LINSOUL Yinlvmei W1s

Win 10 Portable Music Player

    Pre-Installed Genuine Windows 10 Software
    6 OPA 1612 IV converter
    Intel Atom X5 Z8350 CPU
    64GB Internal Storage
    Bluetooth V4.2 Connectivity
    Non-replaceable dual battery module with 2x6000mAh batteries
    3xUSB Type-C ports
    3.5mm Coaxial, 3.5mm Single-ended LO, 3.5mm Single-ended PO, 4.4mm Balanced PO, 4.4mm Balanced LO, 3.5mm Fiber output
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Genuine Microsoft Windows Experience

Yinlvmei W1s is loaded with genuine Microsoft windows operating system. Users can enjoy countless media applications like Foobar2000, VLC Media Player, Quick Time Player, and many more as per their usage and requirements. W1s uses the ASIO channel to deliver a quality experience for its users.

High-Resolution Decoding With ESS Sabre DAC Chip

W1s is equipped with ES9038Pro flagship DAC chip by ESS Sabre Technologies. It provides high-resolution audio signal decoding with support for 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD256. W1s achieves maintains good signal clarity with ultra-low distortion and a pitch dark noise-free background in the output.

Four Level Gain Modes

In order to pair well with sensitive as well as demanding IEMs/Hps, Yinlvmei W1s features four gain levels. Users can choose the appropriate one based on the power requirement of the connected headset. Easily pair your sensitive IEMs with the Yinlvmei W1s without worrying about background noise.

Customized Amplification Architecture For Powerful Thrust

Yinlvmei W1s has a customized amplification stage with six OPA1612 in the I/V stage, two OPA1612 in the LPF circuit. The main amp stage utilizes four custom OPAMPS paired with four LME49600 chips for clean and distortion-free signal amplification. It provides enough juice to power your IEMs and HPs with ease.

Latest USB Type-C Ports

All the USB connection ports are now upgraded to Type-C. With the Yinlvmei W1 we had 2 USB ports with one Type-C for charging but the latest W1s feature three USB connection ports, all three are Type-C connectors.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x LINSOUL Yinlvmei W1s
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The LINSOUL Yinlvmei W1s Comes with a 1 year warranty on the Digital Audio Players only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

Output Power
(Single-ended): Up to 750mW @ 32Ω, Up to 80mW @ 300Ω. (Balanced): Up to 1500mW @ 32Ω, Up to 160mW @ 300Ω.
Line-out Voltage
(Single-ended): 2.9Vrms. (Balanced): 5.8Vrms.
(Single-ended): 116dB. (Balanced): 125dB.
(Single-ended): 0.0006dB. (Balanced): 0.0005dB.
Output Impedance
(Single-ended): 0.8Ω. (Balanced): 0.4Ω.

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