Hi-Resolution Bluetooth Portable Music Player

    The 3rd generation of the Aune M1 portable music player series
    Optional High-Resolution Bluetooth Functionality, mobile HD Bluetooth transmitter
    The combination of asynchronous regeneration and clock synchronization
    Multiple Headphone Output Options
    Large and complex power supply frame, High-quality components
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The 3rd generation of the Aune M1 portable music player series

With the freescale™ 600M processor and the hardware decoding frame, it managed to support 32Bit/768k and DSD512 decoding. It also uses the FPGA algorithm and the DAC clock synchronization technology. The Bluetooth edition supports HD Bluetooth receiving and transmitting. After several optimizations that took 6 months, according to the actual measurements, the M1p's THD+N have reached 112dB and SNR has reached 102dB. Excellent spec is the basis of excellent sound. The M1p is the Master-tape-level portable music player that purely focuses on sound. The tuning is based on real instrument sounds and music pieces referencing, leading to the signature that is natural and full of musicality.

Optional High-Resolution Bluetooth Functionality, mobile HD Bluetooth transmitter

The M1p Bluetooth edition is the combination of player and Bluetooth DAC with headphone amp. The FPGA outputs Bluetooth signals to the DAC, and the amp part has 3 headphone outputs: 3.5mm/4.4mm/2.5mm. It can work as a high quality Bluetooth DAC with headphone amp. (Bluetooth Edition Only)

Insert your microSD card, play the master-tape-level music files, and the M1p Bluetooth edition, via the built-in CSR8675 module, can transmit high-definition Bluetooth signals to your Bluetooth headphones or speakers (supports aptX HD transmission).It is a mobile audio center. (Bluetooth Edition Only)

The combination of asynchronous regeneration and clock synchronization

The M1p has this special hardware decoding frame. ARM FPGA uses ultra-low-jitter dual clock to realize asynchronous regeneration, and then clock synchronization for FPGA- DAC. The sound is transparent and natural.

Multiple Headphone Output Options

The M1p has headphone outputs of single-ended 3.5mm, balanced 2.5mm and 4.4mm. four independent amps inside. It has great power and wide soundstage.

Large and complex power supply frame, High-quality components

The large and complex power supply frame, with the classic positive and negative power supply circuit and the two-stage low-ripple voltage regulation, guarantees the large dynamic range, the fine details and the naturalness.

The HiFi frame, together with the high-quality components like the low-ripple voltage regulator chip for DAC, independent volume control chip, the ultra-low-jitter AS318B oscillator and the COG capacitor, guarantees the sound quality.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x AUNE M1P
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The AUNE M1P Comes with a 1 year warranty on the Digital Audio Players only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

Recommended Headphone Impedance
130mW@32Ω(SE), 280mW@32Ω(Bal)
Max Level
4.57 Vrms@Bal, 2.2Vrms@SE output
Bluetooth connectivity
V5.0(Bluetooth Variant only)

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Customer Reviews

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Antonio Guevarra
Audiophile's DAP

Aune M1P is not the perfect audiophile's dap when it comes to features but for sound, it's close to perfection.

Sound, sound, sound
Price, price, price
2.5mm & 4.4mm balance plug
Simplicity if all you want is to listen to great sounding music

Scanning every boot up is quite unnecessary and can take long if you have 512gb or 1tb microsd
Does not support m3u playlist

Highly recommended!!!

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