E1DA 9038D6K

ES9038Q2M DAC Chip 3.5mm Unbalanced Output High-Power Amplifier

    Zero-Noise Audio Performance
    Classic Design with Laser-Engraved Aluminum Case
    Portable Equipment for HiFi Enthusiasts
    Smooth Experience with Correct Usage
    PCM up to 32b/384kHz, DSD256
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Zero-Noise Audio Performance

According to multiple headfiers requests: 3.5mm jack unbalanced output DAC+HPA 200mW@40ohm in the same case as #9038SG3 and # 9038D. Like the previous prototypes, 9038D6K will work with Tweak app as well. The DAC has virtually zero noise modulation behavior.

Classic Design with Laser-Engraved Aluminum Case

The 9038D6K maintained E1DA’s classical compact design and weighs only 12g. The sandblasted and black anodized aluminum case is sturdy and lightweight, while the specifics are laser-engraved and resistant to wear and tear.

Portable Equipment for HiFi Enthusiasts

The lightweight 9038D6K has performed excellently and is perfect for HiFi enthusiasts. It is suitable for daily use and to be carried around to bring high-quality audio experience with you no matter where you go.

Smooth Experience with Correct Usage

9038D6K contains a high-sensitive I/V stage that may cause audible noise when your phone uses LTE,4G, and 5G. Some newest hardware may have issues like "stuttering" with USB3(Macbook pro 2020, MS Surface 2020, Lenovo Carbone 2020, Acer SF313-52-71Y7 2020). USB audio-bridge manufacturer was informed about that and we are expecting the FW solution.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x E1DA 9038D6K
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The E1DA 9038D6K Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

Sandblasted/black anodized aluminum/laser mark/ES9038Q2M/OPA1622/OPA1602 Susumu resistors, Murata C0G caps, AVX tantalum caps, Taiwanese connectors
USB +5V rail no internal battery, 105mA idle current, the device contains >6000uF of capacitance for the power rails filtering
USB-C, PCM up to 32b/384kHz, DSD256 USB bridge Comtrue CT7601CR custom FW
Standard unbalanced output 3.5mm jack, HW volume control .5db/step
Output impedance:
0.07 Ohm@1000Hz Agilent U1733C
Output power:
180mW@32 Ohm@1kHz@THD=1%
120mW@16 Ohm@1kHz@THD=1%
Measured at +.5dbFS level, typical PC USB2 port powered.
The hot unit produces less power.
Frequency Response:
5-80kHz +.05/-1db@ 32b/384kHz
126db(A) typical, referenced to 2.75VRMS
100% units are calibrated with the result printed on the case, >124db(A) is normal grade Please note, any user with Cosmos APU may calibrate 9038D by themself for particular headphones. INAD@1kHz@-.7dbFS BW 22-22kHz 118-120+db typical for 32b/44.1kHz@no-load THD@1kHz@-.5dbFS BW 22-22kHz <.0001% typical for 24b/44.1kHz@no-load THD+N@1kHz@-2.5dbFS BW 22-22kHz .00018%, SINAD 115db typical 24b/44.1kHz@32ohm THD+N@1kHz@-7dbFS BW 22-22kHz .0005% typical for 24b/44.1kHz@16ohm (-6dbfs corresponds 120mW)
-135db@1kHz no-load
-82db@1kHz 32ohm load
9038D6K contains a high-sensitive I/V stage that may cause audible noise when your phone uses LTE,4G,5G.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ragnesh Patel
Good DAC and Amp

Actually, I have had bad experience when the product arrived. It was not sounding good at all and even not compared to my creative sound blaster, but just like our new pair of headphones, it started sounding better after a few days of use. Now, it has reached up to its caliber which is good music and pleasing to hear.

But, truly speaking, I miss my E1DA 9038D verision and it was mind blowing and an absolute gem. It was like nothing can compete to that at that and above the price range it was sold. The only thing wihch i have marked is less in this K version is the sweetness, the extended range of clear highs, somehow they are diminished in this version.

Evan McGrath
This product sucks.

The product doesn't work right and they wouldn't give me a refund. Terrible product and terrible customer service.

Valeri Nikolchev
E1DA 9038D6K

Very nice, small digital to analog converter which brings very nice and clear sound for affordable price. 5 stars

Francisco Javier Armenteros González
fantastico E1DA 9038D6K

Este es el quinto dongle que tengo y sin duda es mi preferido , muy recomendado, compra segura 5 Estrellas

Paolo Camici
Eida 9038S balanced Powerful and defining neutral sound

I have the Btr5 2021 and hiby Fd4 and even without MQA i enjoy the powerful 9038s which has obviously double power which make the sound of my planer tin hifi p1 plus and shuore s12 sound beautifully even at this price range it can compete with a desktop dac amp .More than happy. Looking to buy Aune for an upgrade not too expensive.

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