Fearless Audio S8Z S8F S8P 8BA CIEM customized faceplate
Fearless Audio S8Z S8F S8P 8BA CIEM customized faceplate
Fearless Audio S8Z S8F S8P 8BA CIEM customized faceplate
Fearless Audio S8Z
Fearless Audio S8Z S8F S8P 8BA CIEM customized faceplate
Fearless Audio S8Z S8F S8P 8BA CIEM customized faceplate
Fearless Audio S8Z
Fearless Audio S8Z S8F S8P 8BA CIEM customized faceplate
Fearless Audio S8Z
Fearless Audio S8Z
Fearless Audio S8Z
Fearless Audio S8Z
Fearless Audio S8Z
Fearless Audio S8Z
Fearless Audio S8Z S8F S8P 8BA CIEM customized faceplate
Fearless Audio S8Z S8F S8P 8BA CIEM customized faceplate
Fearless Audio S8Z
Fearless Audio S8Z S8F S8P 8BA CIEM customized faceplate
Fearless Audio S8Z S8F S8P 8BA CIEM customized faceplate
Fearless Audio S8Z S8F S8P 8BA CIEM customized faceplate
Fearless Audio S8Z S8F S8P 8BA CIEM customized faceplate
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Fearless Audio S8Z

$589.00 USD

8 Balanced Armatures In Ear Monitor

    It may take 10-20 working days to build the CIEMs and UIEMs with customized faceplate
    Main Pictures - Fearless Audio x Linsoul Faceplate Design In Stock ! Ship It out Now!
    8 Balanced Armatures in Knowles and Sonion with 3-Way Crossover technology
    Flexible Bass, Smooth Mid and Rich in Detail
    Come with a Detachable 2Pin 6N OFC Cable
    *Disclaimer: Please kindly note that for CIEMs, the outcome of the design or colour may not be exactly the same as the options listed. The options shown are merely for reference. Thank you for your understanding.
This Product is a Pre-order

Processing Time before shipping: 10-20 Business Days avg.

This is a rough estimation. It may change without prior notice.

Upgraded 8BA In-Ear Monitor.

S8Z has upgraded the drivers with adopting Sonion 37 series compound bass drivers, Sonion 23 series middle frequency drivers and Knowles SWFK high frequency compound drivers, along with 3 way crossover technology. The bass is more flexible, the mid is more smooth and the high is more rich in detail

DTC Tuning Conduit.

As HiFi industry has been thriving these years, ergonomics is taken more serious and to meet the standards of ergonomics while having enough drivers, we have developed this innovative tuning conduit, DTC based on ACME experience. It perfectly solves the issue and precisely set each channel. It’s the unique technique of years of tuning experience.

Balanced Frequency Response Curve.

Fearless Audio is focused on high-end custom earphones and because of our rich experience we are able to tune S8Z into a most satisfactory response curve. The vocal is rich in detail and emotion, the high is full of air, the sound will never let you down

Custom Faceplate.

S8Z has a custom faceplate of various choices. The pattern is unique and it’s irreproducible. Each part is displaying the exquisite technique and aesthetics of Fearless Audio handmade earphones

Detachable 2Pin 6N OFC Cable.

Each earphones come with a 8 core braided OFC cable. It has no microphonics. With this cable, the sound is clearer and smoother. It also ensures fully upgradability for more choice. You can change it for any other cables you prefer

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Driver Configurations
1*Sonion Compound Bass Driver; 1*Knowles Compound High Driver; 2*Sonion Compound Mid Driver
26 Ω
Frequency Response

Coming soon...


Coming soon...


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Y. Kim
Art request misunderstood. Sound is wonderful

Rated by overall experience including order processing.
I left the shell color default:clear and chose All-Blue from faceplate, and I got...blue face plate on clear shell. What I actually wanted was one just like the sample photo in All-blue... Embarrassing because I was informed that I will have so-called smurf shell if I do so when I asked via mail months ago. I should have confirmed this to Linsoul and let them know what I exactly want. Tragedy of miscommunication...The fantastic shell build quality makes me more upset.
Sound quality is worth 5 stars. This is the best timbre I experienced from 8BA IEMs. Properly distanced vocal sound very comfortable. I prefer sharper percussion, but It is good enough as it is. This IEM is on warmer side, but strangely, not feeling like muffled or veiled at all. The amount of treble not too little or too much, ideal for long time listening.
I'm enjoying the sound while trying my best not to look at the shell art.

Excellent stunner IEM - Clear, detailed, revealing and musical with sufficient bass punch

IEM just arrived.
First impressions impressive and coherent with other reviews - clear, detailed, transparent with extremely good mid range and sufficient bass punch for all non-bassheads.
Sound-wise they remind me of my Focal Clear headphones i.e. a tuning that I both like and enjoy, and that never is fatiguing even after hours of listening.
If negatives need mentioning, excellent recording quality is a must, and the size of the IEM is not for people with small cavum conchae.

Engaging, Exciting, Revealing......Fantastic

The S8Z's reveal layers of the music I have never heard in my favourite tracks, they have stunning clarity across the board and the option to have the look and feel of your dreams is a welcomed bonus. The build quality is incredible and for the price you honestly cant ask for more.

Linsoul also provides one of, if not the best customer experiences I have had to date.....

To me its a no brainer.....definite buy

laurent TEXIER

Fearless Audio S8Z


Love these. I honestly listen to them as much or more than my Andromeda’s. Beautiful IEM with beautiful sound across the board.

Excellent 8BA IEM with some caveats

Excellent detail, needs a lighter cable, better with foam tips


This set is way too intense

James Demer
Fearless S8Z is a champion but requires well mixed music

The Fearless Audio S8Z was called a detail beast by a well respected reviewer, and I would agree. Here's the thing about details, if they are intentionally in the mix, these IEM's enhance them in ways I've never heard before. If the music is not mixed well, the bad stuff is more apparent and well, the music sounds worse.
I don't believe that sound stage is something that can be influenced by headphones. I believe that sound stage a result of the way the music was mixed and mastered. What the S8Z allows is tremendous separation between dynamic range and frequency that gives the listener the feeling that they are sitting in the music.
With well mixed music, the bass is impactful without being overbearing. It's tight. It goes low. It hits as hard as it should without feeling overdone. In a word it's confident.
The high frequency range is just crazy. I hear the way a stick hits a cymbal like I've never heard before. I don't know how Fearless achieved such control with high freqs but no matter how much is going on up high, it sounds complete but not hot. There is no sibilance. None.
Mids weave themselves seamlessly in the mix and vocal range is equally as pleasing with male or female registers. I've been hearing details like breath, mouth squeaks, and accidental mic bumps that I've never heard before on tracks I've listened to for years.
If you are looking to explore your favorite music in a new way, and hear details that you haven't heard before, this is the set for you.

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