GoldPlanar GL2000
GoldPlanar GL2000
GoldPlanar GL2000
GoldPlanar GL2000
GoldPlanar GL2000
GoldPlanar GL2000
GoldPlanar GL2000
GoldPlanar GL2000
GoldPlanar GL2000
GoldPlanar GL2000
GoldPlanar GL2000
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GoldPlanar GL2000

$639.00 USD

Flagship Planar Magnetic Headphone

    Utilizing full frequency adjustment and open back style
    GL2000 comes with a 2 meters long 6N OCC silver-plated cable
    It adopts high-performance N52 magnet and complex external magnetic structure
    Comes with a Balanced high-end cable with 4.4mm jack plug as default, 4Pin XLR cable and 3.5mm 1/8 cable with a 1/8 to 1/4(6.35mm) adapter can be ordered separately
    Note: More stocks will arrive at the end of January. Orders placed from 8th January onwards can only be shipped after we receive the stocks. Thank you.


GoldPlanar uses all of its years of knowledge and experience to design proprietary in-house planar magnetic diaphragm drivers that exceed the performance values of modern day standards. GoldPlanar drivers are used by other manufacturers of top-end headphones, and are often regarded as the best in class. Given all of the conditions, GoldPlanar has gone beyond to create their own HiFi world. Here, you can expect a thick and powerful bassline, rich mids, and airy and transparent trebles of this GL2000 headphone..

Why GoldPlanar

The core team at GoldPlanar began designing and building quality audiophile headphones in 2010 as a major manufacturer for some of the most reputable brands in the industry. In 2017, GoldPlanar was officially established as its own purveyor of boutique Hi-Fi headphones, with the goal of creating the highest line of reference headphones. GoldPlanar is proud to now be designing its own headphones under its name that boast their expertise and talents

New Flagship Planar Magnetic Headphone.

GL2000 is the newly launched flagship headphone, which adopts Planar Magnetic Diaphragm Driver. It is designed as a reference tuning headphone, utilizing full frequency adjustment and open back style. The internal driver design was modified from the standard drivers other manufacturers use, with the internal plate having been restructured to increase the surface area and airflow. This enhancement, along with the upgrade in magnet strength, makes the headphone even more responsive

Durable and Classic Design

The headphone is constructed of durable yet lightweight aerospace-grade aluminium and leather headband/ear cushions. We wanted our listeners to enjoy long listening-sessions, hence focused on a lightweight and flexible frame that would also endure the test of time. You will find the fit to be extremely comfortable, an added compliment to the extraordinary sound of the GL2000

Detachable 6N OCC Silver-plated Cable

The GL2000 comes with a 2 meters long 6N OCC silver-plated cable. As one of the materials with the best properties for electrical transmission, the full silver-plated cable will provide an unhindered Hi-Fi listening experience, specially enhancing the smoothness of the sound and warmth.

Innovative Design

As a reference headphone, we focused on providing a natural and realistic sound that is also comfortable and enjoyable. An open-back design was selected to create a translucent atmosphere and accurate stereo imaging. The internal cavity design was also machined to maximize airflow and focus the sound. .

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Magnetic type
N52 Neodymium
Driver dimension
99dB(Double magnetic circuit version); 95dB(single magnetic circuit version)
Diaphragm planar driver
2 meters detachable OCC silver-plated cable
Package Weight
Recommend Power
At least 2W

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Coming soon...


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Excellent cans. Possibly the best value of any...

I am loving my GL2000s. Never fatiguing, always exciting, good deep bass, unpainful highs. Combine the superb sound with really good build quality, the perfect cable and the almost Pelican quality case and you have a real winner. Well done Gold Planar.

We got a winner

This has been a pleasant experience for my library. As a hip hop fan I was worried I would not get the bass response that I wanted, but with tracks like king push retribution and Dave east phone jumpin it hit hard enough for my taste. Anything acoustic has a rich holographic effect that makes you think you are standing near the player in a hall. Sound track to Godzilla movie is epic and Intense with soft tones and breaking out in to thunderous effect that planars are known for handling sharp attacks with instrumentation. Mids are ever present on all tracks listed, the soulful grooves of the temptations on tracks like papa was a rolling stone fills my heart like I heard it for the first time. Also very comfortable, I had them on for 3 hrs first listen and didn't notice the time fly. came with 2 sets of ear pads in case the ones attached don't work for you.Hopefully this helps you out only a few days with them for a total of 5hrs listening time. My source is fiio M11 and this is my first open back set I own so take my opinion lightly as this is only my opinion.

GoldPlanar GL2000: A comparison with the 2020 Hifiman Sundara

I've had the GL2000 for about a month now, and based on recent reviews comparing them to the Hifiman Sundara, I decided to purchase a Sundara to do a direct comparison. The GL2000 is the double magnet version using the hybrid D-shaped pads (personal preference), and the Sundara includes the 2020 silent revision to the pads. I'm running both of these 4.4mm balanced off of a Class A amp.

tl;dr: The GL2000 is weird. Worse tuning and timbre than the Sundara, same amount of detail and resolution, but gives a unique listening experience. Its soundstage, macrodynamics, and sense of depth might just make this your end game below $1k, but really it's more of a "different flavor" rather than an upgrade over the Sundara. I respect what the GL2000 can do with staging for $640, but I prefer the Sundara's overall sound and its value at $350.

Now, my observations and impressions.

Bass: Similar performance. Neutral, punchy, clear and clean but never fatiguing. More quality over quantity, but never lacking. The GL has that extension all the way down to 20 Hz, but it really lacks texture compared to the Sundara. W: Sundara

Mids: Both pretty neutral, but to me the Sundara sounds fuller and more natural. I find separation and layering in this region to be better on the GL, but I find vocals to be more accurate and pleasing to my ears on the Sundara. W: Preference

Treble: The Sundara's treble comes off as present and neutral with maybe a small lean towards bright, but never sibilant and never fatiguing. With the GL however, specifically with the perforated pads, certain parts of this region sounds and feels more forward than I'd prefer. Not necessarily sibilant, just more blatantly bright. Cymbal sounds can range between being smeared/less defined, to overly bright and forward. That said, I prefer the Sundara's more consistent treble. W: Sundara

Resolution/Details: These are nearly identical in terms of resolution. You might perceive a little more detail out of the GL because of its separation and layering capabilities, but otherwise it's similar amounts detail with different characteristics and a different presentation. W: Tie

Soundstage/Imaging: This is the biggest point of difference. While the Sundara is more on the intimate side, the GL offers more space and depth. Not HD800 space, but it gives an impressive sense of placement in the room. This is in part why I prefer the Sundara when it comes to vocals, and why I enjoy the GL for instrumentals. The GL has more lateral image definition, instrument separation, and a generally grander "size" to the sound (could just be because of driver and ear cup size). Vocals and more intimate tracks sound great on the Sundara, but I found most rock and instrumental music to be more enjoyable on the GL because of that perceived depth. The way they stage the sound is like two completely different flavors. Though the GL has better soundstage and generally better imaging, it's really up to preference on which presentation you'd find more enjoyment in. W: GL2000

Timbre/Tonality: While the tonality of the Sundara can be described as accurate/analytical, the tonality of the GL can be perceived in two completely different ways: strangely realistic, or "off" across the board. The depth gives a sense of realism which can overshadow the timbral qualities of instruments and voices, but something about the timbre of this headphone feels... nasally? Hollow? Washed out? It's hard to describe, but all I can say is that something about how the GL sounds makes me fully prefer the sound of Sundara. Crinacle makes similar observations on his website, I'd recommend you check that out. W: Sundara

Speed/Dynamics: Both fast with respectable punch and slam qualities. The GL really lacks in microdynamics and dynamic range, but makes up for it with exceptional macrodynamics. It's a characteristic that gives the GL the immersive depth that prompts people to compare it to headphones at much higher price points, including the $1500 Hifiman Arya, despite the aforementioned points regarding treble response, detail retrieval, and timbre. It's a cool experience, but know that you lose out on all other dynamic qualities in return. Choose what you value more. W: Preference

Conclusion: The GL2000 is a fine headphone, and I do enjoy it quite a bit for instrumental music or music with a more spacious presentation. Live stuff and soundtracks sound fantastic on this set. Its layering, depth, and placement is impressive, and does things in that regard that can compete with $1k+ headphones which, in some cases, feels "end game" level. However, purely based on sound quality and tuning, its asking price is a bit high when the Sundara exists. If the GL2000 was $500 I'd give it 5 stars without hesitation, but at $640, nearly $300 more than the Sundara and $60 less than the Hifiman Ananda, I can't really justify it. To me, it's closer to a sidegrade rather than an upgrade over the Sundara.

Great headset

Has good space and positioning bass response is done well especially for a planar

Top Dog

If you are looking for an A+ directly out of the gate this is the headphone for you. Great for everything from "High End" sound to an out of this world gaming headset. You can't go wrong here!

The most impressive set of cans for the price. UPDATE 3/5/2021: Not a huge fan anymore.

Did I buy this initially for the hype? Yes, I did. After watching Zeos and BGGAR both comparing this to the Arya and both stating that they enjoyed this set more, I felt like this would be the best bang-for-your-buck out there. During my waiting period, I did as much research as possible on this set, and once Andrew from came out with his more analytic, technically focused review, I felt like I may have just made a huge mistake.

I got the cans a week later, listened to my library of music, and never looked back.

For my preferences and to my ears, this set is truly something else. The soundstage, although not HD800s levels of wide, is impressively spacious. You get a great sense of distance and placement of voices and instruments within the staging. The imaging is killer, with some of the best separation, layering, and placement of voices I've heard in a set to date. The bass is punchy, fast, and give you a tasteful sense of impact whenever the track calls for it without being overbearing or fatiguing. You can feel the extension in the sub-bass, meaning you get the full extent of a track that has those subtle and full rumbles overlaid in the mix. The mids, again, have a great sense of placement, separation, and layering to them and, to my ears, a pleasing timbre. You can distinguish the width of the room, the voices in the room and where they are, all while accomplishing both an intimate presentation or wide presentation of those voices (Colouour by Moses Sumney exemplifies this). This may be given as well, but this headphone does maintain and excel with that signature planar "pluckiness" quality. The treble is interesting in that, though on graph it's shown to be a bit recessed compared to something like the Harman curve, it has a pleasing airiness to it with a full range of extension. Not forward, not lacking, just clear and extended. Nothing about this headphone is harsh or fatiguing to my ears, though in very few cases I will have a higher pitch or cymbal sound that doesn't feel fully resolved or feels a tad too forward. But that is only in VERY few cases (something like the triangle part in 5-5-7 by Pat Methany Group come across as too forward to my ears).

I recommend running this off of a class A amp rather than a more sterile sounding one like a THX. This set does like power, though when running it balanced from a 4.4mm, it won't require much power to drive. The full 2W of support will help it's resolving capabilities, but it's by far excessive IMO. Testing this on something like the ifi Zen stack, I could even run this straight from the Zen DAC on low gain at 12 o'clock on the knob and achieve a more than satisfying volume level.

I can agree that this set may not be the most resolving in terms of micro-details and tiny nuances, but the delivery, presentation, and layering of the sound is, for me, excellent. Measurements be damned, I enjoy this set of cans quite a lot, and what matters in the end is the enjoyment of the product and the enjoyment of the MUSIC you listen to on them. 5 stars from me. Peace and love.

UPDATE 3/5/2021: After trying out a few cans here and there, every time I come back to these ones, something feels... off. The instruments, the vocals, something about how these cans sound just don't sound "right" to me. The spaciousness and imaging is still superb, but after my honeymoon period, switching between this and stuff like the Sennheiser HD 560S, I find myself gravitating back to the 560s more often than the GL2000. I'll still say if you mostly care about having an immersive listening experience, you can't go wrong with these, just know that stuff might not sound "correct" compared to whatever other headphones you might own. At $640, this is actually starting to disappoint me more than anything.

I'm lowering my score to 3 stars. If I'm finding more enjoyment in a $200 headphone for casual listening, then I think something is wrong here. The listening experience it gave was wicked, but after that honeymoon period, I just can't get past this headphone's sound quality anymore compared to other cheaper options. I stand by my previous words still in the experience it gave me though. Nothing can take that first listening experience and first impression away.

The hype is real fellow can-heads. Dive in

These actually do live up to the hype. So much space, movement and deep bass. Soundstage kings to my ears. I have many pairs of more expensive cans and I prefer these. They sound great on every headphone amp I have tried (A90, TA20 with vintage Mullards, Tor Roger with vintage Mullards, Chord Mojo, Audiolab Pdac and SP200). Headphone sound quality is somewhat subjective as is the fit (we all have different heads and ears) but for me these are the best sounding, best fitting, best made cans under £1500. I was not charged any additional tax or duties to the UK...very highly recommended

GoldPlanar GL2000 (Double Magnet Array)

The amount of hype surrounding these headphones is astounding. If I am brutally honest, these headphones are NOT the endgame killers that many say, which is why I feel I have to give my honest opinion here.
The build is very nice, nice use of metal and leather gives it a premium feel and comfort is fantastic (headband extension is a bit on the large side, people with smaller heads might have a hard time even on the lowest setting). Powered these off of a Topping A50s, had no problem getting these going loud. As for the sound, I'll begin by saying that I was impressed when I first heard these. They have a very wide soundstage, decent imaging and overall detail is good. The bass is pretty nice, I feel it has just the right amount of "oomph" that I like for most music. However, I must agree with Andrew from , that although the macro-dynamics are nice, the micro-dynamics are actually a bit lacking. I tested bass resolution with Hans Zimmer's "2049" and the subtle nuances in the bass are missing (whereas on my Verum 1, I was getting a lot more).
As for the mid-range I actually quite liked it, it has lovely separation with instruments and vocals. Eddie Vedder's "Hard Sun" is a good example of where this headphone shines.
The treble is when things get a little weird. Although the treble isn't harsh, my biggest issue with this headphone is with the upper sheen of cymbals (4 - 6 kHz region), it becomes smeared. It took me a few days of listening to really notice it, but now that I do I cannot ignore it. As for above 10 kHz the air I actually find quite nice, although I've seen some weird behavior on the measurements.
Overall its a nice headphone, it comes with its pros and cons and is ultimately up to the individual. If possible I would highly recommend that people try listen to this before buying it.

Fantastic high end sound

This is best buy of headphone available on the internet. Do not think and order. Zeos is not over-exaggerating. It sounds phenomenally. And I have comparison with similarly priced cans, which I have. Most mature and balanced sound. Everything planar is doing great, vocals are so beautiful and bass is present (in never heard quality and quantity when needed for planar). I cannot believe it. Im speaking about double-magnet version.


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