BLON BL-03 BL05 10mm Carbon Diaphragm Dynamic Driverimage
BLON BL-03 BL05 10mm Carbon Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
BLON BL-03 BL05 10mm Carbon Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
BLON BL-03 BL05 10mm Carbon Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
BLON BL-03 BL05 10mm Carbon Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
BLON BL-03 image
BLON BL-03 image
BLON BL-03 BL05 10mm Carbon Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
BLON BL-03 BL05 10mm Carbon Diaphragm Dynamic Driver


10mm Carbon Diaphragm Dynamic Driver In Ear Monitor

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    Kirsite Mirror Polished Metal Shell
    Professional ear canal data analysis
    Supreme Quality Cable
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10mm Carbon Diaphragm Dynamic Driver

BLON BL-03 Earphones adopts the carbon diaphragm dynamic driver which can fully reduce the strong human voice drum point of mid-low frequency, restore a shocking low frequency sound effect. You can fully enjoy a magnetic bass experience.

Kirsite Mirror Polished Metal Shell

 Made from Kirsite, the heart-shaped BL-03 earphone is truly an eye-catcher with its mirror polished cavity. The exquisite feel and aesthetics are perfectly shown in this model. Streamline design also excels in in longevity with its features of anti-skid, anti-scratch ect.

Ergonomic Design

The earphone is mold based on professional ear canal data analysis. The special shape is comfortable for long time wearing too and at the same time it can increase the passive noise reduction effect. It’s improved by adjusting the angle and position of the sound tube to the ear canal, achieving a high fit.

Supreme Quality Cable

The detachable cable is made from 4 strands of anti-tension and anti-interference wire for main wire. The 90° earplug design and 3.5mm gold plated plug make the cable long lasting. The built-in microphone is also available for choosing. One click operation is easy to use too.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x BLON BL-03
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The BLON BL-03 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Product Name
BL-03 In-ear Earphone
Driver unit
10mm Carbon Diaphragm Dynamic Drive
Earphone sensitivity
Frequency response range
Plug Type
3.5mm Gold Plated L Type
Cable length
Earphone Interface
0.78mm 2pin
Nozzle diameter

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Customer Reviews

Based on 184 reviews
good sound but uncomfortable

This is the first time I buy these kind of over-ear earphones... and ohmy they are very uncomfortable. I really don't know if all earphones of this type are like this, or if it's the BL03 which is like this.
Anyways, most of the times when I'm about to leave my house and I have to choose between my cheap $2 Samsung earphones or the BL03. 90% of times I choose the Samsung. Cable doesn't entangle and I barely feel them when I waer them. The BL03 are a pain to carry and wear.
Besides that there are 3 very positive points: price, sound quality (excellent) and noise isolation.
Negative points: comfort, cable (looks very cheap), and no volume control.

Christian De Vido


Johan Blackestedt
Hi Linosul - short review - 2-3 stars.

Mostlly fun and rewarding when i buy something cheap, and i hit the spot. I have learned that i have to read several reviews carefully before spending any amount, to avoid the irritation of choosing the wrong iem.

After some reading i choosed the Blon bl3. The chinese iem world is new to me. Everybody want to sell their stuff. Maybee some are payed to be biased?

This one was replaced by the Final e 3000, which on some material sounded engaging, good, with my Duoo link dac, also depending on what tips i used. The biggest tips made sound to thick/a bit muddy on some songs. The medium one better. On electronic music and rock convincing.

The Blons behave differently, with the Duoo link dac. I dont know what they sound like without the dac. Blon. In my ears the mids and treble somewhat overpowering the base. A bit agressive to my ears, not enjoyable. What disturbes me the most is the default earplugs do not fit. They do not stick to my ears. Linosul sent one pair of plugs which was to small. I believe a known problem. The sun has its spots.

I had to start reading ear tips reviews. I bought the spinfit CP 100. They did not fit, but better than the deafault ones. I have to constantly press them against ears. Annoying.

Positive: In a way i like the sound projected in the middle of my head, and the bass enough for me when plugs covered.

Finale: Would i recommend them? Sorry, but no. Maybee If you are looking for a cheap iem, If they fit your ears, and If the material you play is hi res, i think you will think they are ok.

I think i have given up on the iems. I do not want to buy new tips and be dissapointed again. But still, im curious how they performe with the Etymotic tips. According to them they seal good. It should solve the bass problem and hopefully, in my ears, on some material, prominent vocals and a treble.

Thank you.


Jam Garrett


Nuno Sao Pedro

Perfect sound for me

Very comfortable!

The best part of these IEMs is their small size and for me they have a very comfortable fit. The sound is pretty decent, though there's too much bass for my personal preference. Came with a nice cotton bag to hold everything in. Soundstage, cable, and mids/highs are decent. Though there is some flashing on the plastic parts of the cable, so not the highest quality molds.

Stepan Denysenko


The real budget killer set

Just incredible value for the money. Not the last word in bass, soundstage or cable build quality. The cable is detachable, though.

Tuning is just bang on natural and upper mids/treble are very well presented that way. Not the most technical set but the naturalness of everything fixes pretty much all these "problems".

The accessories are also a wee bit thin in quantity and quality. (Tips in picture are NOT included, they are the OG TinHifi foam tips).

Then you come down to the price and at that point this set becomes what you would call a NO-BRAINER. Just a massively solid rec.

Oscar Stenvall
Giga worth

These are great, nice sound and they fit just right. The cable isn't perfect but it does the job. Also the ear things are nice. Also these can withstand a washing machine although the wiring might come off...

Nice warm iems but quality control issues

They sound nice for their price. The tuning is likeable for most of the people, its bassy and fun sounding but not the most clear. I was enjoying my pair until left side stopped working completely. I was able to use it only for 2 months. Quality control issue is frustrating.

Dear Customer,

Thank you so much for your reaching out to us. We are sorry about your problem. Please feel assured as we will try our best to help you to fix the problem.

BLON BL-03 Earphones adopts the carbon diaphragm dynamic driver which can fully reduce the strong human voice drum point of mid-low frequency, restore a shocking low frequency sound effect. You can fully enjoy a magnetic bass experience.

In this case, could you please try other cables or change the cable side to test whether the issue can be fixed?

If the issue still exists, could you please update a video to show the product problem and send it to us via email (

As for a video, please take off the eartips, then play a song and turn up the volume, then put the lens to each side to show the sound difference.

Once we confirm the issue , we will try our best to help you with it.

If you encounter any problems in the future, we sincerely suggest that you contact us via email ( the first time,because we can solve your problems in a more comprehensive way.

At the same time, we will also contact you by email and look forward to your reply.

Your patience is so much appreciated.

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