F.Audio XS04

HiFi Lossless Headphone Music Player

    Equipped With Dual ES9038Q2M+7 OPA1642AIDR+4 OPA561PWP Chip
    Two Levels of Gain Switch for Different Needs
    4.4mm /AK 2.5mm/3.5mm Single-ended/HM3.5 Balanced Ports
    3200 mA Large Capacity Battery for Long Worktime
    Compact And Lightweight
    1. Please don’t insert 3.5mm single end jack into HM3.5mm balanced port
    2. When using low impedance (lower than 32ohm) earphone in high gain mode, please adjust the volume lower than 80
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Brand-New XS04-Better Quality, Better Sound

F.Audio XS04 is equipped with dual ES9038Q2M+7 OPA1642AIDR+4 OPA561PWP, along with TI dual power supply, AUX capacitance, separate clock, full balanced output and excellent hardware artificial circuit design. This extraordinary configuration ensures the newly launched model is better quality and higher standard for audiophiles

Two Levels of Gain Switch

XS04 has two levels of gain switch to meet different needs. The lower gain switch is 6DB for earphones with lower impedance while the higher gain switch with 10DB is for earphones with higher impedance. This design provides full flexibility and compatibility while using your earphones. The built-in circuit can also amplify the signal so that the earphone will play well even it’s not a balanced earbud. You are able to enjoy high fidelity music all the time with this little device

Balanced Music Player

F.Audio XS04 is equipped with a few ports for different needs, 4.4mm balanced/AK 2.5mm/3.5mm single-ended/HM3.5 balanced, we cover it all for you. Designed for multiple types of devices to meet different needs, this player could be a master of all

3200mA Large Capacity Battery

XS04 is built with a 3200mA large capacity battery for long worktime. When fully charged, it can work up to 8 hours when in high gain mode and 9 hours when in low gain mode. With the USB-C charging port and charging indicator, it’s easy to charge. Simply take 3.5 hours it can be charged full

Compact and Lightweight

As a music player with such amount of ports, it’s not bulky at all. Instead, coming with a lightweight body, weighing about 160g, and compact palm size, XS04 is beyond your expectation. It’s convenient to carry everyday for any occasions. Get yourself immersed in the HiFi world at any time

Inside the Box

  • 1 x F.Audio XS04
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The F.Audio XS04 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the Digital Audio Players only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

Battery capacity
high gain-about 8 hours/low gain-about 9 hours
Charging time
about 3.5h (power adapter suggestion->2V)
Screen size
2.0 TFT
Balanced output power
low gain (about 260MW)/high gain (about 430MW)
Single end output power
Single end output power
Supported format

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