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High Performance 1DD+7BA Drivers In-Ear Earphones

    U-curve sound signature for Audiophiles
    Ergonomic Earbuds with Exquisite Craftsmanship
    Wonderful sound delivered by upgraded cable
    Smart control
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Full-range excellence with 1DD+7BA units

Impressive sound relies on a-class hardware. With upgraded frequency division technology, the full potential of all 8 units in ZAR is realized to give you an auditory feast. With the 30019s and three 50024S balanced armatures improving the expressiveness and clarity of ultra-high and mid-high frequency, you will get a clear, clean, and mellow treble. The performance of ZAR on vocal and bass is equally outstanding- impactful, immersive, and with deep dive-, thanks to highly precise magnetic circuit dynamic units.

U-curve sound signature for Audiophiles

Despite the already impressive potential of the hardware, the tunning of ZAR further leveled up the acoustic performance. To fit the needs of most, the sound signature is in U-curve that emphasized on bass and mid-high frequency a bit more. This tunning will improve instrumental separation and help you better catch the details in your beloved music, and ultimately give you a much more realistic and natural listening.

Ergonomic Earbuds with Exquisite Craftsmanship

The appearance of ZAR of course matches its powerful performance. The panel on the bud looks classy with fine texture, while the gold-plated detachable cable adds a bit more color for better aesthetic value and protects the needles from breaking. The hooked design will hug your ear comfortably for long-lasting listening and minimized discomfort.

Wonderful sound delivered by upgraded cable

Durable, effective, and good-looking, the KZ-ZAR’s cable works wonder for the HiFi IEM’s acoustic quality. The core is silver-plated to rid the annoying microphonics -the noise of cable moving and shifting against any surface that somehow finds its way into the electrical circuit- and maintain the HiFi effect. The transmission is swift thanks to the 8 strands, to maintain the detailedness of the driver’s outputs and stream to your ear with utmost faithfulness to the source.

Smart control

The handy button on the cable lets you control your call/voice/music listening with ease. Click once to pause/resume music or answer/hang up phone calls; and press and hold to reject calls. You can also switch between songs freely, with double clicks for the next song and triple clicks for the previous song.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ ZAR
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KZ ZAR Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

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8 Stands silver-plated upgrade cable
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Ear Hook Design

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jorge Mejia
Never arrived

I would’ve loved to review these iems but they never arrived

Hi there,

Your item was delivered to the mailbox on February 12, 2024. If you haven't received it, we kindly ask for your assistance in contacting the local carrier to verify the situation.

Previously, we provided you with the contact information via email. Your direct involvement will greatly expedite the process.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Colin Haines

Great sound and great price. Just wish the cord was a little longer. Have to get an extension cable for PC gaming.

Dennis Dyhr
Mic broken

As the title says, the mic was broken from the 1st time I plugged it in. Also the caple is very short.

Sound is good

Hello there,

We note that you mentioned 'broken' and in order to better assist you, we would appreciate more details about the problem. Please describe the issues you are encountering in more detail. This will help us evaluate the situation and provide a suitable solution.

Furthermore, we have already initiated a follow-up via email to address your concerns.

Regarding the included cable, it should be a perfect fit for the KZ ZAR.

We are committed to resolving your issues and providing the best possible assistance. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

Cory Sullivan

was recommended to me and i think that person has a bad set up, or poorly tuned eq. It's not bad, not great. dark

Ravi Bisumber
Great for Warzone!

I bought these to use for gaming and they definitely are great quality. They do help directionally when it comes to footsteps. The microphone cord was not great for me, but I use a boom mic so not an issue. The plugs were missing but Helen Zheng made sure to get a replacement set sent out. Thank you!

Dark , warm, 'brick bass', outstanding

As title says , may show some shrillness on highs/high volumes but for the price I am very happy , different signature then 10 PROX ( subbass more dry and tight ) and not as much details as 1000$ iem , but excellent bass impact and they sound outstanding on all genres really

Detlef Grobe
They will win you over

Build quality is very good and the sound is outstanding. Lay back and enjoy !


Really good sound quality.

massimo irrigati


Massive and dense

The KZ ZAR is a model that delivers a mellow neutral sound with a heavy and dense low-frequency leaning.

In terms of sound quality, ZAR belongs to the lineage of typical recent KZ signature models such as KZ ZNA, KZ DQS, and CCA CXS, which, along with DQS, are closer to the lower frequencies.


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