Tanchjim HANA

The 3rd Gen DMT High Magnetic Flux Driver HiFi in-Ear Earphone

    Beautiful looks with energetic sound quality
    316L stainless steel shells and 5-Axis CNC machined ear shells
    Craftsmanship in Every Detail
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Work of Art Stainless Steel.

The outer shell of HANA is made of a piece of high-pre-cision 316 stainlesss steel,and is fine-tuned with 5-axis automatic CNC machining.An ultra-high temperature painting process with Nano-class painting material is applied for every single product to ensure the paint adhesion,making it more smooth,durable,and skin-friendly

Endeavoring for Precision and Perfection

Based on the iconic family design,HANA has improved in many details,such as a fine polished nozzle to ensure the perfection of filter interface,thus to enhance the precision of air pressure control.

The Power within the Sound

Integrated with the 3rd Gen DMT high magnetic flux driver and HSPLC(High-rigidity Secondary Polymerized Liquid Crystal)diaphram,through many tests and tunings,the sound of HANA finally presents an ultra wide frequency response,it is highly analytical,the vocal is detailed and articulate,with a comfortable bass and airy treble

Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Covered with special material,HANA's OFC wire performs better in anti-jamming than common Lits wire.It's low capacitance and low inductance effectively reduces high-frequency loss and restores every detail in music.

Be Brief and Simple

We specially added metal powder into the packing material,so the color of packaging box will slightly change with light,which color responds with the rose gold metal parts.Besides,we also attached a brand new leather storage bag and all new accessories to making it smoother,more durable and skin-friendlly.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Tanchjim HANA
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Tanchjim HANA Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Product name
piano key white
Headset category
mobile phone headset, HIFI headset
Whether to control by wire
LCP diaphragm
Plug diameter
3.5mm gold plated straight plug
Cable length
1.2m detachable (0.78mm 2pin)
Total harmonic distortion

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Customer Reviews

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David Hahn (CHI-FIEAR)

>> ..I actually don't really hear any difference (OXYGEN) as long as I don't have to imagine it. Of course, this is where the subjective listening impression comes into play, because the HANA is tuned a bit brighter and the new driver has the better technical features, so the HANA sounds a bit cooler and more generous in comparison, which makes the bass sound a bit tighter and punchier for my taste, as long as you listen to music with it that serves the whole frequency spectrum in a balanced way

Due to the elevations in the upper mids and highs (similar to the BLUES) the HANA is a bit different from the HARMAN curve and the OXYGEN. For me this gives a welcome directness and clarity in the mids, which brings out the vocals more strongly and ensures a sharper separation and liveliness. At the same time, the HANA loses some of its naturalness and boasts a crisp, technical sound rather than musicality

Clear, transparent, detailed and open, with a pleasant extension without overdoing it. The sibilants are more carried along than with the OXYGEN and from time to time it gets a bit more intense. For me it's just within limits, because they keep highs very clean and resolve even better than on the OXYGEN, without becoming artifacts. They have a bit more emphasis and sound a bit more lively, but for some people they can be too much of a good thing.. <<
Full review: https://www.chi-fiear.com/high-class/TANCHJIM/HANA
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CHIFIEAR/

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