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8BA Performance In-Ear Monitor
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About Kiwi Ears

Driven by the pursuit of extraordinary audio reproduction, at Kiwi Ears, we create the perfect amalgam of technological innovations with refined tuning strategies. With musicians and studio engineers particularly in mind, we are on an uncompromising quest to produce the finest professional In-Ear Monitors that will reveal every nuance in your music and performance. Never settling for mediocre, our small team of dedicated engineers handcrafts each unit so that you can worry less about what’s in your ears and focus more on the sounds you are making. We are Kiwi Ears, and we’re bringing you music heard like never before.

A Classic, Reimagined

The original Kiwi Ears Orchestra model was an instant success in the industry, having been awarded numerous acclaim by international reviewers. The Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite was built on the same foundation as the original Orchestra, yet redesigned to be more efficient, both in performance and cost. The Orchestra Lite features the same 8 balanced armature driver configurations and the famed tonal balance as its predecessor. With close partnership with the driver manufacturers, we have been able to develop custom Kiwi Ears balanced armature drivers that deliver a more efficient performance at the same specs. Using our custom drivers, the Kiwi Orchestra Lite features two custom ultra tweeters for the treble, four custom midrange balanced armature drivers for the mids, and two subwoofer drivers for the lows.

A Natural Sound - Tonal Balance

The most important factor of the Orchestra Lite was to preserve a natural and balanced tonal signature as its predecessor. The Orchestra Lite still had to perform at studio monitor-like calibers in order to be suitable for professional musicians and audio engineers. For this reason, the Orchestra Lite utilizes a three-way passive crossover strategy to achieve intricate layering and reduce total harmonic distortion. The bass has been restricted to sub-bass frequencies, with a peak of 8dB volume from 20Hz to 200Hz. The mids region is retained at neutral, with only a 1dB difference from 200Hz to 800Hz. The treble has been perfectly matched with the human ear’s pinna perception, with a 7dB peak at 2.5kHz and a slow natural decay towards 10kHz. This precise treble engineering allows every detail and nuisance to be heard, while remaining comfortable and free of any harshness. In short, the Orchestra Lite perfectly reflects the sound of professional studio monitors and is the perfect companion to stage musicians, audio engineers, and music enjoyers who want to listen to music as it was intended.

Premium Audio Cable

The Orchestra Lite has been paired with a 4-core 7n oxygen-free copper cable to best enhance its sound. The cable was intentionally designed to be light and comfortable for stage or portable use, and is fitted with a removable 2-pin connection for cable-swapping. The stock cable comes standard with a 3.5mm plug suitable for any modern electronic device.

Quality Control Checked, Warranty Covered

Each unit produced by Kiwi Ears undergoes two separate rounds of quality control inspection by the engineer, complete with left and right channel frequency matching to ensure that your monitor will perform at its best for the entire duration of its lifetime. Each unit is handcrafted by our engineers who have taken their time and effort to bring you the best IEM that we have to offer, and as such, we too hope that you will come to cherish them. Every Kiwi Ears IEM is covered by a year of warranty to make sure that your monitor is ready to perform whenever you are.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

We can say for sure that Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite has superb value, and they are totally worth the 249 USD asking price, but they are not perfect, and I feel like depending on the kind of music you're listening ansd the volume you typically listen at, they are going to be a perfect match, like a musical glove, for some Isiteners, but also if you're sensitive to a bit of grain in the bass and treble, there are options with a fuller, smoother bass out there, although at this price point nothing isn't as detailed, crisp and clear as Orchestra Lite.

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The Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite are very good earphones that embrace balance. Emphasized lows and highs are pulled back just before they become sharp or boomy. They’re not the most detailed I’ve heard in this price range (planars deliver better detail overall), but offer enough to sound resolving and enjoyable. In a way, they feel safe. But that safeness also makes for a set that’s very enjoyable even if it’s not the absolute best at any one thing. It’s the whole package, and, yes, the look that sells these earphones.

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In conclusion, the Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite stands out as a finely tuned IEM with a praiseworthy timbre and a sound signature that leans towards warmth yet maintains a good balance. It features a good technical capability that is quite impressive for its price point. The Orchestra Lite successfully fills a previously underwhelming niche in the $250 price bracket. Prior to its arrival, options in this range were, to put it mildly, mediocre. Now, however, we have an IEM that not only holds its own but sets a new standard in this category.

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Orchestra Lite does achieve what Kiwi Ears were planning which is a cheaper Orchestra with very little compromise. Overall, I have to say the Orchestra is still superior in terms of overall sound resolution with a richer timbre, clearer sound, and a wider soundstage.

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Technical Details


Kiwi Ears Customized HI*2+Kiwi Ears Customized MID*4+Knowles LOW*2


18 ohms

Cable Interface




Plug Type

Detachable 0.78mm 2Pin

Nozzle Diameter


$249.00 USD

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Surprisingly Good

I’m not usually a fan of all BA iem’s, but these are surprisingly good. A nice, balanced sound signature with better bass than I expected. Vocals are really nice and there’s a good overall musicality. If you’re looking for deep, thumping, guttural bass then these won’t be the best choice, but for good overall sound with great clarity at an excellent price then these will be a great choice.
They’re quite small and light too, this makes them comfortable for long sessions. They come with a neat, compact case which I really like: it’s perfect when you want to travel light. I often use them with my Sony Xperia 1 when I don’t want to carry a DAP. That said, they sound even better with a DAP and a balanced cable too.

Gonzalez Gonzalez
Grate set

Awsome sound best iem of the 3 i own.

Excellent IEMs!

I've tried multiple IEMs to this date from different price tiers. All I can say those are by far my favourite when it comes to tuning and the detail.
I love to listen music on these. But I also love them for gaming! Man, the sound clues I get in games, especially Escape from Tarkov, it is INSANE.

At this time I would buy them again with custom mold.

Full recommendation.

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