Dual Magnetic Circuit Graphene Dynamic Driver 2Pin 0.78mm HiFi In-ear Earphone

    High fidelity, high resolution, independent ultra-high frequency
    Dual magnetic circuit + dual voice coil
    Diamond-like Nano diaphragm
    Tesla magnetic Flux
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VGP Golden Award Driver

Based on the VGP Golden Award unit, the super-Tesla magnetic flux is fully optimized, and the powerful diamond nano-diaphragm makes the sound more balanced. The low frequency has deep elasticity, while the middle and high frequency is warm and smooth with extraordinary musicality.

Advanced Technology Is Here

TFZ LIVE 3 equipped with professional and more powerful acoustic units, fully loaded with advanced technology, based on one-site high-fidelity restoration design, with TFZ brand patented Tesla-level units and experienced tuner to provide strong performance. Powerful potential performance presents stunning sound effects for you. Easy to use with the player

Detachable 2pin 0.78 Cable&Ergonomics..

Selected high-specification silver-plated cable offers lossless transmission of high-definition signals, enhances the extraordinary listening experience. It fits the ear canal well and can greatly reduce noise. Made of supreme material, each earphone is lightweight and exquisite

CNC Processed Marble Texture Faceplate.

The LIVE 3 has made great improvements based on LIVE1. It adopts the marble texture faceplate along with CNC precision process. The shell is exquisitely made and looks luxury. Multiple colors are available to meet your need for any occasion.

Powerful Performance..

The advanced dual magnetic circuit and the Nano-level diamond-like diaphragm create a delicate, wide and rich sound field. Whether listening to music, playing games or watching movies, it will bring you immersive enjoyment. Two powerful third-generation technology drivers, with fast feedback and strong dynamics, can output high-definition sweet and loose sound even if the front end is not strong.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x TFZ LIVE 3
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TFZ LIVE 3 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

11.4mm double magnetic circuit, 2-way crossover graphene unit
Plug type
Cable length
Silicone eartips
7 pairs
Minimum power
8 mill watts
Frequency response range
Cable Connector
TFZ 2pin 0.78mm connector

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Troy Harris
Loving Live 3

Great iem! Very sensitive and great balanced sound. Good bass, and smooth treble and mids. My go to day to day iems.

Really Fun IEM

The Live 3 is a really fun IEM with a tastefully done V shaped profile. The bass is strong but not overdone and the treble is crisp but not harsh or sibilant. The mids are a bit recessed but not too much. Soundstage is good but not great. Of the few TFZ products I have owned these are my favorites. Well Done TFZ..

El mármol cálido

Como siempre los productos de TFZ tienen un empaque y presentación muy elegante y detalles exquisitos. El acabado del panel Live 3 es similar a un dibujo de mármol, también hay una variedad de colores para elegir. El par que tengo es de color negro, me gusta su dibujo delicado e irregular. La superficie de Live3 tiene un tacto cómodo. El material de resina ligero hace que se sienta libre para usar y escuchar durante mucho tiempo. Es adecuado especialmente para salir de casa o hacer ejercicio.

En término de sonido, el Live 3 es un iem afinado con un tono cálido, con una densidad sólida, un rendimiento excepcional en frecuencias medias y bajas, presenta una experiencia auditiva suave y delicada y su frecuencia baja es flexible y de inmersion profunda.
La resolución de frecuencia media es suficiente. La voz humana está cerca del oído, es transparente y limpia. Las vocales, el violonchelo y el contrabajo son ricos, emocionales y muy musicales.
Aunque la alta frecuencia no es su punto culminante, puede considerarse rica en detalles, sin ninguna aspereza, adecuada para quienes son sensibles a la alta frecuencia.
La separación tiene un buen rendimiento, pero el campo de sonido no es particularmente grande y el rendimiento es medio.
Si estás buscando un par de IEM que se enfoque en el propósito de monitoreo, puede que esta no sea su mejor opción.

En general, estos son unos auriculares versátiles que enfatizan el sentido musical del sonido. Tienen una expresión espléndida para grabaciones de voces modernas, como el violonchelo, el contrabajo y otro tipo músicas modernas.

Pablo Sanchez
Excellent bass

I bought this IEM based on my experience with the Secret Garden. As a classical music listener, I need more bass. I do not think I’m a basshead, it’s only the kind of music I hear. The Live 3 give me what I need. The sound is rich, full, I can enjoy all of the orchestra. One of the best IEM I have bought.

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