Tripowin TC-01
Tripowin TC-01
Tripowin TC-01
Tripowin TC-01
Tripowin TC-01
Tripowin TC-01
Tripowin TC-01
Tripowin TC-01
Tripowin TC-01
Tripowin TC-01
Tripowin TC-01
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Tripowin TC-01

$49.00 USD

1DD 10mm Si+PU Driver HiFi In-ear Earphone

    The driver is a diaphragm with silicon coated on PU
    Supreme Quality Metal Shell
    Noise Cancellation&Ergonomics

10mm Si+PU Driver

Following the previous pure balanced armatures earphone-TP10, after years of adjustments and improvements Tripowin finally released its first dynamic driver HiFi earphone, which is built with a 10mm large size dynamic driver. The driver is a diaphragm with silicon coated on PU. It’s an advanced and superb technique to present a favorable sound quality

Detachable 0.78mm-2Pin Cable

Tripowin is a brand with rich experience in manufacturing professional HiFi cables. For example we have Tripowin Zonie, C8, Nucool that are quite popular among the community. Thus we have brought the strength to TC-01. Each pair comes with a detachable 0.78mm-2Pin cable not only for durability but also for functionality. You can either change it for a new one or upgrade it for a better one, the choice is yours!

Supreme Quality Metal Shell

As a team values both the quality and aesthetics, we choose to go with mirror polished metal housing after real market research. The mirror surface is shiny under the light. It’s the practical use of industrial art in reality. TC-01 will not only be your favorite gadget but also might be a good-looking accessories of your whole look

Noise Cancellation&Ergonomics

As usual, this model is also designed based on large data of human ears to best fit the majority. The shape is uniquely comfortable and secure to wear. It will sit snugly and securely in your ear and mostly reduce the noise to 26dB. It’s truly a noise cancellation earphone

Rich Accessories, We Got it Covered!.

Each package includes 3 pairs of silicone eartips and a hard carrying case. Moreover a hanger is included for the case so that you can hang it on your bag or anywhere you want. It’s fully portable and compact. Make it your lifestyle from today and enjoy HiFi music from today!.

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Tripowin TC-01
104dB SPL/mW
Frequency range
Noise isolation
Cable length

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Ranen Leung

BIG step up from dog water free included earbuds that came with my phone.
Good sound.
Great isolation, I was able to ignore the sound of the fire alarm.
I know fit is subjective based on how your ears are sized/shaped, but they fit my ears very nicely. I can wear them for a long time without feeling discomfort or fatigue.
Purple looks lit. Though it catches fingerprints easily due to it being polished metal.
The only problem is that the two-pin connector doesn't plug all the way in. There is a slight gap where metal is exposed.

Joel Menary

yea they slap pretty hard

Petko Petsev
Amazing Value

Great sound. I compare to my Blon-05 and Moondrop Starfield. Bass is very enjoyable, I'd say you might miss out on the lowest frequencies because they seem a bit drowned by the mid bass. The cable fit on one piece is sturdier than the other - that is the sole complaint I have. Otherwise stellar performance, good look, good cable and great look in silver. I wear them with memory foam tips and the sound change is positive.

Unseen Aura
Excellent considering price.

I bought this exclusively for my wife explicitly for its looks first. She's a big fan of the color purple and this finish was primarily that. It was also worth it for how little it cost, and way better than most in-ear audio devices I have personally come across.

She loves the looks, the comfort, the case, and the extra gift (🐼 figure & case) Linsoul included. She likes the sound. Couldn't tell you more, no audio jargon nor the ability to convert audible information to verbal.

Airy, engaging but lacks vocal nuance

Coming from BL03, these sound very open and more neutral. It sounds great for the price for sure, but I couldn't get to terms with the lack of (male) vocal details. Instruments sound awesome, but these just don't give me the sense of truly presenting the voice of the singers. I've sold them within a few weeks.

Feni Brian

First pair of IEMs; never heard anything sound this good 😌.

Milan Ninic
Budget king

If interested my review is under the username progdvd

I've waited two months for these.

And it was worth waiting for them. Let me do a quick review, without using too much jargon and stuff - this is one of those "average joe" reviews - I'm a newbie in this hobby.

First of all, I'm one of those people who doesn't have too much money to spend on audio gear. I've bought into the Blon 03 hype last year and I've been using them since then. During last Christmas I saw some popular youtubers recommending these over them.

They were right. It has a similarily fashioned, fun and engaging tuning - it's mildly V-shaped I reckon. There's a tad bit less bass - which is a good thing, since lows on the 03 could be overwhelming and distracting sometimes. The mids are done correctly, the set is energetic enough. Both male and female vocals are rich and clear. What regards treble, they aren't sibilant at all, but my ears aren't too sensitive so take this with a grain of salt.

I've been listening to music almost all day with these IEMs and I feel like I've found a proper replacement for the blons. They are more comfortable, they sound "better", the build quality is better, and what was a really pleasant surprise - the IEM doesn't produce any high pitched noise when it's connected to my laptop (the blons were blowing my ears off every time I powered the laptop on, or I was using wifi etc. - this is most likely my laptop's fault though).

All in all, these are great. Competition is getting tougher and while some people wouldn't rate them 5/5 in 2021, I'm going to give them five stars.

Steve Fultz
Good for the money.

I got this IEM from Linsoul on sale. Good fit and good sound. Better than most of the BLONs with the exception of the BL05s and TIN T2 plus. I also have the T1 plus, and the TC-01 sounds better. It’s not audiophile but good at $40.

Tripowin TC-01

Build quality : Good
Fit : Good
Sound : Blon-03 is better sounding


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