• 2022 May Linsoul Earphones Reviews

    2022 May Linsoul Earphones Reviews
         "I find the Tin HiFi P1 Max to be a very good evolution of the planar in-ears by Tin HiFi. They fall more or less in line with their best-received earphones in terms of tuning, which I find quite a good thing. The P1 Max are comfortable, good-looking, well-built and very capable in terms of sound. They’re not perfect, as their bass...
  • 2022 April Linsoul Earphones Reviews

    2022 April Linsoul Earphones Reviews
      (Image credit: Christopher Coke )   "LETSHUOER has hit the nail on the head with the S12. If you enjoy a bit more bass rumble and detail in your music, these will probably be a better buy for you than the 7Hz Timeless. Sensitive listeners may find it a bit too bright, but I found it to be a well balanced set for...
  • RAPTGO HOOK-X Reviews

    RAPTGO HOOK-X Reviews
      "Suffice it to say, I am pretty astounded by the quality of the Raptgo Hook-X. Its sound signature is almost like catnip to me, with its spacious soundstage, depth, and rich response in a lot of frequency ranges across its spectrum. It performs far, far beyond its $239 price point, and immediately showcases its value as the absolute best open-back IEM currently available....
  • Tipsy TTROMSO PineStone Sea Reviews

    Tipsy TTROMSO PineStone Sea Reviews
      "The Tipsey TTROMSO follows though establishing a new value paradox in the IEM market today. The $89.00 price-to-performance ratio makes the TTROMSO a no brainer purchase decision. Deeply changing what was once thought of as the budget realm, the TTROMSO is truly all you need to visit the Stars!"                            ...
  • 2022 March Linsoul Earphones Reviews

    2022 March Linsoul Earphones Reviews
        "The tonality of the V16 Divinity is ThieAudio flexing what it can do, having shown off several iterations before with the hybrid-driver Legacy and tribrid-driver Signature series without bringing it to the all-BA driver Voyager series. Indeed, it could also be my inexperience with expensive IEMs speaking, but as it stands, the V16 Divinity is the most impressive overall from the ever-growing...
  • Xenns Mangird Tea2 Reviews

    Xenns Mangird Tea2 Reviews
      "To me, there’s no doubt the revision of the Teas (i.e. the Tea Mk2) is superior to its predecessor in the technical departments. It’s very obvious that Xenns wanted to try to reach a bracket between the original Teas and Xenns UP, while trying to do something refreshing. To my eyes, they did it."                  ...
  • TRIPOWIN X HBB Olina Reviews

    TRIPOWIN X HBB Olina Reviews
      "Olina is a bit brighter and cleaner than Aria. Also feel more technical around all the departments. Bass is very different, despite graphs, the Aria bass feels like a pillow without impact, lacking clarity, while Olina has the authority and less mid-range bleed. Stage and imaging are a step above in Tripowin's offer, to my ears."              ...
  • Tripowin Leá Reviews

    Tripowin Leá Reviews
      "Overall I feel quite positive about the Tripowin Lea.They don't wow me, they don't do anything crazy new or notably different it's just good solid sound quality for the price.If you only got 25 bucks to spend I have no problem recommending the Tripowin Lea"                                    ...
  • OUR THOUGHTS - Dethonray Prelude DTR1+

    OUR THOUGHTS -  Dethonray Prelude DTR1+
    Dethonray Prelude DTR1+    We have been very satisfied with the Dethonray Honey H1,  whether the sound performance or the software that has been continuously updated. Dethonray just unveiled their new portable music player PRELUDE DTR1+, let’s take a look of this new product together. Design/ Built: Our first impression of the Dethonray DTR1+ is the retro look and exquisite finishing. DTR1+ is relatively...
  • Our Thoughts - Shanling ME80

    Our Thoughts - Shanling ME80
    Shanling   Shanling is one of the foundational Chinese audio manufacturers in the market, having made its reputation in affordable and well-performing DAPS and bluetooth receivers. With its history, there’s no question of Shanling’s engineering and design capabilities when it comes to audio products. Recently, Shanling seems to be putting more effort into producing their in-ear monitors (IEM) alongside their DAP products. Today, we’ll...
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