TinHiFi T3

Knowles BA+1DD Hybrid Drivers HiFi In-ear Earphone

  • Accurate Sound With Great Soundstage
  • Dual Side Vents With PU+PEK Dynamic diaphragm
  • High Quality 1.2m 5N 8Core OFC Silver-Plated Cable
  • Extremely Confortable Wearing Feeling
Regular price $48.99 USD
Sale price $48.99 USD Regular price $69.99 USD

Accurate Sound With Great Soundstage

Designed to produce an accurate and refined sound signature by utilizing the technology of the included Knowles Balanced Armature along with a PU+PEK Dynamic diaphragm. TinHIFI T3 will not only give an accurate sound but also unmatched soundstage at its price point


Dual Side Vents

To maximize the usage of the PU+PEK Dynamic diaphragm, TinHIFI T3 made sure to go with an already tested design by adding not only one but two side vents to give the PU+PEK Dynamic diaphragm the much needed spatial ability to recreate the soundstage it was intended to produce


High Quality 1.2m 5N 8Core OFC Silver-Plated Cable

The TinHIFI T3 is supplied with a high quality 1.25m 5N 8core oxygen free copper (OFC) Silver-Plated cable which underwent stringent factory stress tests to ensure that it handles the most demanding of usage. The 5N 8core oxygen free copper (OFC) Silver-Plated cable was also carefully tested and observed to ensure that the full potential sound signature of the TinHIFI T3 is achieved


Extremely Confortable Wearing Feeling

Retaining the trademark TinHIFI design language, the TinHIFI T3 guarantees an almost weightless and strain-free wearing experience coupled with the numerous ear tip options to achieve the best IEM seal, comfort and isolation so you can be alone with your music, anytime, anywhere


Inside the Box

  • 1 x TinHiFi T3
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The TinHiFi T3 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver unit
Dynamic Drivers and Knowles Balanced Armature
In Ear Earphone
Earphone sensitivity
Frequency range
Cable Length
Whether with mic
Whether support detachable cable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Timmy Ahn

TinHiFi T3

Joshua Cruz

TinHiFi T3

Oskar Batur

TinHiFi T3

Shundahara Saint Germain
pretty good but has an issue

overall they are fairly good but there is a big issue where the earbuds disconnect from the cord to easy. So sometimes they will randomly pop off of the cord when using them or when I take them off sometimes the earbud will fall on the ground. I noticed that the right earpiece comes of easier then the left one, but that could just be from it coming off more then the left one. Everything else is good, the cord, the sound quality, the eartips etc.

Norbert Szakács
TinHifi T3 review

It's really precise, stereo width is awesome, it could be more bassy but the middle and high frequencies are beautiful! This IEM is not for electronic music, fits better for live/ real instrumental genres.
I don't like the MMCX conncetors. Hard to use the IEM with a winter cap, sometimes it misses out because of the connector if you use it with a cap.

Maak Bow
Tin HiFi T3 - Decent IEM's for a fair price

I'm not an expert in aftermarket IEM's. I have a crap pair from every cellphone I've owned and a few purchased a long while ago. Up till now all my listening had been done on headphones or speakers both good and not so good.

I have however, some grounding in what a "good" sound is, being a qualified audio engineer and having successfully built some great sounding audio equipment.

My preference is a "flat" response and that is what I judge analog sound equipment by. Does it sound flat, are there frequencies missing or accentuated. Before I purchased the Tin HiFi T3 I did a lot of research, learning about how the response of IEM's are modelled and which ones would come closest for a price I would be prepared to pay. Here in NZ aftermarket IEM's are few and far between and overpriced, especially as it's a product you cannot try before you buy. The T3's are as "close" to an ideal response curve for less than $100 NZD.

There are a few peaks and dips in the high frequency and no real top octave extension as your expect in speakers. When I first listened to the T3's they had sooo much sibilance I was about to put them in a drawer and forget them. After fidling with position and foam tips I learned the sound changes dramatically with position in the ear and the type of tips used. After about a month I think these sound pretty decent for the price. I have a feeling some breaking has happened too but as I was altering tips all the time it's hard to prove. If have to push them a long way in with he small foam tips to sound ok for my ears.

Bass response is good. I'm not a bass head. I want it real. Sure the bottom octave is not there and the second barely but there is enough decent bass for music to sound good.

I'd really love to have more of that top octave 'air' but if seems not many IEM's have this. These aren't dull though by any means and at times, with some tracks are still bright. The peaks and holes in the upper frequencies are not much of an issue in real life though some times you know a track sounds different to what you're hearing. I'm being picky here...just to be clear.

Sound stage is just ok, not bad not great. Dymanics are better than all my other crap IEMs I have from phones..

So all in all a decent sound for a fair price. My 4 star rating is absolutely related to price. I really don't have personal experience in many IEM's especially not high end ones, however there are audio reviewers I trust. So I'm pretty sure these won't rate 4 stars out of all the IEm's out there. But for the price these are good.

I did have an issue with the QC of my pair of T3's though. The 3.5 mm jack was a slight bit too short and it would not plug in to phone or dac. Of course I brought this up to linsoul and after some conversation a new mmcx cable was sent. This arrived today and is perfect. In the meantime I had clipped off the faulty 3.5 plug and replaced it myself.

Daniel Aranyossy
Nice box, clear Sound


Daniele Barco

TinHiFi T3

Received a broken set

The earphones I received are faulty. I do not recommend.

J Parker
TinHifi T3...Impressive package for the price .

After initial burn in of around 40/50 hrs i can say im impressed with these IEMs.

Lows- Well rounded and has enough presence on most tracks however sometimes it is lacking a little extra sub feel that is needed but overall very impressed with how balanced the lows are and for the majority of tracks the bass ~70/80hz is fine . Listening to B1 - Ghostride The Drift , deep dub vibes from Rhythm and Sound , Madlib, Deepchord's dub techno sub basslines from albums like Liumin or campfire EP with fuzzy low mid pads really make the T3s worth checking out ; showing off how balanced they are and not all just about cranking up the bass for immature ears .

Mids- Sometimes the hardest to nail at a cheaper price are the clarity and focus of the mids , the T3s do a fine job and produce smooth natural timbres when listening to acoustic materials and has the clarity and warmth to take you to anything from jazz to jungle without that fatigue. Tracks like Washington School - Atlas Sound , Caveman LSD's "Untitled" album , Hands by Ataxia (in 24/192) is amazing the clarity with the vocals of John Frusciante really shining through in those mids!

Highs- Nicely clear and focused , handles the majority of material with ease and there is no unwanted peaks yet there are a few areas of slight harshness that appear in certain tracks ... The high end really produced some lovely shimmers in Nepalese Bliss - The Irresistible Force and some jazz of Bobby Hutcherson - Idle While track really held up with that flute and trumpet and wasnt as harsh as expected remaining nicely balanced throughout .

Side Note- (For an all round just general unreal electronic experience check out "Topdown Dialectic" , the T3s really highlight the elevated sound design and production of that guy , in my opinion the most pioneering artist in the electronic field over the past few years)

The Cable- yeah the cable is amazing , love the 8strand silver plated copper and it feels very well made and im sure adds to those crispy , airy highs.

Extras- I like the extra tips included, for me the small foam tips are the best for all rounder followed by the medium red shaft silicone tips that initially come on them . (Also packaging is great)

Overall i think these are 9/10 for sound quality, they are natural sounding and have a good spatial sound , not a crazy V shape tune and for the price man its pretty crazy. Its also very tricky as every track is produced differently in the studio/ DAW setting to the artists personal preference, the T3s are very good at highlighting the flaws of bad EQing on certain instruments or synths or one of the worst things for me is over compression of the drums - these will bring up any bad production and will fatigue your ears with the high end slightly at higher volume but really if you avoid those very few tracks/artists or albums that will do that, these are very well rounded pieces and worth the coin.

Ill also add that Linsoul shipped these in good time and there was no issues with the process. Thank you !

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