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10mm CNT Dynamic Driver Earphone

    Seek Real
    10mm CNT Dynamic Driver
    Balanced Tuning
    Aluminum Casing
    Premium Acoustic Cable
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Seek Real

The goal of professional audio products is to achieve an authentic and accurate sound. At Seek Real Audio, we aim to capture this essence and deliver the true intentions of the music with each earphone and headphone we release. Focusing on bespoke characteristics over mass production, our team takes care in the R&D of each project, focusing our efforts on perfecting each sound signature. We believe every unit reflects our goal and we thereby take pride in carefully handcrafting the best audio products. 

10mm CNT Dynamic Driver

The Airship is constructed around a next generation of 10mm carbon-nanotube (CNT) dynamic drivers. The CNT diaphragm features an intricate network of densely pact carbon cylinders and is often acclaimed as nature’s strongest materials. The strength and flexibility of the CNT diaphragm allows a quick responsiveness when driven by strong magnets, which increases the resolution and transients of the sound. Furthermore, the CNT dynamic driver is praised in the audio industry for its plasticity in the tuning process, ensuring a proper balanced sound signature without any abnormalities throughout the frequency range. With each generation of CNT drivers, the sonic qualities have benefited through reengineering of the diaphragm material, and the latest generation of CNT drivers that the Airship uses takes advantage of these improvements. Compared to previous generation of CNT drivers, the Airship’s tightened diaphragm construction and stronger magnets deliver a higher resolution in audio quality, as well as quicker bass response and airier treble harmonics. 

Balanced Tuning

The Airship has been carefully tuned to make best of its new CNT driver. The tonal signature is well balanced, featuring a strong sub-bass emphasis that is not rolled off, a natural mid section that is free of low-frequency bloating or muddying, and a crisp treble response that has a natural decay for a peaky-free listening. The strength of single dynamic driver earphones is often in their tuning, and we took no exceptions in the development of the Airship sound signature. 

Aluminum Casing

The structure of the Airship is constructed from light-weight airplane-grade CNC aluminum. Our laboratory’s new machinery allows precise CNC carving of the acoustic chamber, which emphasizes the Airship’s soundstage and airy treble. This lightweight housing is durable, safe to the skin, and is comfortable even with long listening sessions. 

Premium Acoustic Cable

The Airship comes standard with a premium silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable. Copper cables are extremely suitable cable materials due to their conductivity, and we have selected the highest grade of OCC copper wires for our cable. Furthermore, silver-plating of copper cables allows an even higher transient delivery, allowing your music to sound naturally brighter and more responsive.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x SeekReal Airship
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The SeekReal Airship Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Seek Real Audio
Unit configuration
10mm CNT Dynamic Driver
Cable configuration
Oxygen-free copper silver plated
Cable length
Plug specification
0.78 2pin removable
32 Ohm
Frequency response
Total harmonic distortion
< 0.2%

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Alan Maxwell
The Airship flies WELL beyond its price

These tiny little IEMs are perfect for me tonally and fit in my ears like a glove. Right off the bat, they are impressive as far as headroom, details, bass response, and they are not harsh at all on the higher frequencies. That being said, these little ships are capable of being LOUD without any need for an amp etc. They are in fact small, but that shouldn't be a worry unless you have admittedly larger ear canals. Having owned IEMs up to the $350 range, I must say I am blown away by this set; they are my new go-to, everyday IEMs. I listen predominantly to rock and metal, for what it is worth. Cheers!

Antonio Teixeira
The King has been challenged

SeekReal Airship is one of three models, that has been launched by this newcomer and what an earphone it is!!

If my Initial Impressions left me impressed, subsequent listening came to confirm my biggest fear....we finally have a true challenger to the TANCHJIM Oxygen...😮

What do I mean by such a bold claim, simple, the Airship is capable for 100usd less offer the magic of the Oxygen, which is clean textured bass , accompanied by flawless mids and vocals , and the perfect amount of upper midrange and presence to make is simply an absolute pleasure!
Tonality and timbre are still the veterans claim to fame, and although it might seem like the Airship has dished out some serious punishment to the Oxygen, that is not the case.

Sound wise they are extremely equal....perhaps the rumour that the Airship, Olina and Oxygen all share the same driver is true, but whatever the reason , the Airship is so close to the Oxygen that even fit issues have been carried over and are the only point of concern.

Terry UrbasT
Very good Iem best single driver under 300 maybe?

I am very happy with the Airship. I have no fit problems whatsoever. The bass is solid and the mids meaty. The treble has a natural fall off. I have been an audiophile for most of my life and am satisfied. The Iem market is a moving target it changes fast. I would sum it up it tuned similarly to the way HBB tunes. It has wide image and good depth. The question how does it compare to a modded Olina. I do not have one but will cause I am curious. Highly recommended.

My Review of the “Airship”

So good.

Exquisite tuning, deep resonance, excellent musicality. The most impressive chai-fi 1dd earphones in the first half of this year. For reference, the basic tips are the best.

ian fann
My Review is on youtube YouTube video placeholder
Smooth Sound and Perfect.

Got the Airship through Linsoul Amazon and is an excellent buy. I have the Olina which is very, but I like the Airship better. Soundstage, imaging, bass, treble, vocals, mids, it’s got it all. Well worth the money. Highly recommended!

Chill Factor IEMs

If u like a warm & rich playback that still can deliver enough detail for enjoyment with no harshness or fatigue, has a great low end that’s done tastefully, that also renders both male & female vocals wonderfully, and has good texturing, then this set might be for U.
Bass hits with a definitive punch, sub-bass digs deep but doesn’t linger, overall, it’s nicely done(controlled) with just a little bleed, giving it a nice warmness. Treble is masterfully extended but isn't overly lifted, as it still gives this iem some nice upper tones that pair well with the low end(maybe not enough air for some), while still maintaining that desirable smoothness and cleanness. Upper Mid-range is slightly lifted but not too much as it brings vocals forward slightly without being shouty, and because of the warmness, all vocals sound rich & full and overall is very cohesive in sound.
This iem is the perfect chill iem, for long listening sessions, if the “03” was ever turned into a Pro version, this is what I would imagine the sound to be and it’s an all-rounder for playback. Classic Rock, EDM, Pop, MMD, R&B, Jazz. The only problems I can see which is either a positive or negative depending upon the person is fit, they are slightly small (not as small as the SSR, but something like the Semkarch CNT-1) and if you prefer a bright set than this set might not be for you. As for me, I love it a lot! Be it for Tidal, Flacs, movies or just chillin’ on YouTube.
Tried on a few devices, sounded good on all, FiiO K9(AK version), Monolith Monoprice, Shanling M3X. Build is solid, looks very nice, cable is adequate but used a different one I had laying on my desk at the time and just kept it on. For me it competes with all single DD’s under $300(That I have heard) and is definitely worth the price that they are offering.

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