Soncoz QXA1

High Fidelity Fully Balanced Headphone Amp

    Volume and Gain Adjustment
    Customized Toroidal Transformer
    Excellent PCB Design
    Optimized Cooling System
    The default voltage is 220V, adjustable to 110V by toggling the switch to the left.
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Multi-function Knob Button

SGA1 has one multi-function knob button which integrates all the functions and operations. Operation mode include one press, two consecutive press, long press and slow and fast left or right rotation.

How to select XLR input: Press the knob once and rotate it left or right until the “IN” indicator flashes, press the knob again and rotate it left or right until the “XLR icon” flashes, then press again and the XLR input setup is completed.

Volume and Gain Adjustment

SGA1 integrates MUSES 72320 electronic volume which performs low noise and low distortion characteristics and with resistance ladder circuit. Based on MUSES 72320 electronic gain characteristic, the gain adjustment range is software-limited based on the output(HPA/PRE) without distortion.The volume and gain value of each combination of input and output can be memorized independently and won’t be lost when the power goes down.

Customized Toroidal Transformer

The SGA1 is powered by a custom toroidal transformer containing multiple layers of permalloy shielding. Thanks to the permalloy shielding layer, the 50/60Hz power frequency noise and its harmonics are significantly reduced.

Excellent PCB Design & Optimized Cooling System

The main board is designed with 4 layers of chemical precipitation gold PCB, and its stack up is GND-SIGNAL-POWER-GND. It can be seen that the signal and power supply are concentrated in the inner layer, and the surface layer is the shield GND plane layer. This design improves the anti-interference ability of the audio signal. Vias in SMD pad design optimizes the filter radius of the capacitors and also greatly reduces the antenna effect caused by stub routing.

Compared with SGD1, SGA1 optimized the heat dissipation system, increase the heat dissipation hole slot and adjust its position, which is not only conducive to improve the manufacturing efficiency, but also the heat dissipation efficiency has been improved.

Linear Regulators and Capacitors

A variety of linear regulators are selected to provide ultra-low noise stable power to the key circuits of SGA1 to ensure its excellent performance. The rectifier circuits use two large capacity(8200uF*2) ELNA audio capacitors to ensure the ultra-low ripple voltage and the linear regulator uses a large number of ENLA capacitors to further reduce the ripple.In the key audio signal coupling path, SGA1 uses WIMA MKS2 series nonpolar film coupling capacitor, which greatly improves the quality of audio signal and listening sense.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Soncoz QXA1
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Soncoz QXA1 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

250 mm(W) * 225 mm(D) * 55 mm(H)
2 Kg
Power input
AC~110 V / AC~220 V
< 10 W

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