TANGZU Princess Chang Le

6mm Dynamic Driver Metal Shell HiFi Earphone

    HiFi Quality & 6mm Micro Dynamic Driver
    4-Axis Cnc Craving Aluminum Alloy Shell
    Traditional Chinese Aesthetic Design
    OFC Silver Plated Wire
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An Exquisite yet Diminutive Work of Art

Tangzu’s illustrious Tang Dynasty historical figure series of earphones have hitherto released four models, namely Shimin Li, Yuan Li, Wan'er S.G, and Zetian Wu. And Princess Chang Le, the fifth product of their Tang Dynasty historical figure series, inherits Tangzu’s conception of blending the stylistic sensibilities of that epoch. One can with ease distinguish it from mundane products through its appearance alone.

Light in Weight and Compact in Stature

Princess Chang Le has endeavored to be “small yet beautiful.” It reduces the magnitude of the entire headset; the weight of the headset becomes markedly light, rendering it most agreeable to one’s ear. Concurrently, it utilizes a metallic shell. Upon Rapunzel’s metallic shell, the pattern of the “shou” is designed. In traditional Chinese culture, this “shou” pattern signifies imploring the gods to bless people by sparing them from the strike of calamity and endowing them with longevity and robust health. This also resonates with the sturdy and durable characteristics of its metallic casing.

Durable and Reliable OFC Silver-Plated Wire

Princess Chang Le comes with a 3.5mm jack, which can connect to the vast majority of headphone devices. Its headphone cable length measures approximately 1.2m, while the material is OFC silver-plated. Princess Chang Le ’s distortion rate is under 0.5%, and its frequency response range is between 20Hz to 20kHz. Considering its price, one can scarcely ask for more from it.

The History of Princess Changle

Princess Chang Le, formerly known as Lizhi Li, was the cherished daughter of Emperor Shimin Li of the Tang Dynasty. The Empero Shiminr Li was preparing a dowry for her that far surpassed the specifications of an ordinary princess. This elicited a vehement reaction from the people of the Tang Dynasty at that time. Furthermore, she was exceptionally adept at calligraphy and painting, and history exalted her as a graceful, refined, kindhearted, and beautiful princess.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TANGZU Princess Chang Le
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TANGZU Princess Chang Le Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Spec
6mm Dynamic Driver
Distortion Rate
95.5dB + 1dB(1kHz)
Channel Difference
16 ohm
FR range
Cable Type
OFC Silver Plated Wire
Cable Length

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Customer Reviews

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versatile earphone with little drawbacks

Very pretty earphone with microphone and 4 pole 3.5mm plug, which can be used on cellphones. The sound is good, nice details, the bass is ok to good, the mids are slightly bloated. Downside is the cable, which not only has a memory effect, but also is quite microphonic. So the sound is good, when you are not moving (and the cable hits your clothing and goes *pok* pok* *pok*), but the earphone is actually designed for cellphone use, which means moving. That doesn't make much sense. Apart from that it's a very pretty earphone with a good QPR and good silicon tips.

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