RAPTGO HOOK-X New Release on Linsoul Audio


RAPTGO  HOOK-X - 14.2mm Planar +PTZ Unit In-Ear Earphones


RAPTGO  HOOK-X - 14.2mm Planar +PTZ Driver In-Ear Earphones 


The new concept and design bring a new music experience, and the meticulous research and development is only to present an unprecedented listening experience

HOOK-X uses a 14.2mm large size Planar driver with smooth acoustic performance. The combination of the 14.2mm planar driver and the 9-layer PTZ driver makes the sound performance spectacular. Up to 52 complicated processes ensure the stable sound of the HOOK-X's diaphragm. From extremely high frequencies to several low frequencies, the sound can be contracted freely. The specially developed sound cavity and open design allow HOOK-X to have a comfortable music listening experience and a wide sound field experience like full-size open headphones. HOOK-X adopts a special shape design structure, an all-metal cavity and a high-quality shape created by 5-axis CNC technology, which is very suitable for music lovers who require quality. 

The original cable is a high-quality silver plated OCC coaxial shielded cable, which also adopts an interchangeable plug design, allowing you to switch between 2.5/3.5/4.4mm balanced and single-ended output at will, enjoying the highest quality music anytime, anywhere…


Coming soon, stay tuned for more details.


  • Posted on by Rishu Kumar
    I would love to review it, if possible for my Indian Audiophile Community. And facebook groups.
  • Posted on by GEORGE PARKER
    https://item.jd.com/10045373145822.html is the link its about 235usd and is true upen back
  • Posted on by Ivan

    Спасибо, https://hifi-port.ru/threads/raptgo-hook-x-1planar-1ptz-naushniki.890/

  • Posted on by Mahir Efe Falay
    Gorgeous! I’d like to review it in kulakligim.net and Mobile Audiophile group of facebook.
  • Posted on by GEORGE PARKER
    when how much and is this realy open back

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