HarmonicDyne Athena

HarmonicDyne Athena New Release at Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on Feb 20, 2023


HarmonicDyne Athena
In this spring season when everything is about to sprout, we have exciting news for you about innovative incoming audio products. After the successful launch of a series of highly acclaimed headphones including the Helios, Zeus and Poseidon.
HarmonicDyne is back with a new Studio-Grade 50mm Metal-Ceramic Composite Dynamic Driver Headphone - the HarmonicDyne Athena.

The HarmonicDyne Athena features a new large 50 mm dynamic driver design. The diaphragm is made of a new metal-ceramic composite material that is ultra-thin and has high tensile strength. Rather than plating or coating the plastic diaphragm with a metal layer, as is the case with conventional Be-layered diaphragms, the new metal-ceramic composite is a fully integrated amalgam of high-purity metal alloy and ultra-dense ceramic carbon fibre achieved at extreme temperatures. This results in a more cohesive and high-resolution audio performance characterised by a refined diaphragm response and fast transients. Thanks to this lighter, thinner and stronger diaphragm, listeners can now enjoy greater dynamic range and lower distortion in their music. At the same time, to power the new 50mm diaphragm, HarmonicDyne has developed a new high-performance ultra-fine voice coil and high-flux magnetic housing within the driver. The ultra-fine voice coil has thinner strands, wrapped more tightly and tightly for a better response to the driver. On the other hand the stronger, more efficient magnets drive excellent power evenly across the entire diaphragm, providing a more engaging listening experience.

HarmonicDyne's products have long been noted for their excellent tuning, and after exhaustive research into the target curvature of headphones in numerous academic and commercial studies, HarmonicDyne have integrated their findings into Athena, which represents a tonally balanced sound signature with a 3dB sub-bass boost focused only on 0-200Hz. A flat midrange for natural sounds in instruments and vocals, and accurate highs that peak at exactly 3kHz to suit the perceptually hearing-compensated human ear. The Athena is not only HarmonicDyne's best headphone in terms of sound, but is also the standard for precise tuning for future headphones on the market.

Furthermore, the Athena's soundstage performance has been significantly enhanced by a specially designed side ventilation system, with the ear cups redesigned with a new M-shaped side ventilation system. Compared to traditional front and rear ventilation strategies, M-shaped side ventilation improves airflow throughout the driver. With better airflow, the Athena will provide you with a purer, cleaner sound, as well as a more natural soundstage and stereo imaging.

In terms of headphone aesthetics, Athena's quality and design is also striking. The clever introduction of glass adds a rich texture that makes the Athena not only a competent HiFi headset, but also a sophisticated piece of jewellery. The ergonomically designed headband has a larger contact area with the head and a softer padding. The weight of the Athena is thus evenly distributed over the entire head, preventing headaches or dizziness even after long listening sessions.

The supplied cables have been carefully crafted to enhance the full response range for noise-free, pure listening pleasure. The custom coaxial OCC cable, 33*0.08mm + 38*0.06mm construction, is pure and conductive, with excellent transient response and a significant improvement in sound quality.

You can order your HarmonicDyne Athena from here.

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