AZLA SednaEarfit Vivid Edition

Super Light Fit Sedna Earfit series

    Technical design that brings out the original performance of earphones
    6 sizes in one starter pack
    A lineup of 5 colorful and vivid colors
Ocean Blue
Cactus green
Flamingo Pink
Lime yellow
Sunset orange
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Super Light Fit Sedna Earfit

Earpieces are an important factor that ultimately determines the sound quality of earphones. The “Sedna Earfit” series enables a high level of fitting and fixing force to the earphone nozzle, as well as improved sound insulation, with a basic design and shaft structure based on data analyzed from the ear canal of 788 people. In addition, it is a high-grade replacement earpiece that secures the straightness of the sound due to its unique shape and improves the high frequency characteristics as well as the natural tone. “SednaEarfit VIVID EDITION” is a lineup of starter packs that allow more people to experience the fit and sound unique to the SednaEarfit series. Unlike SednaEarfit, which uses high-grade LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) as the material, it uses a high-quality premium silicone material that is lighter, less burdensome to the ear canal, and has both a comfortable fit and cost reduction. .. A super light fit earpiece that is soft and smooth and has a lighter fit than the Sedna Earfit Light.

Technical design that brings out the original performance of earphones

SednaEarfit VIVID EDITION adopts a two-layer structure shaft that realizes strong fixing force to the earphone nozzle and suppression of blurring, and a horn-shaped internal structure that secures straightness of sound and reproduces high frequencies more naturally. doing. After two years of research, we have tested about 180,000 earpieces, and the technical design unique to the SednaEarfit series, which has achieved comfortable and high adhesion even after long-term use, brings out the full potential of earphones.

ALL size starter pack

The shape and size of human ears are actually different between both ears. Also, the optimum size for your ear may differ depending on the nozzle size and shape on the earphone side. To help you find the right size for you, SednaEarfit VIVID EDITION, the starter pack for the SednaEarfit series, packs all six sizes into one package, including intermediate sizes such as SS / S / MS / M / ML / L. bottom. In addition, size markings are also applied to the umbrella part of the earpiece to make it easier to distinguish. Find the size that suits you best with Sedna Earfit VIVID EDITION.

Vivid 5 colors

SednaEarfit VIVID EDITION has a lineup of 5 colorful and vivid colors. Add color to your earphone life. Also, when using completely wireless earphones (TWS) or wired earphones that are difficult to distinguish between left and right, by using different colors for the left and right, it is easy to distinguish left and right while keeping the color of the device.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x AZLA SednaEarfit Vivid Edition
  • User Manual

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Customer Reviews

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Azla sednaearfit vivid

very soft compared to other azla tips and also very balanced sound

Wish they came in single size

These are definitely better than the lights and light shorts, some of the best tips money can buy!

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