Moondrop Aria

LCP Diaphragm Dynamic Driver In Ear Monitors

    A Brand-new Aria
    Large 10mm Dual-Cavity Magnetic Dynamic Driver
    Professional Tuning
    Newly-Designed High-Frequency Phase Waveguide System
    Aesthetic Look Design
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A Brand-new Aria

A brand-new IEMs with a new design. It combines balance, openness, fineness, transparency, detailed and atmosphere. It is rich in texture, comfortable to wear, and elegant in design.This is a brand new Aria, a brand new design and experience.

Large 10mm Dual-Cavity Magnetic Dynamic Driver

The Moondrop Aria features a large 10mm dual-cavity magnetic dynamic driver unit with LCP(Liquid Crystal Polymer) diaphragm material. The Dynamic Driver inside Moondrop Aria is not a regular one. It is a specially designed dual-cavity magnetic DD unit with premium components such as an LCP diaphragm, strong N52 neodymium magnet, Brass Inner Cavities, and CCAW voice coil. All these components allow the pair to achieve high-resolution sound output with ultimate clarity and precision.

Professional Tuning

Aria has been tuned by professional acoustic engineers at Moondrop. They have provided a lively and engaging sound profile to the pair that complements different genres.

Newly-Designed High-Frequency Phase Waveguide System

The Moondrop Aria features a newly designed high-frequency phase waveguide system that effectively reduces the high-frequency phase interference and distortion making the treble response smooth and delicate.

Aesthetic Look Design

Aria uses a complex process to create a metal cavity, which is ergonomic while taking into account the aesthetic design, which is as elegant and moving as an art work.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Moondrop Aria
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Moondrop Aria Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Product name
Aria High Performance LCP Diaphragm Dynamic IEMs
Driver Unit
LCP liquid crystal diaphragm -10mm diameter double cavity magnetic Diaphragm Dynamic unit.
Headphone Socket
122dB/Vrms (@1kHz)
32Ω±15% (@1kHz)
Frequency response
Effective frequency response

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tyson Lin
Don't be deceived by the many five stars review by creators or on Amazon

This product is very fragile and many customers including myself had the same problem, where one side breaking very quickly and losing sound within days, months, or hours. While this is my very first IEM, I can guarantee something that breaks this easily and for almost no reason should be worth 60 dollars. I tried everything to clean it but it just doesn't work, I changed filters, cleaned it our, plugged and unplugged. It's a lost cause.

Brian Morris
Best $80 USD Spent

I have several IEM’s and this is not the best of them, but far far far from my worst. However I can use this with any genre of my music collection. It pairs well with most DAC’s so that makes it a simple go-to decision for daily use.

Peter Balazs
Love it

I've had my fair share of big brand earphones, and this is my first-time diving into IEM territory. I really love this one. It's comfortable, and it sounds really nice. I'd recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat.

Tim Pustovit

Great fit and great audio. The only down side is the small wire coming from to the headphone itself likes to keep its shape when you just unrolled them, just need to give it a small twist and it's back to normal.

David Fite
Linsoul sent me an empty box

And refused to fix the problem

Hello there.

You had ordered the Moondrop Aria and the Kinera cable.

Though you mentioned that the Aria was included, the Kinera cable was not.

However, you did not have an unboxing video to prove it. Both items were weighed beforehand and shipped out as they are.

Lakota Provancial
Never received it

Ordered it and waited and waited. Over a month has passed since it was "in transit"
And I have not received a single update. I was really looking forward to these especially since I paid 60 instead but I guess not

Hello there.

Thank you for the review.

Unfortunately, you had selected Standard Shipping and the transit time is not within our control.

Your parcel is currently in transit. Please contact us via our e-mail,, and we will help you to check this with the courier company and customs.

Thank you.

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