HiBy RS2

International Version Portable Music Player

    Evolutionary Darwin Audio Architecture
    256-tap Adjustable Fir Filter
    NOS / OS Mode Switch
    R2R Ladder Network Linearity Compensation
    Luxurious Output Stage Circuitry
    8x MQA Unfolding
    Dual MicroSD Card Slots & Long Battery Life
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Evolutionary Darwin Audio Architecture

The Darwin audio architecture is our in-house developed all new hi-res audio processing architecture; improving greatly upon traditional R2R technology, it incorporates a host of studio-grade functionality such as linearity compensation for the R2R network, adjustable FIR filter, harmonic controller, NOS/OS switch, etc. in a highly portable device. The flexible architecture is fully adjustable in-house, yielding infinite possibilities for evolution of this model and the next.

256-tap Adjustable Fir Filter

The Darwin architecture is capable of up to 16x oversampling, with a variety of AA filters suited to various design goals, e.g. phase linearity, high fidelity; also adaptable to the characteristics of different earphones, guaranteeing the suitability of the RS2 to all sorts of earphones.

NOS / OS Mode Switch

NOS mode is non-oversampling, yielding raw response to signal changes; OS mode is adapted to the various additional functionalities of the Darwin architecture, realizing personalized adjustments to the sound qualities to adapt to different earphones and different tastes.

R2R Ladder Network Linearity Compensation

HiBy’s Darwin Architecture comes as a blessing for the traditional R2R ladder DACs. It effectively reduces the distortion caused by the resistance mismatches in an R2R Ladder producing a natural and clean sound presentation.

Luxurious Output Stage Circuitry

Utilizing current mode amplification, the output stage amplifies current via a OPA1652 and an LPF consisting of 2x OPA1612, offering high and clean input voltage and current to the output stage for exemplary transient and dynamic response. In conjuction with 2x flagship class OPA1622 amplifier chips, 4 independent channels of current mode headphone amplification, and the professional digital volume controller NJW1195A, the circuit guarantees maximal fidelity of the output to the input, and maximal control over the headphone drivers.

8x MQA Unfolding

HiBy RS2 supports 8x MQA unfolding. It provides full MQA signal unfolding support bringing a true high-resolution master-quality authenticated performance for the users!!

Dual MicroSD Card Slots & Long Battery Life

HiBy RS2 houses a 3500mAh large rechargeable battery. It provides an extended playback time of up to 10 hours on a single charge. It has up to 40 days of standby. HiBy RS2 has got two microSD card slots each supporting microSD cards up to 2TB capacity. Users can equip the RS2 with two 2TB cards and the device will read them simultaneously.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x HiBy RS2
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The HiBy RS2 Comes with a 1 year warranty on the AMP & DAC only. Warranty doesn't apply to the included accessories.

Technical Details

HiByOS PureAudio version
Darwin R2R Architecture
MicroSD Card Capacity
4TB(2TB on each slot)
Aluminum alloy
Output Power
125mW(3.5mm), 320mW(4.4mm)
Output Voltage
2Vrms(3.5mm), 3.2Vrms(4.4mm)
118dB(3.5mm), 117dB(4.4mm)
63dB(3.5mm), 82dB(4.4mm)
Output Impedance
0.47Ω(3.5mm), 0.94Ω(4.4mm)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nils Kaiser
Great Player!

For the price Top Notch.
I canot understand people who compare 1500USD devices with a 450 USD item.
The player worth every dime!

Not what I was hoping

It does not have that r2r magic at all. I was hoping for an ares II type of sound but it's not even close. Honestly my Cowon P2 is better sounding in every possible way. I guess I can gift this to someone.

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