New In Ear Earbuds

    Brand New 6mm Dynamic Driver in Extra LightWeight Diaphragm
    Newly Designed Appearance in Zinc Alloy
    Easy to Drive by Various Devices
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HiFi Dynamic Driver Earphone - Blon has swept the global audio market with its affordable yet incredible sounding headphones and in-ear monitors in the recent years. Prioritizing sound quality and budget-friendly prices, Blon aims to make high-fidelity audio accessible to all. At Blon, we will never stop surprising you with the limitless opportunities the world of HiFi audio has to offer.

The Encore

The Blon Mini was crafted in reminiscence of the incredibly popular BL-03, but designed with a more ergonomic fit. Utilizing an all new 6mm dynamic driver, the Mini offers a similar Hi-Fi tuning, but with a greater emphasis on sub-bass impact and speed. Tuned with precision, the perfect mid and treble frequency playback was achieved to match the natural perceived hearing of the human ear. Both seasoned audiophiles and ordinary music lovers can now enjoy the powerful sub-bass yet articulate and detailed sparkles that the Mini has to offer. A huge leap from similarly priced earphones and in-ear monitors, the Blon Mini will take your music to the next level of high-fidelity audio resolution.

Comfort and Durability

The Blon Mini is crafted from solid zinc alloy to achieve a lightweight yet extremely durable construction. Designed with daily use in mind, the Mini is ready to bring you HiFi music wherever you go. Additionally, taking community inputs from the BL-03 predecessor, the housing of the Mini was completely redesigned to be more comfortable and have a more secure fit. The curvature and shape of the Mini was calculated using AI Learning based on an ear shape database to match the contour of the human ear. Through this redesigned housing, the Mini offers a deeper fit inside the ear, providing greater fit and security, as well as sound isolation matching that of professional custom-fit in-ear monitors. Through this innovation, the Blon Mini is now perfect for both on the go casual music listening, as well as stage performance monitoring.

Cable Options

The Blon Mini comes standard with a new plated-copper cable that was chosen to enhance audio resolution, as well as a tangle-free handling. The cable is available either with or without a dedicated microphone.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x BLON BL-Mini
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The BLON BL-Mini Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

16ohms (at 1 kHz)
Frequency response
Drivers Config
6mm Dynamic Driver
in 1.2m
3.5mm single-ended
2-pin 0.78mm
Housing Material
Zinc Alloy Forming

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1 Year Warranty

We provide 1 year warranty for the all products except the cables and accessories*.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Great small form factor ear buds

Great unique design. Has a great sound for a single driver set. The small design is a nice change from other iems well worth the price.

Comfortable daily’s!

They’re comfortable and that was the dealbreaker for the blon-03 (as well as the starfields). These don’t cause my ears to feel sore and sound great. The sub-bass is a tad lacking but I knew that before buying. Wire’s great. Very portable and attractive finish. These go with me everywhere!

The Mini succeeds on the sum all of its parts

This is perhaps the best Blon imo. For those with higher-end or more reference tuned gear, I can highly recommend the Blon as useful addition to your kit. The fit is excellent and allows for semi-deep fit that is still very comfortable (more so than Etymotic) while providing a good deal of isolation. The low profile also allows you to use these in bed even rest the side of your head against a pillow (though I wouldn't recommend sleeping with these on). Combine the very good build quality, decent cable, and a deep-yet-lively sound reproduction it makes a great set to use outdoors or for non critical use.

As far as sound quality, the BL-03 and BL-05S will be more closer to a reference target, and better for a wider range of genres. However, the Mini's presentation can become addictive in its own. Signature is similar to TFZ Live 3 and others looking to capture this dense-yet-lively sound character.

Of course detail and texture aren't going to be the best, but for the most part, the smaller 6mm driver performs very well, and can dig quite deep, just without the level of transparency you might get from a hybrid.

Joshua Lawson
Good sound, cheap cable

They have good sound, but after only a couple months the cable is already shorting out.

Nathan Carothers
great sound for the price

The five stars take into account the low price. They have a weird shape which is a odd to get settled in the ear with the foam tips I use, but fits comfortably after some inevitable adjusting. The sound is very good and the music is detailed, especially for the price. I dont use the stock cable but I'm sure it is decent.

John Smith

Sound is ok, but they are comfortable.

Kwok Wa

Very Good

סרגיי סוקולוב
Too simple

Not interesting sound at all. Very simple, straight, primitive. Typical Blon sound. Plus not very comfortable design. I’m disappointed.

Adam Johnson
Worth the price

Unlike the other Blons these actually fit. Probably the best inexpensive headphones you can by from China today.

Terry Sakow
BLON BL Mini performs as well as much more expensive iems.

I thought the BLON BL Mini was well balanced and reproduced an accurate sound. I found it much better sounding than some $90+ headphones I own. Used them on Audio Quest Dragonfly Cobalt and Zen Dac with great results.

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