BL03 purple version is in stock now
10mm Carbon Diaphragm Dynamic
Drive Bass HiFi DJ in Ear Monitor.

The revised version of the BL03
The iem loved by many now available
with an amazing new color.


Thieaudio’s Monarch brings great
technological and sonic performance
with a triple-hybrid implementation

Designed to bring out the best that IEM'S.
Electrostatic Tribrid In-Ear Monitor
with Dynamic Driver and 6 Balanced Armatures


The latest iteration of TinHifi
T2 second generation. designed to uphold
the standard of the T2 line-up.

Designed to improve the fundamentals of the T2 &
Outfitted this IEM with ultra-flexible and responsive
NanoPure nickel-zinc alloy dynamic drivers.


Mangird Tea will beyond expectation
and rival products far more expensive
with a beautiful sound presentation.

The Mangrid Tea is a custom-made boutique item with
Six balanced armatures and one dynamic driver
to deliver a natural, and balanced sound signature.


The EJ07 is one of the best IEM's
with Electrostatic Drivers available...
Explore the future of Audio.

Equipped with a Sonion quad Estat tweeter
a Shuoer custom 10mm dynamic driver for bass
and Knowles dual mid balanced armatures.


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