Kiwi Ears Quartet

Kiwi Ears Quartet In-Ear Monitor New Release at Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on May 12, 2023

Kiwi Ears Quartet

The Kiwi Ears Quartet has been well received by music lovers and professionals alike due to its excellent acoustic quality and attractive tuning, offering different models to meet different needs such as Orchestra, Orchestra lite and Cadenza. This time around, the Kiwi Ears team is back with the 2DD+2BA Hybrid In-Ear Monitor, the Kiwi Ears Quartet.

The Kiwi Ears Quartet features a new coaxial dual dynamic driver subwoofer. The innovative driver design incorporates twin 10mm titanium diaphragm drivers, each driven independently by a dual magnetic circuit. The pair of drivers are passively aligned to achieve phase synchronisation and prevent sonic cancellation. This new subwoofer design produces a superb extended subwoofer that is tighter, faster and deeper than any other previous subwoofer design. The Quartet is Kiwi Ear's answer for anyone who wants a fun in-ear monitor that will deliver all the quality bass one could possibly need. Although the Quartet is a bass-centric IEM, the Kiwi Ears still aim to provide a natural tonal balance. Central to this goal is the provision of textured and powerful bass, but without any muddiness or dullness in the mids or highs. The dynamic drivers are crossed using a passive low-pass network at 350Hz to allow plenty of rich, thick bass, while the 350-1kHz midrange is tuned to be completely flat. This allows a midrange tone that is as accurate as a neutral studio monitor, while providing a hint of warmth in the lower midrange. This means that the Quartet's bass will sound thunderous, but the midrange remains clean and flat, preventing unwanted bloat in most headphones.The Quartet features a bespoke balanced armature for the high and mid frequencies and a bespoke balanced armature driver for the sub tweeter. These drivers have been adjusted to accommodate the balance of the new dynamic drivers by adjusting the ventilation system to provide more airflow. In the Kiwi Ears tradition, the balance armature is passively adjusted to suit the internal midrange and treble target curvature. This means that the high mids provide crisp, clean tones for vocals and instruments without sounding dull or nasal. Treble detail is rich for professional performance use, but natural and without harshness or fatigue.

Driven by Kiwi Ears' quest for exceptional audio reproduction, its R&D team has created the perfect combination of technical innovation and refined tuning strategies. The Quartet can be thought of as a neutral studio monitor and a boon for bass lovers, with sub-bass and bass emphasis starting at 350Hz. This provides more body, texture and richness in the lower midrange, but neutral in the midrange and middle frequencies. The Quartet is perfect for performing drummers and bass guitarists who need a powerful and punchy bass. Music lovers who want high quality bass but a natural tone will also benefit from the Quartet's tuning balance.

Each Quartet unit is handcrafted from medical grade resin, cured and polished to perfection. This produces a beautiful finish that is both durable and safe for the skin.

The Quartet comes standard with high quality oxygen-free silver-plated copper wire, which is lightweight and allows for noiseless audio transmission.

Your can order your Quartet here.

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