revolutionary earphone to be fitted with a 10mm dynamic driver with metal composite diaphragm, utilizing pioneering technology exclusively developed by 7Hz.

The metallic composite diaphragm used in this product is made of high quality materials, making it easier to resonate or vibrate along with sound waves. It was constructed with ease of use in mind as each part has been designed with precision accuracy so that they will not hinder audio transmission.

Ergonomic Shape&Metal Housing

7Hz Salnotes Zero is housed in a environment-friendly plastic chassis with a stainless steel faceplate. High precision and precision measurements based on ergonomics were taken to help create an earphone that offers an excellent acoustic performance, as well as safety, comfort and durability.

Detachable High Purity OFC Cable

The earphones include a detachable cable with gold plated 0.78mm 2Pin connectors. The cable is made of 4 core high purity Oxygen Free Copper in parallel structure while each core is made of 19*0.08 wires+250D to maximally avoid signal loss and ensure a high fidelity transmission .

N52 Magnet, Fine Tuning

The fine tuning technique and using of a dynamic driver ensures accurate and efficient transmission of audio signals. You can enjoy a smooth and accurate sounds without any distortion.

7Hz Salnote ZERO Tuning

7Hz Salnote ZERO makes the ultimate audio experience available to you from the convenience of your mobile device, laptop or desktop computer.

The Depth of ZERO

By naming it ZERO, we intended to deliver our philosophy of life to every customer. Previously our team has brought Timeless and Eternal to the community, now it’s time for ZERO. ZERO means eternity and mortality without ultimateness. ZERO provides limitless imagination and allows boundless possibilities. Also ZERO is manufactured in more than one color. Three technicolored colors are adopted for this model to bring you a vibrant atmosphere and rejuvenate your music experience.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x 7HZ Salnotes Zero
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The 7HZ Salnotes Zero Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

7Hz Salnotes Zero
10mm dynamic driver
Sound pressure level
Frequency response range
Cable connector
detachable 0.78mm 2Pin

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Customer Reviews

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Rob Ash
7HZ Salnotes Zero (Blue) - Type-C cable

I chose the Blue edition as I wanted to have a splash of colour. I was further surprised when I saw the array of multi-coloured eartips included, so vibrant. Whilst nothing new, the design is ergonomically appealing, no unwanted pressure, just sits comfortably in-ear. The Red eartips pre-installed in the box, I test fit all of the eartips and settled on the colour matched blue ones. My audio testing wasn't too technical, literally pressed play on a podcast to listen to the clarity response with various voices of different tones and accents (at 50% Volume), responded very well no issues with MIDs or highs, solid reproduction. For music, I went straight to my Deezer playlist (High Fidelity & at 50% Volume) and listened to some Pop ballads, Lovers Rock Reggae, Hip-Hop and R&B to see how the dynamic drivers dealt with prominent and the more subtle frequencies. I found that songs with deep, prolonged bass lines e.g. "Blue laces 2" by Nipsey Hussle had the drivers on the ropes, even when I removed my EQ bass parameters, however switching to 'Shook Up' by Erick the Architect was handled so well, also with my EQ settings added. Smooth bass response and clarity on all of the featured vocalists on the song.

John R
best on 20$ range

best product on the 20$ range ,looking forward for the "2" version coming in few days!

Maxim Cebanenco

I was surprised how good quality of the sound those buds have.definitely I will buy another products.

Shreeswore JOSHI

exceeded expectations for the price

Excellent value

These really are a great value buy. I really like the balanced sound, the fit and the looks. A detachable cable at this price point is great, too!

Markos Papamarkakis

7HZ Salnotes Zero

Hi there,

We are sorry about your problem.

Previously, we sent you an email notification when your package was in a pending pickup status. Unfortunately, we did not receive any response from you, and as a result, the package has been returned. Please kindly understand that there may be limitations to what can be done at this point. If you would like to inquire about the package's status, please contact the local logistics company for further assistance.

We appreciate your understanding.

Tim Chan
Sounds Great

Would prefer a little more bass, fits pretty well in my ear

Decent especially for the low price.

The IEMs themselves are pretty nice and sound solid neutrally. Not a fan of silicon tips but appreciate the options. the cable is very low quality, it broke in less than a month...

Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback on the IEMs.

Could you provide more information regarding the issues you have encountered with the cable? Since we don't have specific details, we have already sent an email to assist you.

Please rest assured that Linsoul Warranty covers any factory defects that might affect the proper functionality of your purchase.

Thank you for your support.

Peter Davison

Balanced sound ( to my ear ) tolerant of high volumes and bottom end. They don't distort easily. Good range of plug sizes provided. I got then to fit comfortably very easily. Good isolation.

Baby Titan S

The 7Hz Salnotes Zero offers neutral tuning similar to the Dunu Titan S but at a much lower price. Vocals are forward, sub-bass extension is good but not overpowering, and the lower mids are lean. The result is a clean sound signature that works well enough for most genres and masters some. The Salnotes Zero is particularly well suited for J-pop and the like.

Technicalities like detail and imaging are surprisingly good for the price and surpasses contenders like the Chu. Timbre is a bit on the plasticy side, but still more natural than most other budget IEMs. I experienced some annoying sibilance with the included eartips, but this issue was completely rectified by switching to Spinfit CP145 tips.

Despite the unusual shape I have found the Salnotes Zero to be rather comfortable. The included cable (both mic and non-mic versions) is adequate for an IEM of this price and I have no complaints. I appreciate the wide variety of colors available, and particularly like the red and black Mecha edition.

The Salnotes Zero is the best IEM I have tried under $30 and earns an easy five-star recommendation. I've bought three for home, exercise, and work duty due to their remarkable value.

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