10mm Silicone Diaphragm In Ear Monitor, HiFi IEM Earphone with Zinc Alloy Case, Dragon Pattern Faceplate, Detachable Silver-plated Cable for Musician Audiophile DJ Studio

$35.00 USD
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Product Features

Collaboration with HBB, an experienced audio enthusiast and content creator.

Features a state-of-the-art 10mm silicone diaphragm for superior audio performance.

Dragon-inspired design with a durable 18K gold-plated zinc alloy shell.

Includes a detachable 4-core high-purity copper cable for exceptional clarity and transparency.

We have worked tirelessly to ensure that every detail of the Z300 earphone is perfect, from the sound quality to the aesthetics.

Technical Details




10mm Silicone diaphragm





Case Color

Gold (with 18K gold-plated case); Matte blue (with spray-painting case)


3.5mm 4-core high purity copper cable (no microphone version)/3.5mm silver-plated cable (microphone version, with single button)


0.78mm 2-pin

CABLE Length


$35.00 USD

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Great tuning, solid build quality, feels very premium, insane value!

There is a lot of good sub-bass, both in quantity and quality. With stock copper cables, it could be a little "boomy." These are not a basshead IEM but they certainly satisfy my love of good bass when the music demands it.

Mid-bass is very good but not as prominent as the sub-bass. Has good impact though.

The mids and highs are really clear and quite detailed. It's not shouty or peaky. Mids and highs are not recessed on most tracks that has a lot of vocals and instruments.

Overall, the Z300 is tuned extremely well to fit most genres of music. Not hollow-sounding, not recessed, not thin or veiled, which is typical of IEMs at this price range. Tonality is just right and natural-sounding. Very balanced with some bass boost.

The monitors have heft, weight, and solidity to them, but are also comfortable and fit my ears well. Nozzles are rather slim, so most eartips will easily slip on and off, but most likely won't fall off, getting stuck in your ear canal. I'm using SpinFit CP145 with the Z300 and it sounds and feels awesome.

The cable is surprisingly high quality at this price. They could probably sell the cables for $10 by itself. I don't think any budget IEM includes a cable this good. Most budget IEMs and even IEMs above $100 include bad cables that need to be replaced immediately.

By upgrading the cable to a Penon CS819 or another similar-quality aftermarket cable, the Z300 really opens up. It improves the soundstage and has better imaging. The mids and highs get even more detailed and sound cleaner. Instrument separation is a lot better. Sub and mid bass becomes tighter and more controlled, while still retaining the great rumble and impact, just not as boomy as it was with the stock cable.

I think upgrading the cable brings out the true potential of the Z300. I don't think there's a better budget IEM below $100 with or without a cable upgrade, but I highly recommend upgrading the stock copper cable.

The Z300 just feels premium and also looks really nice and classy. Z300 has really good sound quality and also has a solid build.

BLON and HBB hit it out of the park with this offering. I can't believe how good the Z300 is at $35 and gets even better with upgraded cable and eartips.

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