SIMGOT EW100P IEM New Release at Linsoul Audio

by Osamu Kann on Apr 20, 2023



We are very excited to introduce the SIMGOT EW100P in-ear monitor, designed for true audiophiles and music lovers who want to experience unparalleled sound quality. 

The SIMGOT EW100P features a 10mm dynamic driver that accurately reproduces the original sound, providing an immersive and detailed audio experience. Featuring a double-layer liquid crystal polymer (LCP) diaphragm for powerful sound, excellent transient response and reduced distortion, SIMGOT's new technology ensures you enjoy every beat and detail of your favourite tracks. The innovative chamber design and dynamic driver field positioning provide an accurate soundstage and precise imaging, ensuring a realistic listening experience. Enhance your audio experience and discover the true potential of your music with the SIMGOT EW100P. Made from high quality H-2016 PC aluminium alloy, the EW100P offers enhanced stability and durability for long-lasting performance. Its metal construction, designed to fit the natural curve of the ear, ensures a comfortable fit and secure placement. In addition the SIMGOT EW100P showcases its complex internal components through a stylish, transparent housing that is both stylish and functional.

The SIMGOT EW100P is "Hi-Res Audio" certified, guaranteeing high-resolution audio performance that meets the industry's most demanding standards.

The included detachable braided copper cable is shielded with silver foil to ensure optimal signal transmission while being easy to drive. This high quality cable offers enhanced durability and reduced microphone noise for a superior listening experience.

You can order your SIMGOT EW100P here.

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