Moondrop ALICE

ULT Super-Linear Dynamic Driver VDSF+ True Wireless Stereo Earphones

    High-Performance U.L.T. Super-Linear Dynamic Driver
    3rd-Gen DLC Diamond-Like Carbon Composite Diaphragm
    Qualcomm's Flagship Bluetooth SOC Chip QCC5151
    Soundstage Virtual Sound Algorithm VDSF+
    Integrated Acoustic Structure
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High-Performance U.L.T. Super-Linear Dynamic Driver

ALICE adopts the same patented ULT super-linear dynamic driver with MOONDROP's flagship dynamic driver earphone KATQ. Designed and developed in-house, the driver features a more efficient internal and external magnet composite magnetic circuit, a more linear air flow structure, a larger brass Internal acoustic cavity, a lighter ultra-fine imported CCAW voice coil, and a High-frequency phase waveguide. Through FEA finite element simulation combined with repeated experiments and verification. it presents muscular dynamics, rich details, and surprising performance regardless of nonlinear distortion or linear distortion. Adopting this ULT super-linear dynamic driver from the flagship wired earphone to ALICE. only the signal output connector was modified, and its electroacoustic transduction structure and acoustic performance were inherited intact, giving ALICE a far superior sound quality.

3rd-Gen DLC Diamond-Like Carbon Composite Diaphragm

The ULT super-linear dynamic driver features a newly designed high-performance DLC composite diaphragm that uses DLC and two other materials for different parts of the diaphragm. This results in high rigidity, high damping coefficient and light weight, and a comprehensive acoustic performance that exceeds even that of beryllium. This diaphragm is based on different material characteristics simulated by FEA finite element analysis, and obtained after repeated experiments, which results in enhanced highs performance, improving dynamic range, a boost in overall acoustic damping, and strengthened instantaneous performance.

Qualcomm's Flagship Bluetooth SOC Chip QCC5151

With the powerful built-in DSP performance of the QCC5151, ALICE can attain richer sound quality extensions and compensate for the physical limitations of in-ear monitors by adding a variety of different filter algorithms, thus bringing a more realistic and pleasant listening experience and richer playability.

Soundstage Virtual Sound Algorithm VDSF+

ALICE is equipped with new generation of VDSF+ (Virtual Diffusion Sound Field Technology), which further improves the soundstage performance by simulating the differences of direct sound at the end of the acoustic transmission path. The VDSF+ can be easily turned on/off by touch operation.

Integrated Acoustic Structure

In contrast to traditional TWS, ALICE uses the same integrated acoustic cavity structure found in high-fidelity wired headphones. The driver and related acoustic structures have priority over the component and battery stacks. In this way ALICE not only avoids the negative impact of sensors and FB components on acoustic conduction, but also ensures a more optimized acoustic conduction path. Unlike traditional TWS, ALICE is the same as standard in-ear monitors, facilitating replacement of the stock ear tips with third-party alternatives, thus ensuring an optimum custom fit and an improvement in treble/bass performance.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Moondrop ALICE
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Moondrop ALICE Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

ALICE True Wireless Stereo
10mm U.L.T super-Linear dynamic driver
3rd generation DLC composite diaphragm
Bluetooth version:
Bluetooth protocol:
codec protocol:
AAC/SBC/aptX Adaptive
Charging plug:
Working distance:
about 15m (barrier-free open environment)
Battery Life:
about 8+40hours

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Customer Reviews

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Marcel Luigi Laska
Awful Software, Sound Okay

U cant use this Earphones properly, the Software is so Bad, u cant use the EQ in a correct way. Sold them after 1 Week.

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