Hidizs MS1 Galaxy

High-Performance 10.2mm Dual Magnetic Circuit Dynamic Driver In-ear Monitors

  • Customized 10.2mm Dual Magnetic Circuit Dynamic Driver
  • Premium Materials and Ergonomic Design
  • Versatile and Adaptive
  • Effortless Plug and Play
  • High-end Detachable Silver-plated Oxygen-free Copper Cable
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Black STD
Blue MIC
Blue STD
Clear MIC
Clear STD
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Customized 10.2mm Dual Magnetic Circuit Dynamic Driver

The Hidizs MS1-Galaxy stands out with its customized 10.2mm high-performance dual magnetic circuit dynamic driver and PU+PEEK composite diaphragm. This combination ensures a wide frequency response, accurate detail reproduction, and ultra-low 0.05% non-linear distortion, providing an outstanding listening experience.

Premium Materials and Ergonomic Design

Crafted with high-density German Makrolon resin, the earphone shell offers stability, comfort, and durability. Its injection molding design exudes sophistication and quality, making it a stylish choice. The ergonomic design ensures a snug and comfortable fit, reducing external noise and allowing for extended wear without discomfort.

Versatile and Adaptive

The MS1-Galaxy adapts to your needs with its multi-scene switching capabilities. Swap out cables or accessories to transform your listening experience, whether you're seeking powerful bass, clean midrange, or rich treble performance.

Effortless Plug and Play

With a 32 Ω impedance and 108dB sensitivity, these earphones are designed for easyconnectivity to your smartphone. No additional amplifiers are required. Enjoy a balanced andnatural sound presentation across various music genres.

High-end Detachable Silver-plated Oxygen-free Copper Cable

Featuring a standard 0.78mm detachable cable design, the Hidizs MS1-Galaxy is equipped with an silver-plated oxygen-free copper wire. This choice of material effectively reduces cable oxidation and ensures outstanding soundstage, transparency, separation, and stable audio signal transmission. The cable significantly minimizes signal distortion or loss during transmission, guaranteeing a pure and transparent sound experience.

Inside the Box

  • 1 × MS1-Galaxy
  • 1× 3.5mm earphone cable
  • 3 pairs × Ear tips1× User manual
  • 1 × Warranty card

1 Year Warranty

The Hidizs MS1 Galaxy Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Dynamic Driver
10mm Dual Magnetic Circuit Single Cavity Structure, PU+PEEK CompositePolymer Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
One-piece Molded Resin Cavity
Frequency Response
Composed of two strands of high-purity silver-plated copper wire intertwined, 1.2m in length
Earphone Connector
Detachable 0.78mm 2pin gold-plated socket
Plug Type
3.5mm gold-plated L-shaped plug
Inline Control & Microphone
about 10g (excluding earphone cable)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
layke hicks
I reviewed these on headfi


Budget IEMs have come a long way in tuning and capability. These replaced my Marley Smile Jamaica earbuds and they're well worth their similar price of <$20 and I'd like to see them as easily purchasable as Marleys are which we see in places like Shoppers Drug mart in Canada, they're a lot better than the Smile Jamaica.

The complaints I had was that the overall tonality is still limited to its driver housing materials and it can sound a little plasticky compared to more capable and expensive IEMs but they're still very enjoyable, you have to be A/B testing to notice that they're still just $20ish IEMs. Second complaint was they lean a little bright - when using EQ with a Youtube extension I only found one that was suitable but when EQing from my phone they're fine or when not using EQ with my phone.

Tuning is similar to my Zero Red, although different. The Zero Red is tuned better but after using EQ on both they're nearly side-by-side so if you're able to use EQ you should skip the extra cost of the Red. Since I can't use EQ from my PS4 controller I actually preferred the tuning of the MS-1 because the Red is too peaky on the highs without its ohm adapter.

They fit extremely well and it's easy to get a good seal, wrapping tightly around my ear.

For the price they're astounding but neverminding the price they're just "good", for me they set a benchmark in dollar-to-performance ratio. I use these every day for gaming, exercising or for bass heavy tracks. While their MP145 planar is better for audiophiles the MS-1 is the perfect stocking stuffer due to its tuning and ability to take EQ. It can output gobs of bass with an EQ. While it's not technical-oriented it's still pleasing to listen to and it is LOUD. I also have a Truthear Zero Red and I haven't used them since getting the Galaxy because they're similarly tuned but 6dB quieter and considering they were $75 CAD I regret buying them because they get no usage, I can't game with them because they don't have a mic. I suggest applying an EQ for best sound, +3dB on the lows, scoop the mids -3dB and up the highs +3dB, all rounded off etc etc. While they say "hi-res" you'll notice it being true-er when you increase 8khz with an EQ, the highs becoming more "real" sounding.

They also fit in my tiny girlfriends ears whereas the MP145 does not.

Mic is very clear.

Personally I'm buying another two pairs to gift to others who aren't into audio at all because I know they'll think I paid a lot more for them and I do suggest buying these to get others into the hobby if not yourself, they do sound like $50+ IEMs. A more serious music listener using FLAC and an amplifier should try their MP145.

I got white and they're purdy.

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