Kiwi Ears Forteza

1BA + 2DD In-Ear Monitor

Hybrid Sound Engineering: The Forteza boasts a hybrid sound system consisting of a High-Mid balanced armature (BA), 6mm Mid-range dynamic driver (DD), and 10mm Bass DD, delivering a comprehensive sound range from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. This unique 1BA + 6mm DD + 10mm DD configuration enhances sound texture and timbre.

Rich and Lush Sound Signature: Equipped with a three-way passive crossover system, the Forteza is meticulously tuned to produce a rich and lush sound signature. Its thick and impactful bass response, warm and colored mids, and well-matched treble provide a fuller sound experience, catering to those who prefer a more vibrant audio profile.

In-House Driver Expertise: The Forteza utilizes in-house drivers known for their high-quality sound output. By combining these proven drivers, including a composite 10mm dynamic driver and a single BA driver, it achieves outstanding efficiency and quality. This driver combination enhances bass response and overall tonal characteristics for an exceptional listening experience.

Detachable Cable Convenience: The Forteza includes a detachable cable with 0.78mm 2pin connectors, allowing users to customize their experience and extend the lifespan of the in-ear monitors (IEMs) by easily swapping out cables.