E1DA Cosmos APU

High Performance Low-noise Pre-amp

    Great function, Top Performance
    Premium Audio Components
    Superb Build Quality
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What’s An APU

The E1DA APU Cosmos Analog. As the name implies, this is an analogue device that serves the purpose of (pre)amplification with very low noise, also providing a 1kHz notch for accurate measurements of THD+N/SINAD as we typically see in DAC reviews. Using the combination of APU + ADC, the user should be able to peer down into the noise limits and measure characteristics like dynamic range, and THD+N/SINAD with great accuracy even beyond the limits of modern state-of-the-art DACs.

Great function, Top Performance

This is an analogue signal amplification + notch filter device. It has a USB-C port in the back for 5V power. When plugged in, a small amber LED beside the USB connector will light up to tell you there's power going in. It has four 3.5mm TRRS phono jacks to plug in cables for signals in and out. The 2 main functions are: low-noise pre-amp on the left which provides an ability to amplify low-level signals with +34/60dB gain, and on the right, a -30dB notch filter for either 1kHz or 10kHz signals with Q ~50, and also +20/26dB gain. For amplification duties, a combination of THAT Corp 1510 , TI OPA1612, and RiCore RT6863S chips are utilized.

Premium Audio Components

What good is a HiFi audio gear without high-quality components especially when it comes to DAC or an ADC? The Cosmos ADC features high-quality audiophile-grade components on its audio motherboard that consists of premium OPA1612 OPAMPs, Susumu and Viking Resistors, Murata/TDK/ELNA Caps, connectors/switches, and more.

Superb Build Quality

E1DA is widely known for its well-built audio gears. The E1DA APU Cosmos is no different here, it features a premium look with Black anodized aluminum chassis with a smooth sandblasted finish. Simply Exquisite.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x E1DA Cosmos APU
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The E1DA Cosmos APU Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

Anodized aluminum/THAT1510/OPA1612/RT6863S
USB-C +5V Rail, 350mA Idle Current, Isolated power is recommended (Charger, Power-bank >600mA)
3.5mm jacks TRRS pinout as +In/-In /GND/GND respectively
3.5mm jacks TRRS pinout as +Out/GND/GND/GND respectively unbalanced up to 10Vrms, Zo = 47ohm
Frequency response
Notch: 5Hz-200+kHz Fnotch=1k
0db referred to 50Hz 1kHz -30db, 2kHz -0.5..-0.6db, 3kHz -0.2db
Preamp: 10Hz-1MHz+ -3db@60db gain, 10Hz-5MHz+ -3db@34db gain

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