xDuoo MT-603 12AU7 Multi-Input Tube Preamplifier Product Announcement


Great news to everyone!

xDuoo MT-603, one of xDuoo's new generation of tube amp products with multiple audio inputs, has been launched. The specially equipped 12au7-type tube will bring your music a sweet and soft tone. Hifi-level coupling capacitors are used to ensure transparent and pleasant sound. Additionally, the special circuit design of MT-603 provides a strong and magnificent sound.

With the MT-603, you can freely choose different audio inputs, and enjoy the mellow music experience with various music players and electronic devices. MT-603 uses a gold-plated RCA interface to ensure the purity and texture of the sound quality. The specially designed 4 input select buttons allow you to easily switch between the 4 input devices at any time, enabling you to enjoy different music brought by different sound sources.

Moreover, the handcraft and materials are excellent—the body of MT-603 is made of special Aluminium alloy material, which is sturdy and durable. The sound is warm and comfy, and the size is compact. If you would like a preamplifier that is simple and handy, with a variety of audio input options, the MT-603 makes a great choice. 

Do visit our xDuoo MT-603 product page if you are keen to purchase. In-stocks are readily available now. 

For other enquiries, you may contact our dedicated Linsoul Team via live chat online, Discord or support e-mail (support@linsoul.com). You may also click here for more information on our Return and Warranty Policy, and here to find out more about our Shipping FAQ.

Linsoul Team

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