Kinera Pandamon

10mm Square Planar Driver In-Ear Earphone

    Professional Tuning & Excellent Bass Performance
    3D Cavity Design
    Exquisite Ear Shells & Circular Hollow Panel
    High-Quality Oxygen Free Copper Cable
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Kinera 10mm SPDTM 2.0

To improve acoustic quality, the Pandamon complements an enhanced Kinera SPDTM 2.0, whose overall frequency sensitivity is enhanced by 3db. Besides, the square planar driver in this earphone can deliver a full frequency range, self-sufficient to provide a complete listening experience, eliminating any possible frequency interferences or unwanted acoustic effects.

Professional Tuning & Excellent Bass Performance

Thanks to the wonderful SPDTM 2.0 (square planar driver), the Kinera features an excellent bass performance with immense texture but a transient response. While keeping a certain level of extension and dispersion, this in-ear earphone from Kinera characterizes long listening comfortability. It is worth mentioning that the vocals are kept at an optimal distance with enriching thickness, glittered with a velvety treble range. Overall tuned with a pyramid-shaped frequency distribution offers a warm and roomy tonality.

3D Cavity Design

Adopting a circular hollow panel with a unique sense of mechanical aesthetics, the Pandamon earphone characterizes a hollow cavity with a strong sense of three-dimensionality visually. This IEM is a perfect integration with inner mechanical artistry. Pandamon also utilizes resin as shell material, and the 3D cavity of pressed texture is an iconic blend of IEM design brilliance.

Exquisite Ear Shells & Circular Hollow Panel

Apart from its professional tuning, Kinera is also known for its outstanding craftsmanship. They have designed the Pandamon with hand-crafted metallic ear shells and circular hollow panels. Every single unit of Kinera Pandamon goes through multiple processes including precision engraving, nickel electroplating, and UV coloring to ensure a balanced & natural color tone and a smooth and shining body with intricate and long-lasting metal features. Besides, there is a Pandamon logo on its panel, presenting an artistic collision core design between mechanical rhythm and the ferocious Pandamon symbolized by its metal-crushing teeth and flaming eyes.

High-Quality Oxygen Free Copper Cable

The excellent Kinera Pandamon adopts 24-strands of OFC material cable with a grey PVC coat. Besides, the most obvious feature of the Kinera Pandamon is its rich texture and relaxed tonality, which make it a perfect partner when you want to enjoy your beloved music during your commute or after a long day's work. With the help of this high-quality audio cable, the Kinera can provide a marvelously acoustic performance.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Kinera Pandamon
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Kinera Pandamon Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Plug: 3.5mm

Driver: 10 x 10mm SPDTM

Interface: 0.78 2pin

Sensitivity: 108db

Wearing Type: In-Ear

Frequency: 20Hz-20kHz

Impedance: 9Ω

Weight (IEM + Cable): 5.4g + 17.2g

Cable Length: 1.25m
Cable's Specification
Material: Oxygen Free Copper (OFC)

Diameter: 1.3mm/core

Braid Way: 4 core

Strands: 24 strands of 0.05mm

Protective Cover: Grey PVC

Interface: 0.78 2pin

Plug: 3.5mm

Cable Length: 1.25m

Plug Material: Pure Copper

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Richard Hartigan
Open planar technicalities, mid-focused, but easily EQ'd (see below)

Purchased by myself on Amazon.
I like bass...but I also like treble...and I also like soundstage...imaging...instrument separation...resolution...and comfort. Basically, I like it all.
My headphones, 600Ω Beyerdynamic DT990 Editions, have all of that in spades. Yes, they have too much bass, and too much treble. But when you want it, it's there.
So when I decided I wanted an IEM for portable Hi-Fi, I knew I needed a round open-back planar to get the comfort and soundstage I needed, plus the added technicalities that come along with planar drivers: faster transient response times - which lends itself to greater instrument separation, imaging and resolution.
The high-ohm dynamic headphones achieve this through higher voltage requirements. Whereas, the low-ohm planar IEM's achieve this through higher current requirements. These paired well with my cheap Apple USB-C to 3.5mm DAC/Amp adapter. And I have ugraded from the stock 8-core cables to 24-core cables from XINHS on AliExpress. They're noticeablely less tangly, and low-impedance is a bonus.
So how do they sound? Very good...especially in the mids...but they have some quirks like no sub-bass shelf and a slightly dark treble, which is EASILY ironed out with just 3 filters in Parametric EQ (see below).
Bass: 7/10   (this would be a 6/10 if not for the resolution)
Mid: 8/10
Treble: 7/10   (this would be a 6/10 if not for the resolution)
Soundstage: 8/10
Imaging: 8/10
Separation: 8/10   (this reduced to 7/10 after EQ'ing)
Comfort: 9/10   (the round shape IS a bonus)
Now to get that sub-bass 'punch' and 'rumble' back into the kick drum and bass guitar, and boost the treble response to get those cymbal splashes back up in the mix! NOTE: this driver does roll off a bit before 20kHz, so you're going to lose out on some of the higher order harmonics. It is what it is.
I spent an hour using the PEACE UI for Equaliser APO and plugging these values into the Toneboosters parametric EQ (paid) on my USB Audio Player PRO app.
Pre-amp cut: -4.6dB   (Note: this is a negative value)
Low-shelf filter (Q as slope): Freq 20Hz / Gain 5dB / Q shape 0.5
Peak filter: Freq 80Hz / Gain -5dB / Q shape 1.1
High-shelf filter (Q as slope): Freq 3000Hz / Gain 4dB / Q shape 1.4
These values correspond to approximating the Sonarworks target response curve, and a shoutout to Hatena's review at for matching the frequency response graph with a target curve.
Now the Pandamon sounds quite even across the board to me, but as always YMMV. Enjoy!

Ronen David
2 steps forward, an unfortunate step back.

To everyone who wonders: I bought these with my own money, and I’m not associated with Linsoul or Kinera. This is my true opinion, with this in mind….
Well I’m going to be super detailed in my review, so buckle up my boys, it’s a long one.
For starters, the most important thing to me in IEMs is the fit: if it sounds amazing but it isn’t comfortable to wear over long periods of time, I think it’s not worth owning. While the pandamons do fit really well, I found that after a measly 4 hours they started to “pinch” my upper ear, it was slightly annoying but I could “push through”. After about 6 it started getting really painful and very uncomfortable to wear, you could visibly see signs of relief when I took these off. That being said, for quick sessions they’re good. And fit is very subjective, it might not suite me 100% but I’m sure for most other people it will, my friend had no issues wearing them for extremely long periods of time. Fit is in my opinion is 77/100, good but could be better for me

To keep the best for last, I’ll talk about sound afterwards. hence my Segway to:
The IEMs come with a plethora of eartips, all silicone but some are red and firmer, pushing into the ears deeper, and some are grey, more shallow and softer if you prefer that fit, honestly both are pretty standard and you can get them easily on the internet, a great plus in my opinion, it means this pair is extremely customisable and easy to replace if you ever lose a pair of eartips, also included is a cheap, kind of meaningless purse you could’ve put these in, notice the keyword; could’ve.
The carrying case is far too small to keep the headphones in comfortably, it’s either bulky and look like a tumour in your pocket or the IEMs will choose not to cooperate and it won’t even fit inside of it, the hard clip is good however and it clips together very powerfully, which is weird. I use the carry case for coins and change and they never fell out, so I guess I got something out of that. The colour in my opinion is awful, as pale as a vampire’s skin, to give credit where it’s due the material of the carry case itself is quite soft, and doesn’t feel that bad, nothing to write home about though.
The next “accessory” it comes with I want to list is a “pandamon” keychain, with the metal eating bear in it’s full glory, cool as a gift for my cousin, which raved about it and said it’s “super cool”, but not for me, I think it’s tacky and if you love the design (we’ll discuss more on that later, maybe even next paragraph, I’ll keep you guessing), you will love this niche iteration. I think it’s a little bit of a waste however, and that they should reduce the size of the keychain and make the headphone overall cheaper to produce and waste less metal on such a big keychain. It also comes with a very neat little brush and scraper cleaning tool, it’s small, compact and gets the job done in a pinch, I’ve used it multiple times just for the “fun” of it and it held up really well, the brush isn’t scattered and doesn’t show signs of wear and the metal scraping tool is exactly the same, cool addition and I wish more IEMs included this little tool for the beginners to use and get acquainted with.
Next “accessory” is the too-tiny-to-read manual. The font is very very VERY small and I struggled reading what it had to say on the products, especially since it includes a frequency response graph with a lot of explanations and how to properly clean and use the IEM.
Usually manuals are the first thing to hit the bin while keeping the warranty card, the warranty card on my pair came attached to the manual and it’s font was, again, too small to make tangible words. The only thing I could read well was the little snippet of history about the pandamon, cool addition but not practical or terribly needed. The last thing in the box is the stock cable that comes with the IEMs. It feels great in my opinion, I’ve read several reviews online about this pair and a lot of people had issues with the cable, well I didn’t, and I think it’s a fantastic cable it’s super plush, soft (although its braided super tight which can be an indicator of a cheaper cable), I found that the cable didn’t really tangle up on me which is highly appreciated in my opinion. I deliberately scrunched up the IEMs when putting them in my pocket, I wasn’t gentle with them, and pulling them out all I had to do was free the actual monitors and the cable followed suit closely, and automatically untied itself. Quite magical. Overall I’m most impressed with the cable they gave out, the plug is gold coated if you actually care about that detail.

Design and aesthetics:
I’m going to be frank; I don’t mind the design, and the more I wear the IEMs, the more the design wears on me.
The monitors, at first glance, look metallic and heavy, they’re the complete opposite, chromed plastic (the aspect I hate most about these pair), painted black plastic for the body. The grills (because ...

Mickey Frost

Loves these and have a second set on the way to balance. They have a laid back sound but not a lot of bass, just enough to work.

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