HiBy FC4

Portable USB DAC/headphone AMP

    Professional audio architecture
    MQA 8X unfolding
    Hardware volume buttons & RGB indicator light
    All-platform support, plug-and-play
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Professional audio architecture

Equipped with 2 of ESS technologies’ renowned ES9219 DAC chips, set to output to each channel independently, their strong decoding power not letting go of a single musical detail. Equipped with 45.158MHz and 49.152MHz dual dedicated audio crystal oscillators for effectively lower jitter, providing the whole audio system with a high precision, low jitter clock source. Driven by a highly integrated 28nm USB receiver chip of high efficiency, with the 416M dedicated audio DSP onboard to realize the best balance between high performance and long runtime, effectively lowering consumption of smartphone's battery. Supporting up to PCM768kHz/32bit, DSD256 (native) decoding, edging on professional HiFi in decoding specifications, this will have no problems decoding all your usual lossless streaming formats.

MQA 8X unfolding

The HiBy FC4 supports MQA unfolding by a factor of 8X, providing playback quality on a level with the master tapes, taking you back to the recording venue! The smartphone must be using apps supporting bitperfect and MQA (e.g. HiByMusic, TIDAL), in order for MQA unfolding to occur with the HiBy FC4 connected via USB.

Hardware volume buttons & RGB indicator light

30-step physical hardware volume button controlling hardware volume controller for best adaptability and lossless volume control. Displaying different colours depending on what is being played:
Green: MQA
Blue: MQA studio
Magenta: MQA core (MQB)
Yellow: ≤48k
Aqua: 64k-192k
Orange: 352.8k or above
White: DSD Red: Paused


All-metal body in Bauhaus design language, black with luxurious gold trim. Its size is 65.3*22.1*11.9 mm and weighs 21.7 g. HIBY FC4 stands out from the rest due to its minimalism, high performance, and take-anywhere durability.

All-platform support, plug-and-play

Supports use on Android / iOS / Mac / Windows as USB dongle / computer external soundcard. No charging required, driver-free plug-and-play. Driver-free plug-and-play on Android / iOS / Mac / Windows 10.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x HiBy FC4
  • User Manual

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Technical Details

HiBy FC4
65.3*22.1*11.9 mm
21.7 g
ES9219 * 2
Volume up / down
Supported formats
PCM up to 768kHz/32bit, up to DSD256 native
RGB indicator light
Status indicator
USB port
Headphone out
3.5mm TRS and CTIA-spec TRRS headsets
Balanced headphone out
4.4mm balanced

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great DAC/Amp combo

This device does not have a battery so it gets all of it's power from the usb-c port. The headphone amp is truly balanced and outputs a lot more power out of the 4.4 mm port. I tested this with my HD560s and LetShuoer S12's by changing out the cables from 3.5mm to balanced 4.4mm. There is plenty of power to run the HD560s especially with the balanced output. The HD560s are only 120 ohm so I don't know how this would work with 300-600 ohm cans but I have a feeling that the balanced output would still be enough to drive most any high impedance cans. The dual DAC setup sounds very good, especially at this price point and the 3.5mm output can be used to send analog sound to a integrated amp or receiver and it really does make a big improvement in the quality and clarity of the sound versus the built-in DAC on my Cambridge Audio AXR100 receiver/integrated amp. Overall this is a really great deal for under $100 and can transform the sound output of your smartphone or PC/Mac.

Sophanna Ven
It has its own volume buttons

It has its own dedicated volume buttons so that’s a plus

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