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THIEAUDIO lovers who enjoyed our THIEAUDIO V14, get ready for our latest THIEAUDIO BA Flagship model, THIEAUDIO V16 Divinity!

The Return of Another King - THIEAUDIO V16 Divinity 16 BA Driver Flagship IEM

THIEAUDIO V16 Divinity16 BA Driver Flagship In-Ear MonitorThe Pinnacle of In-Ear MonitorsWith...
by En Deng on October 18, 2021
After a year of hiatus, THIEAUDIO Team has reviewed and refined our current popular Flagship product, THIEAUDIO Monarch. We are now in the midst of preparing the release of a newer version, THIEAUDIO MKII. Stay tuned.

THIEAUDIO Monarch MKII Flagship IEM - The Return of Our King Coming Soon

THIEAUDIO Monarch MKII1 DD + 6 BA + 2 EST...
by En Deng on October 15, 2021
Linsoul Audio held a Giveaway for Tripowin's new product launch, Tripowin x HBB Mele. The earphones have received plenty of positive feedback and we are glad to finally announce the winners of this Giveaway.

Linsoul's Tripowin x HBB Mele Giveaway Results and Upcoming Holiday Updates

Greetings everyone!It is the last day of September 2021, and...
by En Deng on September 30, 2021
Linsoul Audio is having a Giveaway for the 7HZ Timeless and TinHiFi T2 EVO earphones! Join the giveaway to stand a chance to win yourself one of these.

Linsoul Audio Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Giveaway

Did you know? Mid-Autumn Festival 2021 is on the 21st of...
by En Deng on September 17, 2021
Linsoul Audio Discord Feedback On Tripowin x HBB Mele In-ear Monitors

Linsoul Audio Discord Feedback On Tripowin x HBB Mele In-ear Monitors

Contrary to the definition of "discord", Discord is actually a group-chatting software...
by En Deng on September 13, 2021
AUNE BU2, the latest bluetooth balanced decoding amplifier, is now available for pre-order on Linsoul Audio.

AUNE BU2 Portable Bluetooth Balanced Decoding Amplifier New Release

AUNE has always occupied an important position in the HIFI market...
by En Deng on September 09, 2021