Composite Electrostatic Dynamic Driver HiFi In-ear Earphone

    Adopts a composite Electrostatic dynamic driver
    Detachable 2Pin Cable for Audiophile Musicians
    Adjustable Bass Design
    It comes with a 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable adapter
Regular price $179.00 USD
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The Brand-new Shuoer Tape Pro

Following the success of Shuoer Tape earphone, after times of adjustments and research, we are bringing Tape Pro to you. As the previous model, it adopts a composite Electrostatic dynamic driver to achieve a lower distortion rate, quicker frequency respond and smoothly excellent separation . It’s full of details and unique instrument performance. It’s a showstopper for your music life

Improved Detachable 2Pin Cable

Based on real feedback on Tape, we decided to go with 2 Pin connector for this new model. Sporting the all-reliable 2Pin connectors and reinforced, the Shuoer Tape Pro gives the users the freedom to explore and discover much more adept sound signature by combining different cable options to ensure synergy with your audiophile equipment is uncompromised. With the peace of mind that the 2 Pin connectors are durable and steady even after thousand times plug and pull

Adjustable Bass Design.

Even though Tape Pro has a satisfying tuning, we want to add more for you, thus for Tape Pro you can adjust the bass as you wish. The feature is ensured with the brand-new conduit structure. Only in this model can you experience the wholly custom experience

Build Quality

Made from high quality Aluminum material and 5 axis carve CNC process, the Tape Pro ensures every details is fully displayed. Tape can greatly avoid resonance and give you a high resolution sound, balanced three frequencies. Except for function, Shuoer also has its aesthetic which can be seen from the retro look of tape.

Ergonomic Design.

Designed based on large data, Shuoer Tape Pro has a customized cavity to avoid noise and it also offers comfortable wearing experience with the over-ear pre-shaped hook

Inside the Box

  • 1 x LETSHUOER Tape Pro
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The LETSHUOER Tape Pro Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Shuoer Tape Pro
Composite Electrostatic Dynamic Driver
Detachable 2pin Cable
Cable length

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Amazing pair of iems regardless of bad reviews

I'm guessing the bad reviews are QC issues. The reason being I'm absolutely in love with these iems.
I played around with a lotta tips. I'm currently using spinfits. Dac- btr5 (balanced cable )
Bass quantity is good! Speed is good albeit not a very textured one.
Mids and treble are well balanced with no harshness at all.
A pleasent listen, amazing clarity (compared with some good single and dual dd iems ), no harshness and peaks, according to me it lacked a little bit in the timbre department and somewhat less textured bass.
Despite the small nitpicks I am in love with these.

A . T
Fantastic for rock 🎶

I both typebpro when was discovered 89 usd. I think, its best price for baying.

Thanks Linsoul Audio

Bruce Crutcher
Disappointed in the sound

I buy and test a lot of IEMs. I listen only to FLAC and mostly HD FLAC music. I have the regular Tapes and they are quite good for the price with a good overall sound balance at a bargain price. However, after my usual burn in of the Tape Pros I was disappointed in the sound. While they do have a better midrange I could not get the bass to sound right regardless of which ear tips I used or which of the bass port tuning inserts I used. The regular Tapes do better in the low end.

The real winner is the new LETSHUOER S12 planar magnetic IEMs which cost a few dollars more but are far better at resolving details and an overall livelier sound than either Tape model. This is all subjective of course and my personal taste.

Love them

There are a lot of negative comments on the internet about these earphones. For me they are a really exciting earphone to listen to, based on my music tastes and how I like the music I listen to presented.
I bought these through Amazon for return purposes but will not be returning them and wanted to compare them to my Tin Hifi P1s which i loved. Interestingly for the comparison between the 2 I used my SMSL sh9 amp and SMSL su8 dac, and using these surprised me. For context I own Quad era-1 planar and Focal Elegia Headphones and both IEMs required the same volume as my quads to sound ok at high gain. Both seem very power hungry to sound good. The P1s required an extra 20 steps in volume!
I enjoy the bass the Tape Pro offers in comparison to the P1s for a start. The bass is great and hugely enjoyable in the tracks I listened to. It made the listening experience much more pleasing than with the P1s for all genres of music and was never overwhelming. The mid to high frequencies seem forward and almost harsh, but to me, it never reaches a sibilance sound where I want to rip them from my ear.
For someone that listens to a good range of music to the Tape Pro makes the listening experience exciting. I mainly listen to drum n bass and Jungle, red hot chilli peppers and female vocalists like Norah Jones and Hayley Williams. To name a few. I have tried a few "well tuned" and acclaimed IEMs and whilst they are impressive in some respects, I found them to be quite boring and didnt hold my attention as these do.
The 2 drivers work well together and I feel as though the "Electrostic" driver has more of a promenance over the DD, but to me, thats what i love about these. Some of the detail of the music the electrostat pulls out is brilliant.
Initially I did think about returning these as I was so used to shoving IEMs deep into my ear, but with these I couldnt and they did seem quite uncomfortable. I dont use the stock tips and only use comply T500 as these are held in my ear better. I also removed the hard plastic for the ear hooks as these made the earphones uncomfortable, once the cable was free to fully wrap around my ear these become far more comfortable. I switched the silver filter to the blue one and notice an immediate improvement to the sound. Even though the graphs on line suggest there is minimal difference between the bass filters, there is one, and one that warms the sound a little removing some harshness.
I run these off my Shanling up4 on high gain and use master tracks from Tidal where possible. These earphones are brilliant and thouroghly enjoyable, higher praise for them should be given, especially when they have made so many improvements from the original.

Nathan Nesiba

Out of the box it was kinda muddy sounding and had 0 bass. After adjusting the screws it now sounds ok, but still worse than other iems for the money.

Build quality is real nice tho, and it looks great

Eric Fleming
Unique Experience

The shuoer tape pros are not a "better" iem then others in the same price range, they are different. the first thing that hits you with them is their clarity, you hear everything. The only thing I dislike about them is that they can sometimes come off a tad harsh.

A great follow-up

A product with a lot of hype behind it tends to get over-scrutinized by people who want to sound smarter or more refined than they really are, when the truth is that they're just over-explaining their own preferences. I loved the original Tapes and the amount of detail they brought at this price, even with the slightly recessed mids that made vocals sound distant. But the lower-treble spike it had did genuinely make some tracks sound painful to me, so I was very interested to see how Shouer tried to address this.

I initially didn't like the elevated bass profile on the Pros. The detail was still there, but the bass seemed to de-emphasize certain finer background details, even if they were still present. The boosted bass filter configuration effect was subtle, and didn't drastically change the character of the IEM.

But after keeping them on for a while, I realized that the Pros were far more sensitive to eartip seal than the originals. Seating the eartips properly tightened the bass and pushed the vocals and treble details more prominently, with the latter never getting painful the way the original Tapes sometimes did. Part of this is also undoubtedly my brain getting used to the new sound signature, but the seal really does make a big difference to sound quality in this product, possibly because of the changes made to the bass porting. When I replaced the softer and more slippery SpinFits I originally put on these (which previously worked great on the original Tapes) with stiffer and gripper AZLA SednaEarfit tips (the original opaque silicone types, not the extra sticky Xelastec type), the sealing issues disappeared and I've been happy with these ever since.

Basically, if these don't sound quite right to you, there can be plenty of factors at work that you're just not seeing yet. With any audio product, especially IEM's, playing around with them a bit to get the full picture is important.

Oleg Shevchenko
You need to tweak it

1. To get the most of it - you need to EQ, my version based on Oratry's Harman target for the old Tape attached. For me personally - on my main desktop stack it is not usable at all without EQ. The main reason - unbearable shouty low treble (I am treble sensitive though)
2. Cable is not great as for me, ear hooks are a bit too stiff and keep popping out from my ears. Also, I'm using single-ended 3.5 so need to use an adapter, which sometimes does not work, losing contact sometimes when I turn it a bit I guess and I'm losing one channel). I mostly use the cable from Mangird Tea.
3. I have a black version - paint did go off a bit on the corners (you can see it in the photo)
4. Sound representation is a bit "boring"

Pros (after EQ):
So why 4 stars you ask?
1. Detail retrieval is really good and on pair or maybe a bit better than my Mangird tea, is a bit better than my hifiman 4xx
2. No BA "shimmering" in mids and highs, you get all off the details and no annoying artifacts that balanced armatures always have
3. Mids are really smooth and quite detailed
4. Bass extension is great, can get really low and remain clear. Not that bouncy and tactile as e.g. Mangird Tea though
5. Sound stage is average, but nothing to complain about., correct EQ does help with the stage perception

Summary: if you ok with EQ - it is quite nice for the money. Might want to get a different cable
Note: this is relevant for my desktop setup, which is SMSL SU-9 + Topping L30. On some other more "smooth" sources (AKM based DACs)

not very comfortable

heavy and mediocre sound

Mixed feelings

The build quality is excellent, fits well, packaging great and accessories adequate. The audio experience is where it lost me, it’s lifeless and boring. I’ve listened to it for about 30 hrs and it’s yet to impress me in any way. Swapping the filters made only minor changes. The bass is a bit boomy overall and mids recessed. Treble is ok , staging is narrow, sub bass is lacking. It feels like an analytical set with bad bass tuning. I wouldn’t be so critical if it wasn’t hyped so much. Don’t expect anything great out of these, save your money.

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