7BA+1DD Hybrid Driver HiFi In-Ear Earphone

    Excellent in the driver configurations
    Customized 50024 balanced armatures
    Integrated Acoustic Guide Component
    Superior sound quality transmission
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1DD+7BA Hybrid Driver Earphones

CCA CA16 equips with a 7mm low frequency dual magnetic dynamic driver, 3*30095 high frequency balanced armatures and 2*50024 mid-frequency balanced armatures to reach a fully detailed sound. With this configuration, you won’t miss any tiny details. It’s transparent and HD. A truly dreamlike HiFi earphones of full rang

Sound Signature is All We Care About

CCA CA16 is excellent in the driver configurations, thus the result is satisfactory too. The bass dive deep and extends well, it also injects surging power into the music and bring more infectious sound. Smooth, beautiful vocal fully represents how amazing the balanced armatures are. It has powerful resolution, high reduction degree and separation and presents rich details

Custom 50024 Balanced Armature Ever

For the first time, we adopt the customized 50024 balanced armatures along with accordingly structural improvement. Overall the mid frequency performance is more excellent, the vocals and the instrument are more beautiful

Integrated Acoustic Guide Component

In order to reduce the overlapping interference between multiple units, an integrated guide component is used to arrange all units to ensure accurate frequency division and clean sound. While maintaining the outstanding performance, the ergonomics has never been left behind. The lightweight and specially designed shell is comfortable to wear even for long time, no pain and secure fit

Details Are All Around

Detachable 2 pin cable is so useful and helpful when you want to upgrade your cable to your favorite one and even level up. The detachable design make it true. High purity OFC cable provide superior sound quality transmission

Inside the Box

  • 1 x CCA CA16
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The CCA CA16 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Driver Configurations
-1*7mm dual magnetic dynamic driver -3*30095 high frequency balanced armatures -2*50024 balanced armatures
Product Name
Frequency range
2Pin 0.75mm gold plated
Line Length
Plug type
3.5mm gold plated

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Good bass without being overwhelming. Not a great subbass just good enough. Mids are clear and pleasant. Treble isn't sibilant if ever so slightly veiled. Not a bad thing. Very bulky unit and personally the fit isn't great, having tried several tips. Better bass than Tin P1 but loses to Blon bl03 and Shozy Form 1.1. I'd say on par with Starfield, although I think the latter is better balanced and globally better (clarity across the frequency range, instrument separation, sound stage, etc.).
All in all a very good iem in my opinion.

Jeff Clark

I am kinda disapointed, and bought better .75 cables too, would like to try the C16 model. The CA16 introduced me to balanced armatures, but have a muddy mid-low on music with bass. Music with vocals and tight acoustic bass sound much better and can be critically listened too. Late 70s and early 80s electroni/No Wave sounds very sad. AUNE X5S & X1S Pro

David Hahn (CHI-FIEAR)
The Good One

>> ... The CCA CA16, is a musical IEM that focuses more on the mid-bass and produces a really clean and dynamic bass for KZ/CCA conditions. Here I see the BA-Bass of the C16 and the DD-Bass of the C10 a bit further ahead, but the CA16 also has a good texture and nice punch. The sub-bass is missing a bit, but it sounds pleasantly natural without being a pain in the ass like many budget V-IEMs do.

Actually I could shorten the review and just write the CA16 sounds good, finished. I don't notice anything particularly outstanding, or special features that I could emphasize in an ornate way. Almost a bit boring. The mids get some warmth from the bass, are slightly reduced and can show their strengths when things get a bit easier. Sometimes they lack assertiveness, which makes them appear a bit thin and powerless. At the same time they can also score with a good resolution and natural timbre...

The highs are relaxed and offer enough information to keep you happy. Good detail reproduction and transparency, but also a bit thin, without too much headroom. They don't get on your nerves and prevent the CA16 from drifting off into the dark, but also don't bring the airiness to make the CA16 particularly open or spatial.
They fit in well with the relaxed signature and contribute their positive part to the good (I repeat) overall sonic presentation. <<
Full review:

Gabriel R.

First CCA iem I all my others are TRN and I'm not disappointed. The only real complaint I have is not enough bass but I think I'm just used to the TRN tuning also eartips it came with are not to my liking, I would suggest the spinfits cp-100 for a good fit as the nozzle is small about 4mm. Casing is a bit thick of course with all the drivers inside, but nice comfy fit.

BASS is more then sufficient for EDM giving you a little "umph" when volume is turned up. Fast and not too forward and so bass heads ight want to try something else.No noticable bleed into the mids. Overall well-done nice bass with enough presence not to overpower.

MIDS ever so slightly recessed but full bodied and warm with voices coming through clear and never over powered violins and horns sound very good. Overall impressed with clarity in the mids.

HIGHS are slightly forward clear sharp with no piercing sibilance electric guitar solos are clean and detailed synths are amazing with these aswell.

SOUNSTAGE/IMAGING is good sounds have more then enough room to not sound jumbled sounds very even in length and width and gives nice 3D immersion. Great instrument seperation and layering you can clearly hear different instruments and where they are located.

Overall very impressed with these IEMs coming from TRN tuning which is a bit more fun V tunned but these have better technical ability and still deliver more the enough fun listening to music I would strongly recommend these to anyone. Also great for games

Right Up There With The Best!!!

A Great set of iem's for the price, one of my favorites that I find myself going back to everyday. They're built good and fit well in the ears(My ears are small). It's very balanced, not neutral. The bass hits just hard enough without overpowering any of the other frequencies, sub-bass is felt nicely. Mids are nice, details are there but it's a very relax type of feel to it, vocals seem to be right on, and treble has a nice sparkle to give it some air, but it never reaches a point of harshness. These are very well done, nice imaging as well, my favorite out of the KZ/CCA line up.
So far it goes with a wide variety of music, from Rock, EDM, Country, Hip Hop, Pop, Classical, I'm really enjoying them and they seem to age very well.

Kevin S
Very Impressive IEM

This is my first time owning a CCA IEM. I have read they are a sister company of KZ Acoustics. In any case, these blew me away sonically!! I wasn’t expecting much really but I am pleasantly surprised how well tuned and articulate the sound from the CCA CA16 was presented.

Bass: Nothing like a DD bass. It punches and gives that oh so nice decay on bass heavy tracks. It performs admirably in the sub bass region too and was great with EDM and rap tracks.

Mids: The mids are clear and have a nice body to them. To my ears, I don’t feel they are too overly recessed compared to the DD bass and I can really enjoy vocals and instruments like guitars and violins.

Treble: I would consider it smooth and not really sibilant in the least. The treble was done right in my book, meaning that it was not shouty and overly forward with the rest of the frequencies that I had immediate fatigue.

Conclusion: I really think this iem was well thought out and tuned very nicely. They don’t capture every micro detail but are very much a musical and enjoyable listening experience. I would highly recommend the CCA CA16 if someone asked me for a recommendation for a $100.00 or less IEM with great build and sound quality.

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