Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite

8BA Performance In-Ear Monitor
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Driven by the pursuit of extraordinary audio reproduction.

Handcrafted each unit using custom Kiwi Ears balanced armature drivers.

Three-way passive crossover strategy to achieve intricate layering and reduce total harmonic distortion.

Paired with 4-core 7n oxygen-free copper cable for best enhancement.

Each unit undergoes two separate rounds of quality control inspection.

A Natural Sound - Tonal Balance

The most important factor of the Orchestra Lite was to preserve a natural and balanced tonal signature as its predecessor. The Orchestra Lite still had to perform at studio monitor-like calibers in order to be suitable for professional musicians and audio engineers. For this reason, the Orchestra Lite utilizes a three-way passive crossover strategy using 5 independent passive components to achieve intricate layering and reduce total harmonic distortion. The bass has been restricted to sub-bass frequencies, with a peak of 8dB volume from 20Hz to 200Hz.

The mids region is retained at neutral, with only a 2dB difference from 200Hz to 800Hz to provide an ever slight hint of warmth without muddying. The treble has been perfectly matched with the human ear’s pinna perception, with a 7dB peak at 2.5kHz and a slow natural decay towards 10kHz. This precise treble engineering allows every detail and nuisance to be heard, while remaining comfortable and free of any harshness. In short, the Orchestra Lite perfectly reflects the sound of professional studio monitors and is the perfect companion to stage musicians, audio engineers, and music enjoyers who want to listen to music as it was intended.

Premium Audio Cable

The Orchestra Lite has been paired with a 4-core 7n oxygen-free copper cable to best enhance its sound. The cable was intentionally designed to be light and comfortable for stage or portable use, and is fitted with a removable 2-pin connection for cable-swapping. The stock cable comes standard with a 3.5mm plug suitable for any modern electronic device.

Quality Control Checked, Warranty Covered

Each unit produced by Kiwi Ears undergoes two separate rounds of quality control inspection by the engineer, complete with left and right channel frequency matching to ensure that your monitor will perform at its best for the entire duration of its lifetime. Each unit is handcrafted by our engineers who have taken their time and effort to bring you the best IEM that we have to offer, and as such, we too hope that you will come to cherish them. Every Kiwi Ears IEM is covered by a year of warranty to make sure that your monitor is ready to perform whenever you are.

About Kiwi Ears

Driven by the pursuit of extraordinary audio reproduction, at Kiwi Ears, we create the perfect amalgam of technological innovations with refined tuning strategies. With musicians and studio engineers particularly in mind, we are on an uncompromising quest to produce the finest professional In-Ear Monitors that will reveal every nuance in your music and performance. Never settling for mediocre, our small team of dedicated engineers handcrafts each unit so that you can worry less about what’s in your ears and focus more on the sounds you are making. We are Kiwi Ears, and we’re bringing you music heard like never before.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details


In-Ear Monitors


Kiwi Ears Customized HI*2+Kiwi Ears Customized MID*4+Knowles LOW*2





Cable Termination

3.5mm Stereo Cable

$249.00 USD

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I bought them for Gaming and there are just amazing i can spot every Enemy everywhere. For music there are also Great.

Andreas Äkräs
Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite

Lack bit of bass otherwise great

Competitive Price Point

Natural tuning with forward mids and great bass. It sounds more detailed and better than many more expensive iems out there. People who claim that all-BA iems cannot produce good bass should get this set. They may change their thinking. Last thing to add, the faceplate design is much more beautiful in reality.

Expensive but excellent

I was sceptical but they're definitely worth the price unmatched by any others I've tried you, can really hear the difference.

Jerome O'Flaherty
Amazing IEM - love the tonality and detail I get

This was my first multiple BA IEM and I have to say I am so impressed with the sound - the details I get are outstanding far superior to the much cheaper IEMs I had purchased previously like the salnotes zero, Moondrop chu and even the ER2XR. The tuning is exquisite and while not a bass monster I think it has the right amount for me

Ian Arduini

Laid back but clean tuning, vocals and instruments shine and sound very natural. Bass is also great for a BA set.

Greg Sequeira
So pleasant and enjoyable

For starters the Orchestra lite is a very beautiful IEM, the construction is exceptional and so is the comfort. Sound wise, it's smooth balanced tonality has good technicalities and details. It's a well rounded every day IEM


Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite

KiwiEar Orchestra Lite - Tranquility

How good is the Orchestra Lite, really? At first, I was not convinced. However, the smoothness and balanced tonality of Orchestra Lite eventually won me over. Look elsewhere if you like a robust bass response or a vibrant sound signature. However, suppose you like vocals and want a “well-tuned” IEM. Suppose you are looking for an IEM for gaming, especially competitive FPS games. In these cases, Orchestra Lite receives a high recommendation from this reviewer.

Pros: Exceptionally balanced tonality, Excellent midrange, Almost no shoutiness, sibilance, or treble glares, Good detail retrieval, Good instrument placement.

Cons: BA bass lacks physical sensation, Upper treble is not as extended, Definition and separation of musical notes could be improved, Large shells.

My full written review on be found on Head-Fi or here:

KiwiEars Orchestra Lite A 8 BA Chill-Centric IEM

A great second attempt at a All BA set.
This time around much better tuning at a attractive price.

Shells and shape are stunning
Worth a look if you Library is not bass heavy and your not looking for a all-rounder or super detailed set.

But if your looking for a chill air back and relax set this one might be for you.

Full written review here: YouTube video placeholder

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