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Innovative Precise Tuning Method Dynamic IEM

    Standard version and tunable version available
    4-key customizable tuning
    Zobel network circuit design
    10mm dual-magnet dynamic driver
    Full-metal 3D stereo and irregular faceplate design
    Sound-isolating memory foam eartips
    High-purity silver-plated cable
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Extraordinary acoustic experience

D-Fi adopts the exclusive custom dual-magnet & dual-cavity dynamic driver. Dual magnetic what it means dual magnetic circuit, whose magnetic field is enhanced by superimposing the magnetic force of 2 magnets, which to acieve energy efficiency and stronger transient performance.

Pioneering and innovative precise tuning method

The traditional tuning method is achieved by replacing dampers with different mesh numbers and sizes, but this method cannot accurately control a certain frequency band. KZ adopts innovative circuit board adjustment methods, which can accurately control each frequency band according to our target curve.

Standard version and tunable version available

D-Fi is designed with a standard version and a tunable version. Standard version has an accurate and balanced frequency response tuning. Tunable version can achieve 16 different sound styles by adjusting the toggle switch to meet the different needs of more players.

Precision 4-gear switches 16 tuning styles

D-Fi adopts exclusive patented tuning technology and is equipped with precise 4 gear electronic switches. The first, second, and third gears are adjusted for low frequencies, and each additional gear increases the lower frequency. The fourth gear is adjusted for the full frequency band. Users can customize and adjust sixteen tuning styles according to their personal preferences to meet their individual needs for sound.

The dynamic king in the market

The king of dynamic IEM, classic U-shaped tuning,The bass is strong properly and clear, plus the natural and smooth sub bass, treble well-defined, suitable for a variety of music styles, easy to drive, which makes D-Fi becomes one of the dynamic king in the market.

Low-frequency diving and excellent high-frequency performance

Frequency response range is an important parameter for judging the sound quality of an earphone. Most earphones on the market have a frequency response width range of only between 20Hz and 2000oHz. The frequency response width of D-Fi can range from 7Hz to 45000Hz. Therefore, D-Fi has deep enough low-frequency diving and excellent high-frequency performance.

Full-metal 3D stereo and irregular faceplate design

The engaging metal texture is created through multiple processes, andthe mirror effect is achieved after manual mirror polishing. Through the above process, to create high-end IEM.

Ergonomic in-ear design for cavity & nozzle Comfortable to wear it

The properly length nozzle, with the ergonomic cavity design, which ensure the earphone comfortable to wear and not easy to fall off. Meanwhile, D-Fi adopts the sound-isolating memory foam eartips to effectively reduce external noise interference. A variety of eartips indifferent sizes to meet all your needs.

Professional high-purity silver-plated cable

High purity silver-plated wire can reduce signal loss during transmission and ensure high fidelity transmission of sound.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x KZ D-FI
  • User Manual

1 Year Warranty

The KZ D-FI Comes with a 1 year warranty on the In-Ear Monitors and 3 month warranty on the cable.

Technical Details

Standard Version 23.5Ω Tuning Version29Ω~48Ω
Plug type
Pin Type
Cable Type
silver-plated cable
Cable length

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best single DD by KZ

Tuning switches make a difference. Can get a decent balanced sound, bass not bloated. Well done KZ.

Emmett Whyte

Fast delivery sound is great for the price

Ian Arduini
Great budget pick

Timbre is really natural and the bass has good power. The tuning is also very good and can be tweaked with the switches to be more neutral or warmer.

Nicholas Clar


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D-Fi adopts the exclusive custom dual-magnet & dual-cavity dynamic driver. Dual magnetic what it means dual magnetic circuit, whose magnetic field is enhanced by superimposing the magnetic force of 2 magnets, which to acieve energy efficiency and stronger transient performance.

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