New Generation 2DD + 2BA In-Ear Monitor
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THIEAUDIO introduces the HYPE Series, a next-generation lineup of IEMs that combine technical excellence and tonality.

The IMPACT2 subwoofer solution revolutionizes personalized audio with its isobaric design and enhanced bass power and texture.

The Hype 2 features the latest generation of Sonion drivers, offering superior output, clarity, and extended treble performance.

THIEAUDIO maintains its commitment to balanced tuning in the Hype 2, delivering powerful bass, flat mids, and controlled yet detailed treble for a studio-monitor-esque experience.

Introducing IMPACT²

The IMPACT² (“Impact Squared”) is THIEAUDIO’s latest technological innovation to change the personalized audio industry. IMPACT² is a new subwoofer solution consisting of two 10mm composite diaphragm drivers arranged in an isobaric design. The addition of another 10mm subwoofer significantly enhances the power and texture of the bass, while our in-house isobaric chamber design keeps the frequency and pressure constant. This means you can enjoy better quality bass without sacrificing tonal integrity. 


Latest Gen Sonion Driver

The Hype 2 utilizes two of the latest iterations of Sonion drivers. The 2356 and E25ST have been well established and used by many of the largest brands in the IEM industry. The latest generation of these drivers, the P2356HF/4 and E25ST001/D have been selected for the Hype 2 after extensive testing with different driver types.

The updated P2356HF/4 has significantly enhanced output with reduced THD, allowing higher resolution and clarity compared to similar BA drivers of its class. Similarly, the E25ST001/D super tweeter provides excellent tone while effectively extending the treble at an audible range until 18kHz. This super tweeter has excellent upper treble performance like the beloved electrostatic (EST) drivers, but with a smoother and more coherent tone. 


Balanced Tuning

Keeping in tradition with THIEAUDIO’s commitment to tonal balance, the Hype 2 features the classic and beloved studio-monitor-esque tuning. The bass is powerful and thunderous, thanks to IMPACT² , but well controlled by keeping a tight 200Hz bass shelf. This means that the mids are flat and neutral, which accurately represents the tone of studio monitors used by professional audio engineers. The treble is respectfully tamed throughout the whole range, never peaking, but also never dipping as to maintain a balance between detail retrieval and pleasant listening. The overall tonality will be familiar to THIEAUDIO fans who have enjoyed the upper-end THIEAUDIO series, while newer audiences will be introduced to the true definition of an in-ear monitor. 



From a nameless group of DIY enthusiasts to one of the best acclaimed IEM brands in the world, THIEAUDIO has made an incredible journey in the pursuit of high-fidelity audio. THIEAUDIO has become a staple brand in audiophile communities around the world, beloved for its best-in-class tunings, superb technical performances, and budget-friendly pricing. From the start, the THIEAUDIO team has put audio quality at the forefront of each project, aiming to be the Robin Hood of the audio world by bringing the best sounding audio solutions at the most affordable prices.

Since its launch in 2019, THIEAUDIO’s legacy of in-ear monitors has forever changed the world of IEM’s, influencing how global manufacturers of earphones engineer their products. THIEAUDIO’s international team of few, but dedicated engineers from China and South Korea are committed to continuing this legacy by creating innovative, yet affordable, audio solutions that will leave you in awe.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x THIEAUDIO Hype 2
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The THIEAUDIO Hype 2 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details


Sonion E25 (x1) + Sonion 2300 (x1) + 10mm dynamic drivers (x2)





Frequency Response


Nozzle Diameter (Lip)


Nozzle Diameter (Stem)


$299.00 USD

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Customer Reviews

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Васил Нанков
A little beast of sound

Sound and technical impressions:


¬ Very good mid-bass, one of the best I’ve heard - textured, fast, tight, controlled, no mids bleeding, punchy and powerful, very impressive. The isobaric design technology works 9.8/10
¬Good sub bass, sub-bass rumble helps the drum section 8/10
¬One of the best drums and dual pedals not only for the price 9/10
¬Very organic and natural sound aimed at audiophiles and audio enthusiasts who want to listen to music, not IEM. Tonally correct. Authoritative and powerful sound with captivating musicality 9.5/10
¬ Mids are very good 9.2/10
¬ Images are very good and above the price point in my opinion, but not that sharp 9.2/10
¬The soundstage has some depth, it has excellent height, the presentation is front without a big 3D effect. The special thing is that it can change like a chameleon depending on the recording !!! 8.9/10
¬Good layering 8.9/10
¬Male vocals are clean, crisp, a bit back in the mix but not recessed 8.5/10
¬The female vocals are good, but personally I would put them a step behind the male vocals on this IEM 8/10
¬The timbre and coherence is close to DD. They sound very cohesive 9.0/10
¬Excellent micro dynamics and very good macro dynamics, overall explosive and textured sound with dynamic capabilities above the price. Fast transients 9.6/10
¬The guitars sound accurate and musical, on older or bad recordings a BA timbre can be noticed. Sometimes they are a bit dry but also depends on the record. The damping and bite of the guitars is extremely good. TBH it is better than quality DD. I guess the reason is the new Sonion BAs. Acoustic guitars sound realistic and full, with incredible micro-dynamics and emotion, without excess warmth, the reverb is on point. The atypical rhythms are presented with chops and authority that is difficult to find in IEMs at any price 9.7/10
¬The treble is tastefully done and the cymbals don’t pierce your brain, the decay is fast but they sound a bit dry 7.5/10
¬Easy to drive, but it’s good to give it a little boost 9.5/10
¬The cable is excellent - soft, good looking and has an excellent match with the HYPE2. The silicone tips are of perfect quality! 10/10
¬Very comfortable, fit like a glove 10/10


¬The soundstage could be a bit wider, but that would take a bit away from the dynamics. This is offset by an excellent height that reaches well above the top of the head!
¬A little more musical instruments separation would be nice, but the separation is there
¬The mid-bass could be better separated from the sub-bass
¬The lower mids can sound a bit dry for some, but not for me
¬The resolution could be a little better, but you hear a lot of things in the mix
¬It can sound a little overdriven on fast tracks
¬They are suitable for some genres, but not as versatile as some other IEMs. I recommend for metal (if it matches well with your HRTF) and electronic music, modern jazz ,pop and some others.

Good choice of hardware - the new Soninon BAs have huge potential.

Overall, I would describe this IEM as a genius unfinished painting of Leonardo, waiting for its artist to finish it into a memorable masterpiece. Maybe HYPE10 will end it all…

Technical performance: A+
Tonal performance: А+/S-
Personal preference level: S=

I highly recommend

Great IEM!!!

You can read my review here:https://forum.hifiguides.com/t/discussion-thread-on-thieaudio-hype-2-4-10-thieaudio-prestige-ltd-og/39661/119

Geyko Anatoly Vladimirovich
Everything is wonderful!

Received the headphones very quickly, quality delivery. The headphones are simply excellent, ideal as in-ear monitors.

THIEAUDIO HYPE 2: Exclusive Tonally Balanced Sounding One

This is actually my first review of a THIEAUDIO product and what we have here is their latest hybrid driver IEM for entry-level - midrange category, the THIEAUDIO HYPE 2. What makes this set quite special was its supposedly isobaric set-up of its dual dynamic driver and the implementation of a new generation of Sonion balanced armature drivers. Will this set make a dent on the midrange segment?


△ High quality resin shell chassis
△ The contours of its UIEM-style shell chassis gives the best fitting and comfort to wear.
△ High quality stock cable.
△ Unusually large IEM case for storage.
△ A well-balanced sound for music genre versatility.
△ Good amplification rating.
△ Punchy, incisive and clean bass response.
△ Adequately texture, lush and enough warmth on its midrange presentation for more natural timbre on vocals and instruments.
△ Almost life-like and tonally correct on its sound characteristics of most vocals and instruments.
△ Balanced and smooth treble response
△ Sibilances and harshness are practically non-existent on this one.
△ Very competent on its overall technical performances


▽ Less energetic sound on some female vocals particularly on sopranos as it feels pretty limited on projecting its range.
▽ Less bright and lingering sound on string instruments.
▽ Wishing for a bit more of treble air.

For more information, check out the link below:


Antenor Heleodoro dos Santos
Monarch MK2 mini

This is like Monarch MK2, with a better bass and costing less. One of the best sounding earphones I ever heard.

Hype 2 - A Balanced Sonic Experience


Extremely Balanced Sound: The audio quality on these headphones is exceptional. It's not leaning too much in any particular direction, providing a well-rounded sonic experience that's suitable for various music genres.

Dynamic and Potent Tuning: The earphones are tuned to deliver a dynamic and powerful audio output. This adds a layer of excitement to your music, making every track sound engaging.

Safe Sound: These earphones prioritize your hearing health by delivering sound at safe volumes. You can enjoy your music for extended periods without worrying about ear fatigue.

Smooth and Clean Treble: The treble range is impressive, offering a smooth and clean high-frequency response. This ensures that high-pitched instruments and vocals sound crisp and enjoyable.

Captivating and Natural Mid-Range: The mid-range frequencies are where these headphones truly shine. They reproduce vocals and instruments with a captivating and natural quality, making your music come alive.

Thick Yet Controlled Bass: Bass enthusiasts will appreciate the controlled yet thick bass response. It adds depth to your music without overwhelming the rest of the audio spectrum.


Lack of Clarity in Details: If I were to nitpick, these in-ears might not be as revealing in terms of intricate details compared to some competitors in the market within a similar price range. Audiophiles seeking the utmost clarity might find them slightly lacking in this aspect.
In conclusion, these headphones offer an impressively balanced and safe listening experience. The dynamic tuning, smooth treble, and captivating mid-range make them a great choice for music lovers. While they may not be the most detail-oriented in their category, they still deliver a fantastic overall sonic experience.

THBOX Oscar Esteban Del Villar Barretto
Creador de contenido THBOX ThieAudio Hype 2

Puedo decir que se desempeñan bastante bien los audífonos, más de lo que yo esperaba, los agudos no son chillones como otras empresas, me agrada por qué después no puedes subir el volumen de los audífonos, también los medios son súper ricos muy planos pero bien presentes, los bajos tienen mucha ganancia, con poder pero sin llegar a ser profundos, son de golpe que eso me agrada mucho. En comodidad cero quejas, súper cómodos para usarlos mucho tiempo! En general unos muy buenos audífonos para disfrutar en estudio o buena música

Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
Rumbling Yet Controlled Bass

Less than an hour with the THIEAUDIO Hype 2 and these are my initial impressions.

1. Happy with the Indigo design as it looks artistic, like strokes of paint on a black canvas. Build quality is excellent and the weight is surprisingly light.
2. I don't have big ears but they aren't considered very small. Fit is great with the white M-size silicone tips and even better with the S-size ones that come with the Hype 2.
3. The 3.5mm cable looks exactly like the first generation Monarch's and Clairvoyance's, which I believe is the THIEAUDIO EST cable, also sold at Linsoul.
4. Hype 2 has a rumbling yet controlled bass. However, if you do not like bass, this may not be for you. Mids do not sound muddy but male vocals may sound slightly recessed on certain songs. Treble is quite extended without sibilance but I wish it had more air on certain songs.
Soundstage is average but imaging is quite good.
I prefer listening to Hip-hop/Dance-pop songs on the Hype 2 for an immersive, "3D" experience.

My songs tested are:
All of Me by John Legend, Blackbird by The Beatles, Good Days by Sza, Highway Star by Deep Purple, More Than Words by Extreme, Numb by Linkin Park and WANNABE by ITZY.

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