DUNU S&S Eartips

3 pairs Stage&Studio Silicone Eartips for Nozzle Diameter from 4-5.5mm

    High-quality silicone material
    Improved listening experience
    Ultra-tight seal that enhances the sound quality
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High-quality material

DUNU S&S Eartips is made of flexible silicone. The outer layer and inner tube are straight design to provide higher wearing comfort.

Improved listening experience

DUNU S&S Eartips can bring better high-frequency extension to earphones, improve the dynamic range and sound field scale of headphones, and provide studio-level restoration performance

Inside the Box

  • 1 x DUNU S&S Eartips
  • User Manual

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Customer Reviews

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Mateusz Klimek

DUNU S&S Eartips

Romeo Artista
Comfortable tips

The straight cylindrical shape may not be the most comfortable for some ears. Depending on the seal, this could affect isolation.

Dylan A.

they're super soft so the odd shape can bend so it doesn't feel that weird. they're grippy but not a, almost sticky texture like an xlastic or UC tip but being a silicone they dont set after a while like such. deffo a much have for the tip rollers or just for spares to try, its a 100% blind buy must have and i dont hype things up this much normally but yeah. incredibly grip with a slightly deeper reach, its able to add a slight V and clarity to a plain sounding iem like galileo, or just for something with a short nozzle you want more grip with. but also its doesn't go full etymotic and you can use these with something like a yume or an iem more shapely to have a deeper fit as standard, it just works as todd says.
the center core material is the same all the way through so its quite soft and can be a bit of a wrestle to apply them to large bores, anything like a TE zero just forget it its too large. plus clarions are better for anything near harman imo, these dont do them justice.
anything thats smoother and/or more a sub bass with a scoop on graphs like gali or yume

only 11/10 audio product ive found

One of the best eartips

S&S are comfy, grippy but not too sticky. Durable, and fit most IEMs, only had trouble with large 7mm nozzles. Balanced sound, doesn't alter too much.

Lampis Deligeorgopoulos

DUNU S&S Eartips


DUNU S&S Eartips

Never been a tip roller before now

I used to naively think stock tips were selected by the manufacturer to match with the IEMs for optimum performance and to swap with aftermarket tips would somehow dilute the true sound of IEMs... I now realise how wrong I was! Trying the S&S tips on a variety of IEMs has opened my eyes to how much the listening experience can be improved just by making a tiny change. I haven't tried any other non-stock tips, but the S&S have impressed me so much that so far 6 sets now have them on permanently as they just isolate and sound so much better than the cheap useless tips provided that were thrown in by the manufacturer only because they had to include something. Some IEMs I'll leave stock if they sound good already, but for any that I'm not fully satisfied with I'm definitely using S&S tips.

William Delaforce
Great tips

The tips that came with the Dunu Falcon Pro were ok but not great. These are much better, in terms of fit and noise isolation.

Tied for my favorite tips

They fit my ears great. I do wish dunu made a few more sizes, a medium-small would be perfect in my left ear.

They're slightly tacky, somewhere between silicone and xelastecs, so they grip well but are much easier to get into your ears, and they don't look disgusting after 5 mins of use. I prefer them to azla xelastecs in every way (half the price too)

The seal is outstanding in my ears. The only other tips I genuinely like this much are TRN t-tips, TRI clarion, and standard silicone KZ tips. I don't like spinfit, moondrop springtips, and I find xelastecs to easily break their seal if your ears get sweaty. I am okay with the render tips and hate symbios.

Isolation is better than average, and they're long enough that my picky iems still like them - TRN rosefinch and kz as16 pro in particular are very picky. 7hz zero, 7hz dioko, rinkos, moondrop quarks, kz zex, kz pr1, truthear Hola, all play very nicely with them.

Overall A+. I just hope DUNU makes more sizes! Ss, s, MS, m, ml, l, and xl would be awesome.

Richard Tousignant

Useless, does not seal. Sound has no bass or depth. get the Azla Sednaearfit instead

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