Brief Review of Fearless S8Z... Breathtaking craftsmanship.
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Brief Review of Fearless S8Z... Breathtaking craftsmanship.

by Jessie Lee on Jun 28, 2021

Review by KN T. for the Loyal Community Program

First, the design on the S8Z is breathtaking (my photos do not do justice to it), and the craftsmanship for it is amazing. I know IEMs are for listening; but I just can’t stop staring at this gorgeous little thing. Other than its captivating appearance, the S8Z feels slightly heavier and sturdier, and the stem is a little longer than the S8F. It’s comfortable and gives a very good seal.

Disclaimer: I’m just a music enthusiast whom is largely into various Pop, Rock and Alternative music. I’ll try my best to write a brief review for the Fearless S8Z. I’d like to thank the Linsoul Team, especially Lillian, for loaning me the S8Z. I’m always grateful for your dedication and excellent service.

Like the S8F, the S8Z is a very sensitive IEM. It produces noticeable hiss when it is paired with my Macbook or Sony ZX300A. The new rubber-like black cable seems to pair better with the S8Z compared to Fearless’ previous silver cables, which many had issues with. However, I find the current stock cable’s chin slider too heavy for comfort. I have to switch it with my personal balanced cable within 30mins as it is constantly weighing my ears down.

In terms of sound, the S8Z is truly the refinement of the S8F. It’s still a fun-sounding and highly resolving IEM with detailed tuning, forward vocals, and good bass definition. The highs on the S8F may sound rather harsh/peaky on certain tracks and at certain parts (e.g. Dua Lipa & BLACKPINK’s Kiss and Make Up, Craig David’s Insomnia, Lauv & Troye Sivan’s i’m so tired…). S8F’s mid-bass is slightly bloated to my ears as well. Overall, the S8F is still one of the more fantastic IEMs on my list, and the S8Z simply addresses the issues that I have with its predecessor.

In short, if you already have the S8F, you are in a good place. If you would like to own a remarkable V-shaped IEM from a reputable company, Fearless S8Z is definitely one of the stronger contenders in the market.

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