16-Stand 352 Cores OFC Silver-Plated HiFi Earphones Upgrade Cable

    Pure Sound Effect
    Stable Signal Transmission
    High Performance & Wide Compatibility
    Dual Pin & Triple Plug types
    Three-In-One Design
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Pure Sound Effect

Adopting oxygen-free copper material, the QKZ Q1 MAX cable characterizes pure and clear sound effects, meaning that this headphone cable can offer natural sound as well as strong radiometric resolution.

Stable Signal Transmission

The MAX cable is made of oxygen-free copper material, which is wear-resistant and durable. Featuring stable signal transmission, QKZ Q1 MAX is not only beautiful in appearance but also strong in function.

High Accoustic Performance & Wide Compatibility

Equipped with 16 strands weaving with perfect proportioning, the QKZ Q1 features high performance. This cable also comes with a single strand with 22 cores and 16 strands with total 352 cores. Besides, the MAX cable is suitable for most types of headphones.

Dual Pin & Triple Plug types

There are two pin types and three plug types utilized by the QKZ Q1 MAX cable. Two pin types include S-TYPE and MMCX, and this cable is suitable for most types of headphones, amplifiers, and desktop decoders.

Three-In-One Design

With a three-in-one design, the QKZ Q1 can provide free choice without entanglement. The MAX cable features an excellent, delicate and transparent basis to provide delicate and natural sound.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x QKZ Q1 MAX
  • User Manual

3 Month Warranty

The QKZ Q1 MAX Comes with a 3 month warranty.

Technical Details

Wire length:
Wire material type:
16-strand silver plated upgrade wire
Pin type:
Wearing way:
Ear wrapping
Night dark /Space gray
OFC oxygen free & copper plated with silver
Wire core:
Single strand with 22 cores
16 strands with total 352 cores

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Highly recommended entry-level cable set

I have used it for one and a half years and I still love it.
I have a Tripowin C8 aswell whitch is 2 times more expensive, but in my opinion QKZ-Q1 MAX is very very much better in sound quality.
It gives wider soundstage and more accurate fequency response (compared with C8). I have expirienced the same with all of my IEMs.

OK, this is definitely not a high-end product, so do not expect for any wonder. Not very durable, so have to pay attention not to pull it strong while changing the plugs, and do not let bending it too much at the neck of the plug connetcor. But if you can take care of it, it will serve you for a long time.
It has a little cable noise while walking, but that is not disturbing at all.

Anyway this is a perfect choice to make better sound for any good and cheap IEMs that doesn't delivered with useful stock cables (eg. most KZ IEMs under 100 bucks), especially if you need the possibility of changing plug types or you are just curious of getting know the difference between the non-symmetrycal and the symmetrical plugs without spendig a lot of money. :)

Cliff Stacey
QKZ Q1 Max Cable 3 months hard use review

QKZ Q1 Max Cable 3 months hard use review

I have been asked to do another review on the QKZ Q1 Cable, having purchase a second cable to match up with my QKZ HBB I recently purchased.

So rather than repeat all the same things, which seems a little ridiculous, I thought I would answer questions about the durability of these cables. Having put them through some pretty hard use.

As mentioned in my earlier review, I wanted to match the IEMs in question the QKZ HBB and the QKZ HBB Khan with a cable that had a similar value. The price at the time of purchase was $14.00 USD

While these cables wouldn’t be described as audiophile jewellery, they are perfectly functional and a great match for these particular IEMs, having the interchangeable input plugs means I can use both single ended and balanced sources.

I have been using this cable while chainsawing and chipping up trees, lawn mowing, working out at the Gym, riding trails on my mountain bike and motorcycling…

What I can say is no matter how physical I have been, the cables have remain firmly plugged into the IEMs and the input plugs have never separated from the cable.

I have cables the light, white finish and the darker black finish, both have stood up over time. However given the dusty environments in which I work and the amount of sweating I do I suspect I will end up with 2 dark cables over time. :-)

I have no hesitation in recommending the QKZ Q1 Max cable to anyone on a budget, looking for a cable upgrade.



Very good

Good quality cable and connectors secure well. Better than simular TRN type. Good price also..

the cheapest interchangeable iem cable*

this one is a really decent quality unit i have a few now and they've always been top notch and low impedance levels.
the weave itself is similar to many others you get and very slightly rubbery its the same that comes on a lot of other cables, obviously they're all using the same oem, and the ear hooks are springy but not tight and they're really easy to cut off if you need to (the original tin t2) and theyll dangle flat.
the down side is its mmcx and qdc with no 2 pin option yet.
this is really worth the money if you want to go balanced for something like a BTR dongle and then go back to a 3.5 at home. this is a cheaper alternative to a zonie, its very slightly less soft but less expensive but again only mmccx and qdc

Nice cable

Well made cable and a good upgrade.

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