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Small but POWERFUL!

You can call it USB DAC + Headphone amplifier(HPA) >600mW@15ohm but actually, PowerDAC has no HPA at all. Yes, PowerDAC V2 can, as an example, drive LCD3 with 600mW but only as powerful enough DAC, no analog amplification and no feedback are implemented there. It's a quite similar to Fully Digital power Amplifiers(FDA) like Sharp SM-SX100(probably earliest FDA), TACT-Millennium, Lingdorf, Wadia etc $5-10K legendary toys. PowerDAC V2 uses the same or similar Ti digital PWM modulator chip TAS5558 but of course different output stage for headphone.

HQ External DAC for your Devices

 PowerDAC V2 doesn't need drivers to convert stream PCM up to 24/192 from PC/Mac. iOS, Android or Linux, however, if you wish to get full control of the built-in DSP, you need to install iOS or Android app.

Device Control through IOs and Android

Volume slider with classical Fletcher–Munson loudness curves .

Familiar HiFi Bass/Treble sliders .

Intuitive controllable filters i.e. 7 parametric EQs, left/right gestures control frequency, up/down gain, zoom in/out Q-factor. Also available LPF/HPF and APF for phase alignment and text form Biquad control just in case(actually, it comes from another my project HiFiTOY crazy-tiny 250W@4ohm PowerDAC where LPF/HPF/APF needed for bi/tri-amping)

Inside the Box

  • 1 x E1DA PowerDAC v2
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The E1DA PowerDAC v2 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

sandblasted/anodized aluminum, mirror polished stainless steel with laser marking
Frequency response range
USB 5V power rail no internal battery, 250mA idle current, the device contains up to 5000uF of capacitance and IOS/Android devices can start OTG operation only with Camera_Adapter and USB OTG Y-splitter cable respectively
USB PCM up to 24b/192kHz
digitally generated PWM 384kHz + passive LC demodulation balanced output 2.5mm jack 5mm shaft stopper, A&K pinout Output impedance: 1.5Ohm@1000Hz FFT flat top -6dbFS 32Ohm/open load, -.4db drop
Output power
Output power
>580mW@16Ohm@1kHz@THD=1% measured in 24b/44.1k mode +.6dbFS level, typical PC USB2 port powered. In case USB power-splitter aka USB-C Y-cable used i.e. USB data goes from Android and 5V power rail from 5.2V 2A charger the max power will be seriously higher see tech plots in the appendix
Frequency response
20Hz-20kHz +/-.2db(+/-.15db typical) 10Hz-30kHz +/-.5db(+/-.3db typical) 2.5Hz-46kHz +/-3db
S/N ratio
-108db(A) (-109db(A) typical) THD+N@1kHz@0dbFS <.05% THD+N@1kHz@-3dbFS <.03% THD+N@1kHz@-6dbFS <.02% THD+N@1kHz@-10dbFS <.01% THD+N@6.3kHz@-10dbFS .01% typical THD+N@100Hz@-10dbFS .03% typical(depends on USB power quality) THD+N@1kHz@-20dbFS .01% typical IMD 19kHz(-10dbFS)+20kHz(-10dbFS) -80db typical (THD and IMD measured with 32ohm load in 24b/44.1k mode) ​

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Customer Reviews

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Read your emails

It will be almost a month since Linsoul informed me the Dac was on its way. I've had over 10 emails exchange with linsoul over this issue. Somehow Paypal was also informed the package was delivered. How did that happened? I would love to know as well. It turns out the package was not mailed at all. I received this email today from Linsoul.

Here it is:

Jessie Li (Linsoul Audio)

Oct 21, 2020, 16:54 GMT+8
Hi Wooley,

Thank you for your waiting,

we are so sorry for this, E1DA is discontinued now.

Waiting for your update.

Have a nice day.

Best Regards,

Linsoul Audio

Customer Service Team

Support email: linsoultech@gmail.com
Website: https://www.linsoul.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Linsoulaudio/
Discord: https://discord.gg/5yfHcAu


I am still waiting on a status update of my order. I was informed that the order was shipped. I've been unable to track the package with the number I was given, and I never received the package. That is unacceptable, and horrible customer service

<p>Hello there. We are so sorry to hear that.
<br>Could you kindly log in to your Linsoul account and click on your order for the tracking details?
<br>Alternatively, you may also reach out to us on Discord/Facebook by sending us a message with your Order Number.
<br>We will assist you accordingly.
<br>Thank you very much.</p>

The best DAC/AMP I have heard by a long shot.

I would not recommend it as a portable unit to use with your phone. It will drain your battery in a few minutes. But even for a desktop unit, it is by far the best I have heard. The only Con for the sound would be that there is a slight hiss when using IEMs, which makes sensitive IEMs like the TFZ no.3 or the CA Andromeda, not a good fit. Pairing it with my Blon or HD600 it's just wonderful I did not know Dac/Amps could have such a huge influence on the sound. It is in a whole other league than everything I have previously owned.
I own/ have owned: Fiio q1 mk2, btr3+5, Earstudio es100, Loxjie d10+20, Shiit Magni 2, Topping nx4+5, 02 Amp/Dac and I'm sure I have forgotten something.
Conclusion: This probably sounds better than items 10 times the price so buy it now

Rediscovering my music.

A friend suggested I try this, and I have been enjoying it for about a month. I use it with my PC as an audio card of sorts. It is a dramatic improvement over my Creative Labs sound card. After I turn on the computer, I open the HPToy app and plug the USB into the E1DA. It remembers it's settings from the last time it was used, so it doesn't have to have the app open. If you want to make adjustments with the HPToy app though, it has to be open when the E1DA is first plugged in. I am using this with Shuoer Tapes, and am rediscovering my music library.

John Park
Powerful and Amazing Sound

wow...this small DAC/AMP is simply amazing.
At 1200mW, of course it has all the power you can want.
But more importantly, the tonality is one of the best I've heard.
It's got a wide sound stage and for all of my iem's it increases the instrument separation and layering.
Bass is punchy, and treble is extended but not tiring.
It is an analytical sound that is not too sharp and allows for actual enjoyment of music.
It may not be so good for portable use because the device gets hot and you need a lot of cables for adapters.
But for PC/MAC, this is probably the best DAC/AMP you can get.

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