Fearless Audio x Crinacle Dawn
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Fearless Audio x Crinacle Dawn

by Agnes Du on Oct 07, 2020

Fearless Y2K System

Like the magic genie, the innovative Y2K system by Fearless Audio has allowed users to create specific tunings that best fit one’s desires. It is a first of its kind in allowing the uninhibited full portrayal of the artist’s musical ideals, resulting in a tuning expression that can only be described as unique and boutique. Going beyond the mere customization of shells, Fearless Audio is redefining the term ‘bespoke’ in the world of in-ear monitors. This new series will allow customers to experience music in the exact preferred sound of the world’s top reviewers, musicians, and sound engineers.

Crinacle Collaboration

In its first collaboration, Fearless Audio has teamed up with the internationally revered reviewer, Crinacle. Crinacle, famed through his pro-audio reviews, extensive graph database, and comprehensive ranking lists, has been studying the sound characteristics and frequency responses of the best in ear monitors since 2016. His broad experience with countless high-fidelity audio products throughout the years, and his refined understanding on the inner workings of audiophile-grade IEMs has amassed a global following of music and Hi-Fi lovers. Inspired by the pursuit of an ideal tuning, Crinacle drew from the best aspects of the world’s most legendary IEMs, and fine tuned these elements to create a uniquely immersive and integrative sound.

Driver Configuration

Utilizing the most advanced drivers available, the DAWN takes six Balanced Armature and two Electrostatic EST drivers from the Danish manufacturer, Sonion. Put together in a proprietary 4-Way Crossover system, the DAWN produces an all encompassing soundfield that is powerful and clean in the bass, rich in the mids, and smooth in the trebles. With the aim of separating the low and mid frequencies, the lows focus on an impactful subbass punch, without disturbing the presence of the mid frequencies. Thanks to the Sonion mid-high frequency drivers and the dual EST drivers, the highs are extremely detailed and produce the holographic and enveloping atmosphere that only EST drivers are capable of. All in all, the sound signature is well balanced throughout and captures the perfect tonality envisioned by its designer.

Custom Upgrade Cable

To fit the bespoke characteristic of the series, the DAWN comes with a custom 7N ultra-pure Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC) Litz 8-core copper cable. The cable alone consumes a considerable portion of the production costs, and no expenses were spared in making the DAWN shine the best it can.