Shuoer EJ07... Revelation!
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Shuoer EJ07... Revelation!

by Jessie Lee on Oct 07, 2020

Review by Michael B. for the Loyal Community Program

The Shuoer EJ07 is a fantastic Diffuse Field'ish tuned IEM with a 10MM Dynamic driver for bass, 2x Balanced Armatures for Mids, and 4x Sonion EST drivers for treble (PER IEM!). The IEM has 3 sound bores and is made of clear high quality acrylic.

The Build

The build quality is very nice, there are no problems with fit and finish, no mistakes, no rough edges. The connectors are normal 2 pin and the stock cable is a nice black fabric wrapped soft copper. I rather enjoy the look and feel which is quite premium. I had no problems with fit and the included accessories are very nice which include a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter for use with Single Ended amplifiers (the stock cable is 2.5mm balanced).

The Sound

Lets talk about sound because that's the most important part. If you have heard any Etymotic earphones, they have a sound signature known as Diffuse Field. This signature features very full, clear, and realistic midrange with non-hyped treble and bass. In other words I find Etymotic to sound 'correct' and 'real'. The EJ07 has the same magic in the mids which makes me unreasonably happy: vocals hit me right in the sweet spot. I was listening to the band Reggae Disco Rockers playing a track which is a cover of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' by Simon & Garfunkel. When the chorus hits and you have dueling female voices panned left and right, it made the hair stand up on my arms. Talk about a gorgeous presentation for voices... I had to smoke a cigarette after listening to that track.


The EJ07 is the first IEM I've tried that had the new and hyped Sonion EST drivers. Previously I had kind of written these drivers off as being new and expensive and not bringing much to the table. I was wrong. I can clearly hear the EST drivers in the treble and they sound absolutely incredible. Micro-detail cues, OCD treble, 3D holographic soundscape. All those words apply. The treble is pretty much incredible but not harsh or peaky. In my opinion this is an accomplishment in expert tuning. Or the EST drivers are that good. Either way I adore the treble this IEM presents. If anyone has heard (compression) Horn speakers, these have the same raw clarity. Again, I've never heard this on any IEM before.


The EJ07 has a 10mm Dynamic driver which surrounded by an air chamber : basically the back half of the IEM is hollow. I have a bit of experience with full size sub-woofers and in my opinion this is how you do a sub/bass dynamic driver correctly. You can hear the DD extend down to around 20hz with great resonance and energy as well as texture. The driver has plenty of air to flex its diaphragm. What is also nice is the mid bass is nearly flat until the mid frequency rise for Pinna gain. Worried about mid-bass bleeding into midrage, aka the worst thing possible. The EJ07 does have a subbass bump however, which is my favorite.

Final Comments

The EJ07 responds to power and volume very well. In fact lower power devices may not show off the EST drivers properly. In my experience the Radstone ES100 sounded a bit thin where the Xduoo 05+ sounded full and bold. Do not discount power with EST IEMs. You will need it. As you turn up the EJ07 it goes from polite to bold as you pass 'loud'. Say above 90db this IEM sings like nothing else I've tried. Above 100db (yes I know I'm making myself deaf) you get this incredible 3D visceral experience.

Microphonics are average as well as isolation. The back half-hollow IEM shell does amplify cable noise a bit however It does not bother me at all. I noticed a vent right next to the 2 pin connector on each IEM. This is great, and allows pressure relief on insertion or changing altitude.

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