Balanced XLR 3Pin Shielding Signal Cable

  • Usage Scenario
  • Balanced XLR 3Pin
  • Double-Shielded Coaxial Structure
  • Superior Conductor Design
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Usage Scenario

The BC30XLR cables are designed as pre-amp signal cables specifically for connecting devices with XLR-balanced outputs to inputs where left and right channels remain independent. They are ideal for applications such as linking an audio decoder to an amplifier or active speaker setup.

Balanced XLR 3Pin

XLR connectors are widely recognized in professional audio equipment for their use in balanced audio transmission. Each connector consists of three Pins: Pin1 for shielding, Pin2 for the positive signal (hot), and Pin3 for the negative signal (cold). This configuration ensures efficient and noise-resistant signal transfer.

Double-Shielded Coaxial Structure

Unlike traditional signal cables that use multi-strand braiding and netting for tensile strength, the BC30XLR adopts a coaxial design. It features two sets of signal wires arranged coaxially with an additional outer shielding layer. This triple-layered structure provides exceptional tensile performance and effectively reduces background noise, ensuring clean and reliable signal transmission.

Superior Conductor Design

The core conductors of the BC30XLR cables utilize a blend of pure silver with varying diameters, augmented by silver-plated OCC and Furukawa silver-copper alloy. With a substantial cross-sectional area of 22.8AWG, these conductors accommodate high-power transmission requirements while optimizing signal efficiency. This design not only enhances sound quality by accurately reproducing instrument timbres but also improves sound positioning clarity, making it ideal for critical audio applications.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x DDHIFI BC30XLR
  • User Manual

3 Month Warranty

The DDHIFI BC30XLR Comes with a 3 month warranty.

Technical Details

22.8AWG (Signal+), 24.3AWG (Signal-), 21.5AWG (shielding)
Cable structure
Φ0.08mm 4N Silver + Φ0.05mm 4N Silver +Φ0.05mm Furukawa Silver-Copper Alloy (Signal+)
Ф0.05mm 5N OCC Made in China (Signal-)
Φ0.06mm Silver Plated over OFC (shielding).
Input plug
Balanced XLR 3pin female
Output plug
Balanced XLR 3pin male
Length (excl. the plugs)
75cm and 145cm for option
120g (75cm)

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